Nightmare Fuel / Black Lagoon
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  • Anything Hansel and Gretel do.
    "My mother has killed me... my father is eating me... my brothers and sisters sit under the table, picking up my bones! They'll bury them, under the cold marble stones..."note 
    • They are prepubescent Blood Knights. And they don't just like violence, it turns them on. Just look at the close-up of cute little Hansel sporting a Slasher Smile as blood streams down his face. And then there's the gleeful nonchalance as they revel in the blood. See, in an adult, that's creepy but also Crazy Awesome. Not in little kids. And that's without the Harmful to Minors backstory.
    • Their attack on the bar in their debut episode. They hack and blast everyone there to pieces, and the one guy who tries to run gets captured and dragged back to their apartment, where they hammer nails into his head until he dies. And then they keep on doing it after he's dead because they think the way his corpse twitches is hilarious. Even the people who hired them are disgusted by that.
    • Their backstories are horrifying as well; they were orphans in Romania, but when Ceausescu's dictatorship was overthrown, the lack of government financial aid meant they were snatched up with lots of other kids by degenerates who got them involved in child pornography and Snuff Films — they survived because they went insane and began willingly collaborating, mastering the arts of killing until they were able to suddenly turn on their sick masters, butcher them and flee. This origin is all the more horrifying because it's Truth in Television — when Romania's Communist dictator fell, many of the orphans his policies created fell into the hands of human traffickers. In the comparatively Lighter and Softer anime version, Balalaika and Chang exhibit minor signs of disgust when talking about the fact that Balalaika was able to track down no fewer than two hundred and fifty child pornos and snuff flicks starring Romanian twins.
    • One of the subtler scary parts of them is the philosophy they developed as a result of their backstory; they literally believe God created humanity to kill itself, and that killing people is the purpose of life. The more you kill, the more integral you become to the world, which will keep you going on the lives you have taken. So, by killing everyone they meet, they are literally extending their own lives, to the point that as he bleeds out, Hansel comments with true devotion that he and his sister can't die because of all the lives they have taken.
  • Most of the Omakes are quite humorous. Number 5 however...
  • Chaka's actions towards Yukio Washimine.
    • Chaka's death is also fairly disturbing as well. Ginji slices off his hands and pushes him into a swimming pool to drown in both the water and his own blood, while also using the blunt end of his sword to push him underwater. It's already bad enough, but it's even worse when you know that chlorine getting into open wounds {In this case being the holes where Chaka's hands use to be is a very painful experiance on top of already drowing to death. It's migated by the fact that Chaka seriously had it coming and deserved every second of it, but still.
  • Roberta's Sanity Slippage during the El Baile de la Muerte arc. As well as the Fingore and how she just shakes her severed fingers off like they're a hindrance to her since they'll slow her rampage down.
    • Roberta's confrontation with a Cuban mercenary who knows her from the past. First she entices him with sex, then unloads on him with a gun hidden in her belt buckle, and when he dismantles her psychologically, she punches his face in until the top half of his head is gone.
      • And to her horror, Garcia overheard ALL of it.
  • Hotel Moscow. They're ex-Spetsnaz who turned to crime, and took their training with them to the criminal underworld. The very idea of such a criminal organization is terrifying.
    • Let's expand on this. Black Lagoon is a series where things are overt, over the top, and there's at least some hint of wacky hijinks. Mr. Chang and his constantly cool persona, Sister Eda running guns and drugs, there's always something to see as funny. The second Hotel Moscow arrives on the scene, the funny stops. Hotel Moscow isn't about looking cool, they're about doing what it takes to win. All of them are veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and they absolutely do not stop. If you hurt one of their number, you will pay. If you try to make a deal with them, they will turn on you. If you stand in their path, they will annihilate you. The only reason they haven't taken over Roanapur is because there's a bigger game at play...
  • Think about it, you are an heir to the Yakuza and you will rule by an age which you are still in high school. The stress of having to maintain an organized crime group, coupled will the existing stress of having to study and go to school, will pretty much drive the would-be ruler to suicide, as demonstrated with Yukio.
  • Whenever Revy goes into "Whitman Fever" mode, she can be absolutely terrifying.
  • Anytime Eda removes her shades, the laid-back party girl persona vanishes completely as she enters her CIA mode with a look that could kill the most macho of men. It's quite unnerving on how much of a change it is. Even Mr. Chang lost his cool after one phone call with the lady. And this whole time we thought Balalaika was the ruler of Roanapur? Even more creepy is the way that she warns Rock not to try and learn any more about her affiliations, indicating that she may or may not truly consider them anything, let alone friends. Yeah, it's that creepy.
  • Rock has become pretty damn scary himself after the events of the El Baile De La Muerte arc pushed him over the edge. Take a look at his expression near the end of the arc when he approached Garcia to ask a favor.
  • Seeing sweet Yukio turn into a Yakuza boss and dreaming about moving to Roanapur.
  • Revy's backstory is terrifying. She grew up in an abusive household, was arrested and thrown in jail and was raped by a police officer. All of this pushed her to kill her father and led to her bleak look on the world.
  • After Jane suggests she might make a pass on Rock, Revy's reaction is not to make a death threat as would be expected from someone hitting her Berserk Button about him, but to say this. It comes off as quite creepy, as not only does it shed some rather unsettling light on Revy's prison experience, but Revy here is basically threatening to make Jane her bitch.
  • Sawyer the Cleaner. A chainsaw-wielding Psycho for Hire who has no qualms about "disposing" of living people definitely sends chills up the spine.
    • Imagine yourself as one of her victims. You piss off the wrong person, and end up bound and gagged, and stuffed in a suitcase. You're left anticipating what's in store for you. Then, the case is opened, and you're left at the mercy of an ominous figure wearing a blood-spattered apron over what looks like surgical garb, their face obscured by a surgical mask and goggles. Then they start revving up a chainsaw...