Ho Yay / Black Lagoon

  • After Jane suggests she might make a pass on Rock, Revy's reaction is not to make a death threat as would be expected from someone hitting her Berserk Button about him, but to say this. It comes off as quite creepy, as not only does it shed some rather unsettling light on Revy's prison experience, but Revy here is basically threatening to make Jane her bitch.
  • There's also Revy and Roberta. "I'm gonna fuck that bitch" indeed.
  • Revy and Eda. The only friends they seem to have are each other, and they're also quite candid about manners of sex. Eda seems to the only person beside Rock who can insult her and get away with it, and since Revy likes women too (though the above mentioned incidents may have been Prison-related Situational Sexuality), it could very well happen.
  • If we consider as a fact the theory that Hansel and Gretel are identical twins of the same sex, then their Twincest uniquely receives huge doses of it.
  • Shenhua and Revy are rivals, insanely competitive and have an almost sexual pleasure from murdering people.
  • Revy can be seen, at one point in the manga, looking at a porn magazine with a naked woman on it.
  • The title page of chapter 75.
  • Yukio and Maki in the arc with the Russian mafia.
  • In the anime's sixth omake, Rock joins in with Balalaika and Revy in insisting that Boris should stay a bishonen.