Nightmare Fuel / Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ahh, Yu-Gi-Oh!. Filled with wonderful Children's Card Games. It's not like anything in a series like this could scare you, ri — OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei Anime), Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters and the Original Manga

  • The very first chapter has Ushio beating Jonouchi and Honda up and forcing Yugi to pay him or he'll do the same to him. When Yami Yugi awakens, he challenges Ushio to a game involving money and a knife—they'd take turns stabbing the bills, balanced on their hand, and whoever stabbed their hand first would lose. Ushio then tries to stab Yugi, since he had the knife, but is given a penalty game where everything he sees looks like money.
  • Several of the Shadow Games from the original manga and the Toei anime are incredibly dangerous, and many of them are from the main hero's Super-Powered Evil Side. One of the mildest examples of the Penalty Games is setting someone on fire.
  • Kanekura's Penalty Game is disturbing, as Ammit towers over him and the shock gives him a heart attack. Neither Ammit itself or Kanekura's shocked face is decent to look at, to say at least.
  • The chapter when Jounouchi has been forced back into his evil gang, but when he rebelled, they took him to a warehouse where they tortured him by beating him and electrocuting him with a taser.
  • Also, in Chapter 5, when Anzu gets knocked out with chloroform...and it's implied that the guy who knocked her out wants to rape her. Creepy enough...but then, we never get to see what Dark Yugi himself does to her, do we? The chapter ends with him standing next to her unconscious body. We have NO IDEA what he could have done to her.
  • Shadi's Trial of the Mind in the manga had him brainwash Anzu by rearranging her Soul Room, then placing her under penalty of death to test Yugi.
  • Imori and his Soul-eating Jar in Chapters 46 and 47 of the manga (and the Toei anime). In the manga Imori states that it takes the Jar about 3 months to fully consume a victim's soul, implying that you spend 3 months being eaten little by little.
  • Some of the things that happen to the Puzzle are kind of shudder inducing, especially looking back on it knowing there was a soul trapped inside the whole time. If Jonouchi had thrown the centre piece of the Puzzle somewhere else, Yugi might never have solved it.
    • The dub has it that Pegasus set up the tournament because he could only take the Puzzle if he won it in a duel. Presumably, Yami could mind trip people from inside the Puzzle if they tried anything else, which we see in the manga with Otogi's father. It seems to imply Yami is slave to whoever rightfully 'wins' the Puzzle, which could have been a villain like Raphael or even Kaiba when he cheated to win way back in Duelist Kingdom.
  • The scene of Pegasus receiving the Millennium Eye. In the manga, the scene itself is more ambiguous, Shadi's men merely approach Pegasus with the Eye and what seems to be a knife, and the next thing we see is Pegasus' silhouette and his screams. The anime is much more blatant with Shadi pushing the artifact into Pegasus' eye socket whose face obviously shows pain and then hear his scream. The anime even adds a scene of him trying to get back on his knees, groaning, while holding the left part of his face. Then there's the scene with Dark Bakura taking his Eye out, licking the blood off it.note 
  • The Millennium Items themselves, thanks to their evil intelligence and their possession of an independent mind to a degree. When Shadi puts on the Millennium Ring on a graverobber, it stabs him in the chest and burns his body to the bone because it deemed him unworthy. Pegasus' reaction at the scene speaks for itself.
    Shadi: The Millennium Items' ownership is for those whose soul is worthy... Therefore the souls of those who don't deserve them will be burned to death...
  • The creation of the Millennium Items. Who would want to wear something made of gold and the melted remains of 99 massacred villagers?
  • An early scene in Millennium World has Thief King Bakura march into the throne room with Atem's father, who is a mummified corpse, and Bakura is dragging him along the floor with a rope around his neck. Atem then shoves Bakura away from him, and lifts the corpse in his arms, looking at the thin slit that reveals his eyes. Naturally, his sadness turns to anger pretty soon after.
  • Given there's never so much as a panel showing it, Atem's death and sealing in the Puzzle. Likely in the middle of battle, but the real terror is how young he was, and that his body was annihilated, leaving his soul to be trapped a tremendously long time in the darkness.
