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Puppy Dog Eyes: Western Animation
Fine! You win! She's an evil enchantress...

  • Kitty Pryde in X-Men: Evolution, to the extent that Wolverine once snaps at her: "Don't give me them puppy-dog eyes, half-pint!"
  • Frequently used by Omi in Xiaolin Showdown.
  • A bit more tempered in Avatar: The Last Airbender, nonetheless, Aang has used this at least once or twice.
    • In one of the comics, Sokka uses this on Zuko. It worked.
  • One of the many running gags in Kim Possible was the "puppy dog pout". While it doesn't look the same, it's used to the same effect, and it apparently works on every non-villain she knows; besides, Kim has too much self respect to use it on a bad guy. Her mother, Ron, and Rufus have all appropriated it at one time or another.
    • Not to forget the subversion aspects: in more Troped shows, puppy dog eyes is one of the tactics a cheerleader would be expected to use to get anything she wants, especially from the parents. In Kim Possible, not only does this work seemingly on anyone, it more specifically works when a mother uses it on her daughter.
      • Kim used it on Shego.
      • And Shego (Miss Go, rather) used on Kim.
      • These aren't actually exceptions to the above rule — they were on the same side at the time.
    • Miss Go's looks the most like puppy dog eyes than anyone else's in the series.
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men Toad of the Brotherhood breaks out the most pathetic cutie-face an anti-hero has probably ever worn when Quicksilver refuses to rescue him from mutant-jail. The large eyed pout is accompanied by a small-voiced "You... you're dumping me? But... but why?"
  • Looney Tunes: Charlie Dog uses the "big, soulful eyes routine" when wooing prospective owners.
    • Another Looney Tunes example: in Broom-stick Bunny, Bugs Bunny pulls this on Witch Hazel, who is about to cook him. She relents because Bugs reminds her of Paul, "my pet tarantula."
    • And another Looney Tunes example: the little penguin Bugs ends up protecting against his will. Chuck Jones couldn't resist using 'em.
    • The Scarlet Pumpernickel opens with Daffy pleading with the studio head to consider his self-written screenplay, momentarily resorting to this. Another Chuck Jones, of course.
  • Skippy in Animaniacs, after learning Bumbie's mom died.
    • In "Plane Pals", the Warner siblings use puppy dog expressions on Ivan Blowsky, causing him to feel bad about yelling at them...for about half a second, whereupon the Warners switch to making grotesque faces at Blowsky.
  • In Teen Titans, this is taken a step further. Beast Boy can morph his entire body into that of an adorable kitten so he can do puppy dog eyes with his entire face
  • Johnny Test parodies this when the title character gives multiple people this look, which is referred to as simply "The Look", with a sad song on a tape player.
  • Yin and Yang use this to get master Yo buy them stuff in Yin Yang Yo.
  • Dudley does this often. Since he's an actual puppy, it's funnier that way.
  • Spongebob Squarepants as seen here.
  • In an episode of Phineas and Ferb, Dr. Doofenshmirtz's evil plan of the day involves giving himself big, sad eyes in order to emotionally manipulate the citizens of Danville into giving him what he wants. They work, but only in the dark where his eyes look huge and sad. When the power comes back on they look swollen and bloodshot and have zero effect on his brother (the mayor), other than creeping him out.
    • The Fireside Girls from use their "big pleading eyes" as a way of getting people to buy their cupcakes.
  • An episode of Total Drama World Tour had Cody do this to Gwen to try and convince her to carry an epipen for him instead of his Abhorrent Admirer Sierra.
  • An episode of House of Mouse has Max trying this in order to convince Goofy to buy him a car. It works.
  • Chowder attempted this on Mung. He caved less because of the eyes and more because he stretched out a please so long it became irritating.
  • On Jimmy Two-Shoes, Heloise tries doing this, accompanied with the phrase "I feel bad about it now," to try and appease Jimmy when she does something he disapproves of. It rarely works.
    • In fact, she's tried doing this several times when trying to attract him. Jimmy, being Jimmy, doesn't notice.
  • Bloo on Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends does this many times. Mac has also done it similar to Bloo, though much cuter.
  • Subverted in Ren and Stimpy - Ren's eyes are already bugged out of their sockets; this takes it a few disturbing steps further.
    • Stimpy can do it better; just watch the pilot for proof!
  • "Don't do that too long, or your face might stick that way!" The faces of Precious Moments figurines and the characters of the five Precious Moments animated specials did stick that way. Not only are they stuck in a Super-Deformed proportion, but the upper eyelid is at such an angle that the shape of the whole eye suggests a teardrop, and the iris and pupil are large enough that the white shows up only at the bottom of the teardrop.
  • Done by Bugs Bunny (towards the audience) in Whats Opera Doc, after he hears Fudd singing "Kill the wabbit".
  • Riley Daring tried it out when asking her parents if she could get a digital video camera.
  • June will do this in KaBlam! sometimes to get what she wants.
  • In an episode of King of the Hill, Hank's friends are trying to find out why Alamo Beer isn't in stock and Peggy knows the secret, and Hank says "Aw Boomhauer don't give me those basset hound eyes" and Boomhauer has his usual expression.
  • Scaredy Bat from Ruby Gloom does this. A lot.
  • Back in season one of Recess, this was pretty much T.J.'s default set of eyes.
  • Believe it or not, Starscream in Transformers Prime seems to be a master of this trope!
    • Bumblebee too. He manages to stop Arcee from killing Starscream just by looking at her sadly.
  • Used quite often by the dogs in The Hub's Pound Puppies. Shocking, huh?
  • Fu Dog of American Dragon Jake Long claimed to have invented the puppy eyes... and yet a chihuahua managed to use them on him.
  • Ding-A-Ling Wolf from Hokey Wolf.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Apple Bloom: "Aren't you gonna stay for brunch...?" See this vid.
    • Pinkie Pie does this too: "Oh no! My friends don’t like my parties, and they don’t want to be my friends anymore!" See this short vid.
    • Sweetie Belle deliberately invokes this. "If you don't want to spend time with me..." See this vid.
    • As of season 4, Fluttershy has started showing a tendency to use these to get her way from time to time. For example, during "Filli Vanilli", she uses them to convince Big Mac to let her be his voice for one last concert. and later, on "Trade Ya", she and Rainbow Dash (of all ponies) try this to convince a trader to go back to his stall to speed along a trade in a long, strange Chain of Deals. In this case it fails, however, as the trader is more concerned about filling his belly.
  • Kowalski, from The Penguinsof Madagascar sports a pair in an animatic for Time Out.
  • The girls in Totally Spies! have used this more than once on Jerry to try and persuade him to do things for them.
  • Hildy Gloom from The 7D often does this to convince her husband Grim to steal things for her.
  • Detentionaire's Holger has used these, like in the episode “The Hydra” to get Cam to put on a disguise.

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