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Fridge: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Fridge Brilliance

  • You'll get a lot of this, about the series' concepts in general, if you do a little bit of study on ancient Egypt. For example, the ancient Egyptian concept of duality; that nothing can exist without its equal but opposite double.
    • Also makes sense for the finale- naturally the only way for the Pharaoh to defeat Bakura and the creature of darkness he summoned was for him and Yugi to work together to summon Horakty, a deity of light.
  • The Allies of Justice seem to exclusively target LIGHT monsters and facedown monsters. This becomes logical when you realize that, in-universe, they battle the Worms, which are (mostly) LIGHT Flip Effect monsters.
  • There is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card called Fire Kraken, which is a paradoxically fire-elemental squid/octopus thing. At least six years after randomly coming across this card, and easily five years since I've played the game, I just realized it's a pun on "firecracker." -Hyper Z
  • The Meklords are meant to just dominate Synchros; taking them and using them themselves. Unlike in the anime, there is nothing stopping players from using Synchros after Xyzs are released. The Meklords are meant to discourage Synchros in favor of Xyzs, which came out about a month after the Meklords were released.
  • When the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds introduced the Infinity monsters, their use struck me as being a continuation of the Assimilation Plot of Darkness in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, especially when the cards' users keep referring to Synchro monsters as "unneeded things". Odder still, one way of defeating these monsters proposed to the show's protagonist Yusei by one of his opponents is to use another Synchro, specifically one that uses two Synchro monsters to summon. At first, I didn't know what the writers were planning on doing with this, but upon reflection, I think he's figured it out: during GX, the writers pulled out a lot of Take That Deconstruction episodes of certain parts of the anime and/or the game - the duel with Dimitri being a jab against cookie-cutter elitists, the Society of Light being a reversal of Defeat Means Friendship, and the second part of season 3 and all of season 4's treatment of Judai being a look into the real consequences of playing a children's card game for the fate of the world. Obviously, this was yet another in a long line of Take Thats - specifically, a breakdown of the Internet Backdraft over whether or not the Synchros constitute Game Breaker material.—SynjoDeonecros
    • And consider the mastermind behind the Infinity monsters, who reveals that Ener-D and Synchro monsters caused the end of the world when humanity's evolution got too fast. It's a commentary on how the game has evolved so far from its roots and some say it has become Ruined Forever with all the new gimmicks and cards.
    • Given the fact that new Synchros are being released in new sets (and the Meklords are not popular at all among players) it's clear that the game designers have seriously rethought this strategy.
  • Sure, Duel Monsters' primary demographic in-universe has always been males, but there never seemed to be any societal taboo against females playing the game, so I've always wondered where the 5D's taboo against girls in Riding Duels came from. I happened to be brushing my teeth when I suddenly thought, "I sure hope it's not due to the same superstition that once caused men to be apprehensive of women riding astride a horse." ~ Lale
  • You know how most of 4Kids's edits are scorned by the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom? Well, one impressed me. At the end of the Orichalcos arc, 4Kids makes Yami's eyes green, since Viewers Are Morons and can't tell that he's starting to succumb to the Orichalcos. Like most of their blatant edits, I found it stupid. However, I heard the color of the eyes as being described as 'Orichalcos green' in a summary of the episode. Well, guess what? Who else was tainted by the Orichalcos and his eye changed color?Dartz. One of his eyes is blue, the other is 'Orichalcos green.'
  • Looking back, I realize that some of the edits that 4Kids made were not that bad. Namely, having characters not die, just going into a comalike state, makes a lot more sense then them dying and coming back to life. Sure, when the character never comes back it is pointless, but most of the time it is good.
  • A meta example: A few weeks before the English dub premiered, this troper received a short video tape in the mail. Said videotape was basically Pegasus giving a preview of the series. The marketing strategy was actually pretty good. This troper knew that the series was going to air on Kids' WB!, but wasn't all that interested in it until she received the video. It only occurred to me recently that receiving a mysterious tape in the mail was exactly how Pegasus first made contact with Yugi, kicking off the whole plot. Say what you want about 4Kids, but that was actually pretty clever.
