Fridge / Black Lagoon

Fridge Brilliance
  • The omakes have two:
    • After Hansel and Gretel traumatize Garcia with torture and sexual advances, Garcia is left crying about something called Marathon Man. Marathon Man has a well known torture scene in it.
    • Dutch's past isn't what it seems, which makes him running out of the omake where everyone's de-aged make more sense.
  • Chaka thinking himself a badass for killing 10 people and asking Revy if she's ever killed anyone makes a lot more sense when one remembers that Japan has incredibly stringent gun control laws. Most criminals don't even have guns. On the other hand, he still thought he could take a woman who killed half his crew (Ginji killed the other half).
  • The ending theme of the OVA is When Johnny Comes Marching Home, particularly appropriate since Garcia and Fabiola are trying to find Roberta and bring her home. It shifts to being outright brilliant, however, when you realize that the same tune is used for Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye—if anything, even more chillingly appropriate considering what it cost Roberta to get home.
    Where are the legs with which you run, Hurroo Hurroo,
    Where are the legs with which you run, Hurroo Hurroo,
    Where are the legs with which you run,
    When first you went to carry a gun,
    Indeed your dancing days are done,
    Johnny I hardly knew ya!
    You hadn't an arm, you hadn't a leg, Hurroo Hurroo
    You hadn't an arm, you hadn't a leg, Hurroo Hurroo
    You hadn't an arm, you hadn't a leg,
    You're a spineless, boneless, chickenless egg,
    You'll have to be put with the bowl to beg,
    Johnny I hardly knew ya
  • A pun that couldn't have been intended: Roberta's weapons of choice are revealed to be drums and guns and guns and drums: drum mags with her twin Sistemas.
  • When Lotton the Wizard finaly shows up in the Greenback Jane arc, he makes a long winded speech standing on a rooftop above the protagonist, before being quickly shot by Revy. The position actually forces Revy to aim at his center of mass rather than try a more difficult headshot, or aim for his limbs. Meaning he forced his opponent to shoot him where he is the most protected via his vest.
  • A subtle one becomes apparent throughout the anime. In the first few episodes there's a running joke about Revy buying Rock a Hawaiian shirt that he finds so ugly he won't wear it. Only, as Revy's story is slowly revealed, it becomes apparent that is probably the first time she had ever bought anybody a present. That makes Rocks rejection of it cruelly hurtful as well as discourteous. It seems likely that was one factor behind her behavior towards him early in those episodes and her uncertainty about their relationship later.
    • In the beginning of the "Fujiyama Gangster Paradise" arc, when Rock wakes up in his room we see what appears to be a pink Hawaiian shirt hanging up on a wall. Perhaps it's the Hawaiian shirt.

Fridge Horror
  • Lovelace senior was a supporter of the Fifth Republic movement in Venezuela when he was blown up. While being assassinated by some shadowy US forces for supporting a left-wing anti-American movement is an old espionage trope, it's particularly chilling to realize that, had he lived to see the Fifth Republic take power and Hugo Chavez ascend to the presidency, Lovelace would have been among the first of those persecuted by Chavez. After all, he is a patrician landowner, one of the groups that the Chavistas have particularly antagonized. The assassination might very well be the reason (in the Black Lagoon universe, obviously not Real Life) Chavez came to power by A, antagonizing the populace against the US into supporting Chavez, B, clearing the way for Chavez by removing his superiors. And all of a sudden, Garcia's future is not looking good...
    • Garcia himself may end up turning to crime himself. His father has been killed, his mother figure is severely wounded and needs nursing care, and he'll be traumatized by all the violence he's been exposed too. Suddenly, Chavez comes to power and robs him of all his wealth and property. After all these horrors, its not hard to see him turn to a life of crime after all the pain and suffering. He'll end up like Rock: a young man who had a cushy but boring life who suddenly had everything taken from him, forcing him into a life of crime.
  • Shane Caxton refuses to let his men defend themselves when Roberta attacks them. Sure enough, Roberta takes advantage and singlehandedly annihilates them. This is supposed to be an honorable gesture on his part, in that it proves his determination to protect Garcia and his family from any further harm. Except, you know, what about his men's families? Is it really believable that they would buy into his excuse, "I'm trying to redeem myself in front of a boy, that's why I don't let your father/husband/brother/son shoot at the woman who's shooting them?" And is it really believable that they wouldn't try to take revenge from Roberta as well?
    • The OVA creators seemed to agree with this, as the scene is missing there. The ensuing encounter also ends up playing out very differently as a result.