Puppy Dog Eyes / Real Life

  • Jared Padalecki has these as a trademark (at least among fans.) He actually has the nickname "Puppy" among Supernatural fans, despite being six foot four. There's a reason for this.
  • Paul McCartney... though we are quickly moving into basset hound territory.
  • Ringo Starr. These days he keeps them hidden behind a dark-lensed pair of glasses, but they were probably his most noticeable feature in the old days (well, besides the huge schnozz).
  • Funnily enough, cats avert this in real life. If a cat ever opens its pupils really wide like Puss is in the page image, it means the cat is tense and/or excited (as in, just about to attack something — possibly you). The cat's way of enticing a human to do something does not involve much direct eye contact at all — they purr and rub their heads/bodies against you or nearby objects.
    • That is, unless they simply meow/howl at you until you cave in just to shut the cat up. This is a common problem for owners of Siamese and other very vocal breeds.
    • Unless you are this fluffy kitten.
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki's Jaejoong, who's known for his Puppy-Dog Eyes. Can't really help it if he looks like this on a daily basis.
  • Layne Staley had quite a pair.
  • Finnish musician Jesper Anastasiadis.
  • Dutch lib-dem politician Alexander Pechtold is known (and occasionally satirized in the media) for sporting these type of eyes. Some campaign posters from his own party will just show him staring directly at the viewer with his big eyes.
  • SHINee's main vocal Jonghyun and their youngest Taemin can give pretty good ones. Leader Onew could be added, but he's mostly described as a bunny.
  • Some real life dogs, regardless of age, can pull this trope off pretty well.
  • Baby jumping spiders. Even an arachnophobe might look at this and go "d'awwww!"