  • Here's some Fridge Brilliance from me after watching an Abridged Series rap off between Yugi/Atem and Jaden. At the end of it, Yusei runs over Jaden and when he starts complaining about the pain, Atem says, "Suck it up, you Mary Sue." This coming from the guy whose only legitimate loss was at the end of the show against his own reincarnation. Anyway, I thought about it for awhile and noticed some parallels between Yugi and/or Atem and Jaden. Both are reincarnations of royalty (Yugi), have a friend who became a Duel Monster to protect them (Atem) and have a dark side that was Ax-Crazy when first released (Yugi). However, as pointed out above that the GX season has a lot of deconstructions in it, Jaden's friend turned bodyguard Duel Monster harmed one of his friends out of jealousy and his dark side slaughtered hundreds of people to finish a card that almost cost Jaden his friends.
  • Yugi's trump card Dark Magician has 2500 ATK 2100 DEF. Jaden's, Neos, has 2500 ATK DEF 2000. Yusei's, Stardust Dragon, has 2500 ATK 2000 DEF. Kaiba's trump card, Blue Eyes White Dragon, has 3000 ATK 2500 DEF, and Jacks, Red Dragon Archfiend, has 3000 ATK 2500 DEF.
  • The 3 main characters all have a name that starts with YU, if Jaden's is spelled as the Japanese tend to with surname first.
    • All four now, including Yuuma.
      • All FIVE, thanks to ARC-V's Yuya
  • so far the DS World championship have had annual releases from 2007-2011. however, as of 5th of august, there's been no news of a 2012 game. then, it hit me: they're saving it for next year, to include all the 2012 cards
  • Why does the card Ragnarok require two Spellcasters to activate? Because in Norse mythology, Loki, a magic user, was the one to cause Ragnarok!
  • Part of the reason for the name of "Xyz" monsters is that the game mechanics for them involve stacking multiple cards on top of one another, thus adding a Z axis to the existing X and Y axes of the playing field.
  • i just realized why no one seems to know the effects of their opponent's monsters until they're used. the owner of the card doesn't have to go out of their way to explain it until they use it (and there are too many to memorize everything ) and since everyone started useing duel disks checking the effects of your opponent's face up cards requires walking across the room every time you want to check something so no one bothers. which means that if someone was willing to interupt the duel every 10 seconds to check their opponent's card effects they would have a massive advantage (until everyone stopped dueling them because that would be really annoying.)
  • From the Card Game, why is the leader of Shaddolls, a bunch of monsters created with the shadows of other monsters LIGHT? Because shadows require light to be cast and grow the closer they are to the light source. Nephilim's light is what allows Shadolls to exist!
  • The new Field Spell rules, which allow both players to control a Field Spell card at a time rather than only one, have a basis in the anime- specifically, it makes it closer to the Duelist Kingdom field rules, where multiple types of field could be on the board at once. But instead of applying the field's effects per card zone, it just applies both field effects across the whole field.
  • At first it seems stupid that the Egyptian god cards have the "Egyptian" bit added whenever they are mentioned, but then I rewatched the first VR arc. anyhow, everything that the protagonists encountered in that arc had been either an inanimate object. Anyway, the final encounter at the end of that arc is a monster resembling the most common representation of Tiamat, ( a Babylonian deity) this monster also appears in the Defictionalized card game. With that knowledge, one would know that there are cards based on deities from other religions in duel monsters. Hence why everyone specifies that the god cards they own are in fact Egyptian.
    • They later go with this; all of the spirit monsters are based off of the deities of the Shinto religion (Japanese God Cards), and later, there are the Aesir, based off of Odin, Loki, & Thor (Norse God Cards)
  • While we're on the topic of Yu-Gi-Oh!, the original season has the interesting duel where Yugi has to beat Pegasus, the guy who made the game, is equipped with a personalized Game Breaker deck and and a mind-reading eye. But there's a Fan Fic out there that raises an interesting point, and a comparison to the Real Life game: just because Pegasus made the game, it doesn't mean he's the best at it. Yugi has a combination of strategy, good cards and mystical backup, and Kaiba obsesses over getting the tactical advantage, but Pegasus is an artist, not a duelist, and all his unfair advantages only make the playing field level against them.
