Quotes: Best Known for the Fanservice

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"See Seven of Nine
Her body's
muy fine
Her skin-tight suits
Make ratings boost when they burst"
Doug Walker, Star Trek: Voyager With Lyrics''

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones is the worst thing ever created by a human (except for the bagpipes). Why is it so bad, you ask? Well, it'll take a little while to explain because, basically, the answer involves every single thing in the film—except for Natalie Portman's midriff.

Yahtzee: "Is this game entirely on the level, or is our character just fucking nuts?" ...Total Recall but slightly more depressing.
Gabriel: Fair enough. So, basically the Total Recall TV edit that didn't have the three-boobed chick.
Yahtzee: (crestfallen) How can you have Total Recall without the three-boobed chick?
Let's Play Dreamweb

The Rebels, in the meantime, are using a captured witch to find Arklon's army. The witch is played by Sarah Douglas, and my god, she is so fucking hot in this movie, it's almost worth watching just for spank material alone. Seriously, she's the only two reasons to see it.

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Besides, what little girl (or grown-up woman) back in 1976 took Charlie's Angels as a stealth feminist manifesto? I see that observation often when I read reviews and TV histories that mention the show (just listen to those unintentionally hilarious interviews with headcase Drew Barrymore, when she was flogging those dreadful movie versions of the show). However, I can't help but feel those generalizations are coming from writers and pundits who really need Charlie's Angels to be about what they want it to be about, extrapolating out nice-sounding, 'important' theories for their political agendas, rather than acknowledging how Charlie's Angels actually plays: as pretty but disposable rot. Anyway...aren't most women too smart to take this kind of fantasy seriously? Charlie's Angels was a guys' show first and last, despite protestations to the contrary, a standard detective series given a new twist by featuring not one, not two, but three hot babes with the-then novel approach of putting as much of their skin on display as possible, just for the sheer sake of such exhibition.

And then there’s Nyssa’s skirt. I get that she’s supposed to be stripping off because she’s feverish, but it doesn’t really come across that well on-screen. Instead, even the Doctor seems perplexed by this ('Nyssa’s skirt?!'), which is quite understandable...way to overshadow the rest of the serial, Sutton! In fact, you’d swear this was the only thing that happened for the entire four-part adventure.

Lois’s sexuality comes up more often than Clark’s superpowers. This show can’t go five minutes without putting Erica Durance in a fetish costume or hooking Lois up with a Justice Leaguer...Absolutely nobody involved here has any pretensions of this being high art, middle art, or even low art.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Spell")

[Brannon] Braga had talked about T'Pol having her first pon farr several times long before this episode came out, with all the maturity you'd expect this topic to be given: none whatsoever. First, to get this out there, it was explicitly stated that it's something only the males undergo; Star Trek III made it clear. Now, I'm not saying this to say "continuity error" (even though it is), but as an illustration of the attitude.

Yep, that about does it for this series. RIP, Enterprise. When all you have left is juvenile gags about the science officer's tits, you've reached the end of the road...It would almost be funny, if it weren't so sad.

You know, I really think they should have gone farther with this whole Freudian slip angle. In fact, I just got a boffo idea for an episode! Enterprise should have had an entire hour of nothing but Freudian slips!

Archer: Lie back and spread your thighs—I mean, let's get back to the Enterprise!

Trip: What you need is a hot beef injection—I mean, what this ship needs is a plasma injector!

Reed: I'm gonna stick my cock in your mouth—I mean, I'm gonna stick my cock in your ass!
The Agony Booth on Star Trek: Enterprise, "A Night in Sickbay"

The only thing Battletoads had going for it was the sexy Dark Queen. I guess if you think your show won’t live to see a full season, might has well have a character with big boobs that lives in a penis shaped castle.

But who cares about My Favorite Martian? There's no such thing as Grouchy Spacemen but there are a million Grouchy Schoolteachers and that's where Ray Walston found the Ultimate Grouchy Character Of All Time - Mister Hand in Fast Times at Ridgemont High!! Yes, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the title Fast Times At Ridgemont High may be Pheobe Cates' tits, but once you get past that the second thing that comes to mind is . . . Oh, okay . . . Jennifer Jason Leigh's tits. But once you finally past that the third thing that comes to mind is - Sean Penn? Huh? No wonder he's balling Scarlett Johansson!

Van Damme might have turned World Warriors into a collection of scientists and sound-men, but it at least remembered

A) to actually put them in the movie

B) to put Kylie Minogue in pigtails and a tight top, which to this day remains the only reason I let the casting director survive

Killer Joe sets its stall out early, as it opens with an eye-level shot of Gina Gershon’s lustrously coiffed vagina framed in a doorway (At the time of writing, if you put her name into Google, the third auto-suggestion is “gina gershon killer joe bush”)''

And for those looking to see Keira (Knightley) naked, you can only see it if you pause your DVD in just the right frame and if the moon is in the right position in the sky (the editing almost makes it impossible to see).

Under The Skin is likely to be seen and referred to by people who speak about it as 'the Scarlett Johansson naked alien movie.' More than one review, in fact, has used that exact formulation.

The Wolf of Wall Street, which lasts about as long as the NFL offseason. But shit, this movie could have been six years long and I still would have enjoyed every second of it. That scene where Margot Robbie opens the bedroom doors and walks out in nothing but stockings and heels? I think that’s a really important moment in American cinema. They’ll regret not making a special Oscar for that scene. It deserved it. Really well framed and lit. I admired its craftsmanship.

Nancy Callahan is supposed to be a stripper who's naked for most of her comic-book appearances; in this movie, we see Jessica Alba complete an entire dance routine at her club without shedding a single stitch. Given the way Sin City residents resort to punching and shooting at the drop of a fedora, it's hard to imagine these patrons wouldn't feel cheated — and many fanboys definitely do. At the recent Los Angeles press day, Robert Rodriguez addressed the issue head on by saying that he knew Alba wouldn't go topless, but he wanted the best actress for the part, and that that was more important. Four seats down, Eva Green and Josh Brolin — both of whom bare almost all in this film and others — did an admirable job of not facepalming.
Topless Robot, "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Is as Frank Miller-y as a Taliban Whiskey Enema"

I've never watched the show, I'm just a big fan of the porn. Literally everything I know about the show is from porn.
An anonymous submitter, on the blog sexyrwbyconfessions