  • Dark Bakura and the Millennium Ring are terrifying. Just think about it. You're a shy, quiet, good kid. Then one day, your Adventurer Archaeologist father gives you a shiny little trinket from ancient Egypt, and suddenly, everything changes. You find yourself with strange gaps in your memory and people around you start going into comas for no apparent reason. And most of the time, these victims are your friends, who you were just playing a friendly tabletop RPG with the day before. Then you finally make a new friend with a similar pendant, and then you start hearing a voice in your head. And it wants to skip the comas this time and outright kill your new friends. Oh yeah, and that voice also turns out to either be the vengeful spirit of an ancient tomb robber, an Eldritch Abomination, or some twisted combination of the two. It can take over your body at will, flawlessly imitate your voice and behavior (in the anime), and do all sorts of horrible things and leave you to suffer the consequences. And no matter what you try to do about it, that accursed pendant of yours just Won't. Go. Away. This thing has you at its mercy, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.
    • Imagine being in the friend's shoes... get screwed by the dice and the Eldritch Abomination that's possessing your friend turns you into an role-playing NPC doll that will say the same line for all eternity.
    • It's one for Yugi, too. Sure, the results turned out OK for him most of the time, as his friends are saved inexplicably from danger and people bullying him mysteriously stop, but he still has memory gaps and has a very similar artifact. Bakura's troubles could easily have been Yugi's, and when Dark Bakura inevitably points out the similarities between himself and Dark Yugi, he's not altogether wrong to do so.
    • Don't forget he is probably a masochist, who will willingly harm himself leaving his host wondering what the hell "happened to his arm." Not to mention in the Egyptian arc he thieves the pharaoh's sarcophagus and drags it around behind his horse as a bargaining tool not to mention his monster host is impervious to the sealing powers of the millennium items. And he's still as evil and wicked when the monster is temporarily removed from him.
  • Dark Marik was created by the hatred and pain Marik had to go through as a child when he was forced into the tomb keepers ritual by having the sacred script knifed into his back. The dub said it was tattooed, but that made it worse. To achieve that level of detail in a tattoo without the aid of modern needles, it's most likely that Marik's was inflicted using a method that the Inuit people used; taking a needle and thread, dipping it in ink and sliding it through under the skin like you're sewing. It leaves nice clean lines and it's reasonably hygienic, but it hurts so much. To prevent the ink from fading you need to get it quite deep under the epidermis. In amongst all the nerves. Seeing the level of detail in the thing, it's a safe bet that it would have taken days to do it. Most likely with a handmade needle, much thicker than the one in your sewing kit, with rough jute thread to pick up the ink, and the ink itself would probably be some horrible concoction. Sandpaper string. Covered in caustic ink. In the soft skin on your back. For days.
    • Another creepy thing with Dark Marik is when a semi-transparent part of his face stretches to the side, usually when Marik is particularly angry or about to do something exceptionally evil. It's possible this is showing Dark Marik's personality fragmenting further under stress, as Dark Marik himself isn't a fully-formed personality when it took over Marik's body. In the Japanese Manga/Anime, Dark Marik gradually devolves from simply hateful to a slavering animal wanting to hurt everyone he can, however he can. Dark Marik was born from Marik's displaced rage and pain; if Dark Marik's original motivation was "Kill and hurt those who hurt us!", without Marik to moderate it, the motivation gradually deteriorated to "Kill and hurt everyone who gets in my way!" and then finally "KILL HURT KILL HURT".
    • Yami Marik's awakening in the anime is done with a terrifying green-tinged fish-eye lens as Marik screams his head off.
    • Yami Marik is so evil and psychotic he freaks out Yami Bakura. During their Shadow Game, the evil spirit is visibly frightened by the conditions—losing Life Points causes your body to be eaten by the darkness and disappear.
    • Yami Marik killed Marik's father in the dub by sending him to the Shadow Realm (where he died) and stabbing him to death in the Japanese version of the anime. All of that pales to how he killed him in the manga, where he skinned him alive.
  • Dark Necrofear. Even in the dub, that thing was creepy as hell. In the Japanese version, when she dies, the viewer is treated to a lovely shot of Dark Necrofear's eyes burning out of her head. This was, understandably, cut out of the dub.
  • Despite the dub having most deaths be replaced with the Shadow Realm, the idea is freaky. Basically we have what could be consider Yu-Gi-Oh's version of Hell, a place of darkness, pain, and agony where monsters will feast on your body and soul as you slowly disappear into oblivion. In some way, the Dub may have unintentionally created a Fate Worse Than Death.
