Nightmare Fuel / Black Lagoon

  • Anything Hansel and Gretel do.
    "My mother has killed me... my father is eating me... my brothers and sisters sit under the table, picking up my bones! They'll bury them, under the cold marble stones..."
  • Most of the Omake's are quite humorous. Number 5 however...
  • Chaka's actions towards Yukio Washimine.
  • Roberta's Sanity Slippage during the El Baile de la Muerte arc. As well as the Fingore and how she just shakes her severed fingers off like they're a hindrance to her since they'll slow her rampage down.
  • Think about it, you are an heir to the Yakuza and you will rule by an age which you are still in high school. The stress of having to maintain an organized crime group, coupled will the existing stress of having to study and go to school, will pretty much drive the would-be ruler to suicide, as demonstrated with Yukio.
  • Whenever Revy goes into "Whitman Fever" mode, she can be absolutely terrifying.
  • Anytime Eda removes her shades, the laid-back party girl persona vanishes completely as she enters her CIA mode with a look that could kill the most macho of men. It's quite unnerving on how much of a change it is. Even Mr. Chang lost his cool after one phone call with the lady. And this whole time we thought Balalaika was the ruler of Roanapur? Even more creepy is the way that she warns Rock not to try and learn any more about her affiliations, indicating that she may or may not truly consider them anything, let alone friends. Yeah, it's that creepy.
  • Rock has become pretty damn scary himself after the events of the El Baile De La Muerte arc pushed him over the edge. Take a look at his expression near the end of the arc when he approached Garcia to ask a favor.
  • Seeing sweet Yukio turn into a Yakuza boss and dreaming about moving to Roanapur.
  • After Jane suggests she might make a pass on Rock, Revy's reaction is not to make a death threat as would be expected from someone hitting her Berserk Button about him, but to say this. It comes off as quite creepy, as not only does it shed some rather unsettling light on Revy's prison experience, but Revy here is basically threatening to make Jane her bitch.