Nightmare Fuel / Black★Rock Shooter

  • Kagari. Ye Gods Kagari.
    • The Dark World is pretty much nightmare fuel all the time when you think about the fact that this is where people's minds go to process PSYCHOLOGICAL PAIN.
    • "I'll carve the pain out of you."
      • The fact that the last thing we hear from Mato as she fuses with BRS in episode 5 is her distorted scream.
      • It may be not so much but Yomi's Creator Breakdown painting of Mato can be considered as one. See Episode 5.
      • Again in the same episode. Yuu is grateful to receive a bracelet from Yomi, only to find out later that it has some of her hair.
    • Insane Black★Rock Shooter's beatdown on Mato!Black★Rock Shooter, due to the fact that Mato isn't used to the amount of pain Otherselves go through, and spends most of the fight not wanting to harm IB★RS, while the other is none-too-reluctant to do so.