    • Yami warns Yugi during their duel with Pegasus that his soul would be shredded if he stayed in the Shadow Realm too long, and Pegasus planned to send Yugi's friends—unprotected humans—there.
  • Pegasus's Toon cards. What happens when the wacky, colorful, silly cartoon characters turn their antics on you? You get a bug-eyed, cackling Blue-Eyes with a mouth full of exaggerated fangs, or a big red Ryu-Ran who laughs as it inhales to blast you to ash with nostril flames. They look like classic American animation Toons, but they are Toons in a card game based around ancient shadow magic and interdimensional monsters, and they are terrifying! Even the non-Toons Pegasus uses are creepy, like Bikuribox, a Jack-in-the-Box who pops out, reaches into its mouth to pull out a giant gleaming scythe, then launches forward on its spring with an Evil Laugh to slice you into ribbons.
    • And let's not forget how Pegasus creates his Toons - by sending them into Toon World and sealing them inside, if they want to or not. He's essentially conducting Mind Rape on the original monster to turn it into a Psychopathic Manchild of itself. And let's not even get into the idea that Duel Monsters are supposed to be the incarnate souls of humans. Just think about what the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon means in terms of Kisara... and does Pegasus realize this is what he's doing? The man does seem to like capturing souls...
  • Right after Bandit Keith loses to Jonouchi in Duelist Kingdom, Keith decided to confront Pegasus in the hall. He held out a knife and demanded that Pegasus give him the prize money. Pegasus' guard prepared to take out a gun, but Pegasus insisted there was no need for a weapon. Pegasus said that he was aware Keith had cheated against Jonouchi and that he intended to punish him. Pegasus inflicted the "Hand and Gun" Penalty Game on him. Keith's hand was then slowly turned into a gun, which he was forced to use to play Russian Roulette with, killing himself.
    • This was changed in the anime, in which he was thrown out of the castle and into the lake hundreds of feet below. Not initially as scary, until a flashback in a later episode shows him almost drowning.
  • Slifer the Sky Dragon/Sky Dragon of Osiris appeared to be doing its best to invoke this on Yami Yugi of all people when Yami Yugi had to face it, and it was damn well working. He even says that he's frozen in actual fear. The best example is in the manga, even in a cage, protected from the God card, Yami Yugi was practically crapping himself. And then the cage disappears... and Slifer wastes no time in lowering its head so that it's mere inches away from Yami Yugi and eyeballing him with a snarl.
  • The Doma/Doom/"Waking the Dragons" arc. The whole soul-stealing thing was bad, but considering how we had Yami using the evil "Seal of Orichalcos" card, and going all evil, only to lose his duel, but Yugi took his place so he wouldn't lose his soul, then the duel against Yugi where he used said evil card... not to mention the revelation of who the Orichalchos Knights were behind their helmets... gah that was a really dark season!
  • Kuribabylon, a larger Kuriboh with two fangs and a horn. Normally it's just as cute as the original Kuriboh, but when Yami Yugi corrupts it with the Orichalcos card, it's fur changes to dark blue, its eyes glow red with a malevolent glare, and its two fangs become a big wide smile of long sharp teeth. *shivers* That's one scary cottonball you've got there, Pharaoh.
  • When Black Magician is possessed by the Orichalcos, he struggles against it for awhile before giving a sinister grin as he enjoys the power-boost. Given that he's the spiritual remains of a priest who could subdue the part of Zorc Necrophades that was sealed inside the Millennium Ring, this speaks volumes of how dangerous this kind of magic is. Orichalcos doesn't force you under its power, it tempts you.
  • There's a point in the first duel with Raphael where Raphael uses a card that suspends Yami Yugi from one arm in the air, presumably while it steals cards from his deck. It's a minor thing, but it underlines the helplessness of the situation, and cards that have physical affects on the player could often be said to fall into this category - they're more pronounced because the card game is generally such a non-contact sport.
  • Yami is dueling Weevil, who tears up a card saying that it's the Seal of Orichalcos that Yugi is trapped in. Yami goes berserk and uses the whole "monsters are real" aspect of the Seal to beat Weevil to a pulp with a spell card that gives his monster almost limitless attacks. Tea freaks out for good reason.
  • Guardian Dreadscythe, a darker zombified version of Guardian Eatos wearing a mask. It's big, intimidating, almost impossible to defeat, and it by the look in its eye it likely takes pleasure in destroying its enemies. It beheaded a dragon!
