Quotes: Added Alliterative Appeal

Chet: Well dudes and dudettes, it took some totally tubular time-travelling travails and tribulations, but we've finally returned all the artifacts to the important historical figures!
Dad: You know Chet, all this aforementioned alliteration is absolutely arbitrary! ...arduous? Atrocious! Asinine!
Ace: How about academically awesome!
Dad: Adoption! (picks up phone) Operator? Orphanage please.

"Nah. Just making sure the Diamond Dogs didn't decide a night raid was a good idea. Huh. These guys are easy to alliterate with."

"Excuse me?!? Ditching a diamond for a dumb disguise makes you dumber than it!"
James, Pokémon anime

Noah: But why bother stocking the lake with sharks? Wouldn’t it have been a lot less labor to just let a luckless leaper live with the likelihood of leaving the land of the living as a light lunch for those allegedly legendarily large Leech Lake lampreys? Oh, silly me, it’s not like they’re actually real, LOL.
Izzy (with a wink): Now look, you lame little loser, I’ll allow that I like to let loose a long alliterative line as well as anyone, but just because this is supposed to be a kid’s show doesn’t mean we need to turn it into a Dr. Seuss routine. But if Lady Luck likes you, and you live through the ‘life in the balance’ leap and Leech Lake’s legendary lampreys don’t lunch all your scarlet life liquid and lap up the last of your lymph, you’ll laugh last, ‘cause I’ll let you alliterate as long as you like.”
Chris: Okay, bro and bra, it’s not like I wouldn’t love to listen to your little alliter-off, but we’re on a schedule.
—alliteration "duel" from The Legend of Total Drama Island (boldface added)

Man: But what about us atheists? Why should we have to listen to that sectarian turmoil?
Wife: You're a lapsed atheist, dear.
Man: The principle's the same! The Mohammedans don't come around here waving bells at us! We don't get Buddhists playing bagpipes in our bathrooms! Or Hindus harmonizing in the halls! The Shintoists don't come around shattering sheet glass in the shithouse, shouting slogans and—
Wife: Alright! Don't practice your alliteration on me!
Michael Palin and Terry Jones in Monty Python's "Bells" sketch

Burnie: Are you seriously suggesting, sir, something sinister-sounding, circumstancially surrounding some scissors?!
Geoff: ...Could you say that again?
Gus: Could you not encourage him?
Burnie Burns, Rooster Teeth, Scissors