    • Dreadscythe is literally implacable, it cannot leave the field if you draw enough cards. It will just keep hacking and slashing... and then there is Soul Hunting, its trap card, which works against cards that switch it to defense mode, the only real way to stop it. It is the Grim Reaper, and it now swipes away any defense mode monsters you have, leading to most likely a direct attack. By a big, monstrous thing wielding a huge fucking sickle.
  • Mai herself delivers a minor one when she duels against Joey. Initially, Joey wants to prolong the duel to try to talk Mai out of it, knowing that if she loses, she'll lose her soul. Mai immediately replies back, dead-seriously, "I have no soul." Needless to say, this surprises everyone in the room, including her own teammates.
  • During Rafael's second duel with Yugi, the latter activates a card that brings up one of Rafael's memories. Said memory? Dartz telling him bluntly that his family is dead and making him confirm it by digging up their graves with his bare hands. As if that wasn't bad enough, he turns up a pair of skulls, implied to be those of his brother and sister, and we get a lovely detailed close-up of the skulls in his hands. Shortly after, Dartz makes him use the Seal for the first time, which triggers the transformation of Guardian Eatos into Guardian Dreadscythe. A transformation which, if her reaction is any indication, was extremely painful. No wonder much of the scene was cut in the dub.
  • In the manga, Japanese anime, and English dub, at the start of the Memory World arc, Yugi's grandpa gives us a flashback of when he took the Millennium Puzzle out of the Pharaoh's tomb. But in every single version, the puzzle is the only thing that's in the burial chamber of the tomb. The Pharaoh's body isn't there! Maybe sealing away that evil magic came with the price of destroying the Pharaoh's body. And if that's the case.... One of the beliefs of ancient Egyptians was that the body needed to be intact to allow a spirit to enter the afterlife, so if something happened to the Pharaoh's body he shouldn't have been able to enter the afterlife no matter what the outcome of his ceremonial duel with Yugi. He should have been trapped forever between life and death, a spirit never at rest.
    • That was the reason the Pharaoh couldn't pass on in the first place. In the manga, it was confirmed that sealing himself in the Puzzle destroyed his body. He was already trapped forever between life and death, sealed in the Millennium Puzzle. The Ceremonial Battle was what was needed to allow him to pass.
  • In chapter 21 of the manga, there's Kujirada's digital pet who, apart from looking absolutely disturbing and scary, eats other pets.
    • Then there's episode 7 of the Toei anime's version of that chapter. Basically, Kujirada appears to be the bad guy... until the real Big Bad of that episode reveals himself in the form of a creepy, glasses-wearing little kid known as Haiyama, who until then was considered the victim of Kujirada's bullying. Turns out Kujirada is the victim and Haiyama's the one who bullied him senseless with a friggin whip, and it's implied he has a long history of doing this to big, tough-looking guys to make them do his bidding. Just imagine what would have happened had the Creepy Child not been unmasked. It's one of the few instances in which the anime was darker than the manga.
  • The duel against Pandora (Arkana) during Battle City. Yeah, most of us know that in the Japanese anime, it featured buzzsaws that would cut the loser's feet off. In both versions of the anime, however, Yugi manages to save Pandora before the thing can touch him. He has no such luck in the original manga, where one can actually see the buzzsaw draw blood from what's probably one of his legs' major arteries before Yugi saves him. Even worse? Right after Yugi leaves, Marik looks into Pandora's memories and stirs up any and all suicidal thought's he's had before, meaning that the moment he wakes up, he'll go and kill himself. Keep in mind, this is supposed to be the "good" half of Marik.
  • The Ventriloquist of the Dead's Penalty Game. Trapped for the rest of the life in an illusion to be tortured by a very disturbing-looking, Chuckyesque puppet version of himself. Shudder.
  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Marik hypnotizes Anzu and forces her to take a pill, presumably a Cyanide Pill, between her teeth. If Yugi does not duel Jonouchi, Marik will force her to swallow it. In the anime, he made her handcuff herself to a seat, with a giant block of concrete suspended above her head, and then released her so she'd be Forced to Watch the duel itself. What's more is that this was one of the rare instances in the 4Kids dub where Never Say "Die" is averted, so the audience knows that Marik's not playing around anymore.
  • Another example from the Battle City arc, the fate of Seeker, the first Rare Hunter (and Exodia-user) that was defeated by Yami Yugi, especially in the dub. Just picturing what a then-faceless villain was capable by witnessing a fully-grown, hyper-confident duelist reduced to screaming for forgiveness in quite visible terror was unnerving enough, but seeing the poor man's eyes, bulging with veins and shaking with fear until the pupil slowly fades away into lifeless Blank White Eyes, with the subsequent involuntary breakdance/seizure thing that Marik forces his unwitting, zombie-like puppet to perform was extremely unnerving.
    • There's also how Marik possesses him in the manga which makes it even more disturbing to view. While the eye symbol just appears over his head in the anime, in the manga his forehead actually transforms and swells into the symbol's shape, with him screaming in agony the entire time as it happens until he's taken over.
  • In the duel with the Paradox Brothers, Yugi uses the Mystic Box on a spider-like monster called Jirai Gumo. When it opens, we get to see the lovely picture of an already creepy spider with swords sticking through it. This was so disturbing that the dub changed it to the card having the swords stick into it.
  • There's a verse in the American song "Face Up, Face Down" that's a little on the creepy side.
    What's wrong now, you look so sad.
    Losing your soul doesn't feel that bad.
    Those you love have told me so,
    and soon my friend, you too, will know.
  • Ms. Chono's true face, coupled with her pretty one cracking apart and falling off.
  • Episode 4 of the Toei anime has perhaps the most horrific scene in the entire franchise. Yugi battles a thug obsessed with watches who stole Honda's—the Shadow Game has them trying to recover it from a periodic spring, before a giant pendulum takes their hand. When the thug tries to cheat, the pendulum automatically swipes across his hand—and instead of blood, he sees gears and sprockets in the gash, and lets out a HORRIBLE scream as his glasses fall off and reveal clock hands in his eyes.
  • Yami Bakura growing a duel disk right out of his arm in the manga version of the Memory World arc.
  • The 4Kids dub added some Nightmare Fuel before Yugi's battle with Pegasus, where his grandfather pleads with him to stop Pegasus, for the world's sake. If he had this much power with one Millennium Item, imagine what he could do with two, and if Pegasus collected all seven, he could unleash Armageddon upon the entire world.
  • Kaiba's vision of Mokuba being trapped inside the rotting Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, then seeing himself melting.
  • In the Legendary Heroes arc, Kaiba is trapped in a virtual reality video game and chained to a pillar by a Witty Phantom, who is based off of Pegasus's personality and shares his voice. To make things worse, the monsters plan to sacrifice him in order to summon the Mythic Dragon, and the Phantom refuses to let Kaiba sleep as he'd been programmed to torment his captives.
  • One Toei-anime only episode involved Kaoruko Himekoji, a model who humiliated Miho at a beauty contest by drugging her and ripping her dress apart. Dark Yugi challenged her to a game where they would pick roses from a collection, the loser being the one who picks the last rose. After he wins by picking the second-last rose from Kaoruko's hair, Yugi gives her a Penalty Game where she sees herself as old and ugly... and with snakes wrapping around her wrists.
  • The Toei anime had a set of girls called the Kageyama sisters, witches who want to collect Yugi's Violet Hecate card and stole the Millennium Puzzle to do it. They were about to defeat Yugi until Kaiba stepped in, and get no punishment for their actions. Even worse is that normally they're kind, sweet girls until Duel Monsters is mentioned, with Risa befriending Yugi at first. They also wield whips.
  • During Pegasus's duel with Kaiba in Duelist Kingdom, he tries to get the soulless Mokuba to duel in his place. When Kaiba relents and plays Pegasus's way, he toys with him at first before utterly curbstomping him.
    Pegasus: Now I have two things you care about, Kaiba. Your dragon and your brother. Let's see what else I can take.
  • The scene where Pegasus stalls Kaiba's hacking attempts with Funny Bunny is made frightening in the dub, as the bunnies chant "Hey Kaiba!" off-synch in creepy tones.
  • The final story arc of the anime begins with Ryou Bakura running for his life, taking shelter in a church. Even though the Millennium Ring is no longer with him, Yami Bakura's voice reaches him and tells him that he will collect the Millennium Items whether he likes it or not. When Ryou tries to refuse, the church's stained glass windows shatter around him and he screams, clutching his head as Yami Bakura gloats that he's waited long enough for the ultimate Shadow game to commence. When next we see him, Yami Bakura has taken over.
  • Marik's shadow game with Mai. In the manga, after losing Mai was tortured and fed upon by scorpions. In the anime, she was trapped in an hourglass and lost her memories of everyone who cared about her.
  • Episode 28 of Duelist Kingdom is freaky enough, but the dub makes it worse. Pegasus says that every soul he sends to the Shadow Realm increases the power of his Millennium Eye—meaning that he was leeching off of Solomon Muto, Mokuba, and Kaiba for power. He plans to capture Tea, Tristan, and Bakura in the same manner, and use the Millennium Ring to increase his power even more.
  • The scene where Pegasus steals Mokuba's soul, especially in the anime. Pegasus is cold and ruthless all the way through, intercepts Kaiba seconds before Mokuba would have been freed, and mockingly congratulates him on having gotten this faró-right after scene after scene of the Kaiba brothers vowing to see each other again.
  • Just before Yugi duels Pegasus, Ryou Bakura says that the outcome of the match wouldn't matter at all. It's a very good thing Pegasus was a man of his word.
    Ryou: Pegasus holds all the cards right now. As long as he holds his prisoners, we're going to be at his mercy no matter what the outcome of the game.
  • Siegfried/Zigfried may not be as evil as the other villains, but in the right lighting he looks just as scary as they do.
  • The scene in the anime where Marik mind-controls Bandit Keith. Despite Keith being a jerk, his screams of pain and terror are really unsettling as Marik dominates his will repeatedly. When Yami Bakura helps free his mind, Marik tries to reassert control... and Keith goes completely crazy and ends up burning the entire warehouse down to get rid of the voice in his head. In the Japanese version he also shatters the Puzzle of his own free will as he believed that was where the voice was coming from.
  • The fire scene in the manga's Dungeon Dice Monsters arc and the anime's lead-in to Battle City. Yugi is surrounded by flames while the Puzzle has been shattered and chained to a post, and he won't leave until it's put together and freed. He'd have died if Joey and Tristan hadn't saved him.
  • Yami Bakura's plan with the Change of Heart card was to make Yugi kill all of his friends.
  • Despite theoretically being holograms, Duel Monsters respond like actual living monsters in some situations. For example, in "Master of the Magicians", Arkana's Dark Magician looks genuinely terrified when Arkana casually sacrifices it for a cheap shot at Yugi's life points. Think about what that implies for every monster that's ever been destroyed in the game.
  • Thief King Bakura's death in the manga and anime. Yami Bakura disposes of him by turning his entire body to sand, and in the anime he's conscious enough to realize what's happening to him and cry for help before he collapses.
  • Normal Bakura under the control of both Yami Bakura and Marik in Battle City is very unsettling in the manga. The sheer fact that Bakura has essentially no free will at this point and is not even aware of it is already bad in itself, but his general expressions and behavior also sends him straight to the Uncanny Valley. There's a scene in the anime of Yami Bakura messily eating a steak. In the manga, however, it's normal Bakura who's eating... with an unnervingly vacant expression.
  • This face Yami Bakura makes as he gloats that the Pharaoh's life is under his control in the Memory World RPG. It comes out of nowhere.
    • This horrific, off-model face as he gloats is reminiscent of Zorc.
  • When Yugi and his friends attempt to find the Pharaoh's name, they learn the wish made on the Puzzle must be returned to it in order to pass—meaning Yugi's friends must fall into the abyss. Thankfully, everyone manages to survive, but Yugi's anguish when he tells them that they were his wish really hurts to see.
  • This line from Yami Bakura in the anime's Memory World arc.
    Yami Bakura: The only question is who will lose their soul to the shadows first? Any guesses? ...Come on. It's a game! You should try and have fun!
  • Panik/the Player Killer of Darkness, who threatened to burn Yugi alive in the anime and hang him in the manga. His strategy revolved around using the Castle of Dark Illusions to conceal his entire field in darkness and launch attacks where no one can see them. When he lost the duel to Yugi in the anime, he tried to kill him with flamethrowers.
  • In the anime version of Duelist Kingdom, Yami Bakura can use Duel Monsters cards in reality. After restraining Pegasus's guards with Chain Energy and finding they were still pursuing him, he sicced Man-Eater Bug and Morphing Jar on them to dispatch them to the card graveyard, where the Reaper of Cards killed them.
  • Yami Yugi has a very chilling line in the dub as Kaiba tries to goad him into surrendering by threatening to fall off the castle.
    Kaiba: You can attack the Blue-Eyes again and wipe out my remaining Life Points, but if you do the resulting shock waves might cause me to lose my balance.
    Yami Yugi: Don't tempt me!
  • In the Virtual World, the Big Five plan to hijack everyone's bodies to escape. They succeed with Tristan, whose mind is placed inside an Acrobat Monkey robot, then take turns sharing his body when they duel Yugi.
  • After being betrayed by Gozaburo, Noah snaps and laughs madly before Mokuba is able to calm him. He goes to help Yugi and his friends find a way out... only to trap them in their worst memories while he claims Mokuba's body for himself to take over KaibaCorp. Noah then plans to keep everyone's minds trapped inside the computer system and destroy it with a missile, killing everyone there. His line when he first takes over Mokuba really sells it.
    Noah: Thanks, Mokuba. I owe you my life.
  • Gozaburo Kaiba turns into a horrific monster at the end of the Virtual World arc, even appearing in reality briefly to try and kill Seto.

Yu-Gi-Oh! R

  • Tenma Yakou has an Eye Scream moment in the beginning of the series, after discovering the duel table with Pegasus' blood splattered over it and Crocketts telling him that Yugi had won the duel. His eye then melts out in a surreal scene. Since then, he would usually have a case of Mad Eye going on.
  • The last moments of the duel between Bandit Keith and Jounochi. Keith summons Wicked Eraser which, when it is eventually destroyed, attempts to drown Jonouchi and Keith with what appears to be its blood What makes it worse is that Keith is laughing while he's drowning, and is okay with it just as long as he makes Jonouchi suffer. The fact that it may or may not be a hologram... doesn't really help. At all.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tenth Anniversary Movie

  • They killed Grandpa and Pegasus with a falling building, although it's all undone by the time Yugi, Yusei, and Jaden defeat Paradox.
  • Paradox fusing into Sin Truth Dragon. His facial expressions, the groaning in pain, the roar followed by the dragon shrieking, and the fact that he refers to it as "himself" are all very unnerving.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Games

  • DarkNite and Nitemare. They come out of nowhere in Dark Duel Stories, can overwhelm you within turns, and come with broken cards. Their lines are oddly cryptic and Mind Screwy.
    • And somehow, in Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, they became even worse. Yeah, bet you thought Heishin was the Big Bad, didn't you? Well, he outlived his usefulness, was turned into a card and then BURNED UP. And even if you manage to defeat DarkNite, he transforms into Nitemare, who looks something like a mummy who decided to invest in Magitek.
    • DarkNite doesn't die after Forbidden Memories. He only returns to wherever he came from, which makes him more than capable of returning—which he does in The Falsebound Kingdom.
    • Losing to DarkNite causes him to laugh madly and make a scary face as he gloats over the world being his.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards has Arkana, who tells you that the loser of the duel will be chopped up. Even worse, to reach him you have to talk to an NPC who says that other people have been going to the card shop and disappearing.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction has the Chevaliers, green lizard-like creatures with Pegasus's original hair. There's very little detail given on them save that Chevalsky turned them into what they are now. They ambush you in a locked, otherwise empty cable car.
    • The first vision you receive from a Millennium Item is from the future-telling Millennium Necklace. It shows Reshef burning the world to the ground, and even Yami Yugi is consumed by the flames.
    • The image of Pegasus surrounded by flames from the opening and ending.
    • The theme for Pegasus's castle.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour has evil duelists (Rare Hunters, Bandit Keith, the Paradox Brothers, etc.) who chase you down at night and start a Shadow Game. If you lose, your soul is sent to the Shadow Realm and you get a Game Over.
  • The Japan-only Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB's premise is that the Millennium Ring controls Seto Kaiba after Death-T, driving him to trap Yugi's friends in RPG figurines. The final Monster World level is a literal representation of Hell that starts with Yugi being imprisoned and gets worse as it goes on.
  • 7 Trials to Glory has the bonus dungeon Shadow World, represented as "???" on the map. You can duel a bunch of evil characters there as well as some background NPCs. The most frightening is probably Arkana, who threatens to cut you to pieces if you lose. Yami Bakura also gets a Slasher Smile if you duel him, which he repeats whether you win or lose.