    • Not really. It wouldn't be that hard to come up with a truly unbeatable card by any stretch of the imagination. Start with a monster you can special summon at any time, and you can easily search for. Give it blanket immunity to spells, traps and effects, have it gain double all power your opponents monsters gain, and a 4000 base attack, and a special effect to reverse and overturn special winning conditions.
      • We're talking about Pegasus here, as in Duelist Kingdom villain Pegasus. The rules for the game already made little sense and Toon World was pretty much broken during that arc. Even with Toon World, Pegasus was probably taking artistic license if most of the cards had Egyptian counterparts, which brings up some Fridge Brilliance for this troper. It's not that Pegasus would've been hard pressed to come up with an unstoppable card, but it's he never truly made the game and he was a little off his rocker.
      • Also it's one thing to know what you're opponent is about to do. It's another thing to have the right cards in your hand to do anything about it.
      • Unless, of course, you're Bandit Keith.
  • Something that's always bugged I was how much of a Plot Tumor the game of Duel Monsters had become; it started as a normal (if popular) card game disguising an Artifact of Doom, to a game that you can actually go to a specialized school to learn how to play, to something so all-encompassing, everything from street games to the police are all based around it. No explanation for this increase of importance, and as was said above, the longer it goes on, the more ridiculous it becomes. It didn't make sense...until I started looking at the mystical aspects of the game, and realized that it grew alongside the game's importance - starting out as an obscure Sealed Evil in a Can, then to a hidden Alternate Universe that only certain people can see and interact with, then to whole public cults and psychic powers devoted to the game. Clearly, there's a connection, and with the Tenth Anniversary Movie revealing that Duel Monsters caused The End of the World as We Know It in the future, the implication is equally clear: the mystical aspects of the game are taking over, and as a result, is corrupting the world to make it more inhabitable for the Eldritch Abominations that lie just beyond the ink and paper... - SynjoDeonecros
    • Well, there IS a bit of an explanation as to why the game grew in importance. The richest man in the world grew up playing it. What did you expect?
    • Also, holograms. When you have Clash of the Titans playing out in stadiums worldwide, other pastimes seem to pale in comparison, wouldn't you think?
  • While watching the Virtual World arc of Yu-Gi-Oh, there was one glaring question that came to mind about half-way through. When Noa forces the main cast (of sorts) off the airship, he says 'only the duelists', despite the fact that of the group, one doesn't duel professionally (Anzu) while the others (Honda, Otogi, Mokuba, and Shizuka) don't duel at all. At first, I thought this was just a plot hole that existed solely to get those characters into the arc itself... But then I realized, after counting the number of people who went into the Virtual World, that it was the exact number of competitors in the final half of the Battle City Tournament... Eight people. But since Malik and Ishizu never left the airship, while Bakura, Mai, and Rishid were otherwise fairly incapacitated, there was no way of knowing that the first eight to come off the ship weren't duelists, until it was too late; Noa was going based on the appearance of things. - Usagi Squared
  • This is a minor one really, and it might be obvious to a lot of people, but still... was always a bit weirded out by the names they picked for Anzu, Jonouchi and Honda, especially since their surnames sounded kind of plain. Then I twigged: Gardner, Taylor and Wheeler are all names that are derived from occupations. Theme Naming, much?
  • I will admit I don't watch Yu-Gi-Oh beyond the abridged series, but something occurred to me the other day: Who the heck makes Yu-Gi-Oh cards in-universe? Whoever they are, they are clearly insane. After all, these cards are so reality warping that some cards have very limited copies in existence. When Weevil throws Yugi's cards over the side, if this were a normal card game, wouldn't Yugi just order another set off the internet?
    • Remember that card rarities in the show's world are hugely different - there's only 3 Blue-Eyes in the whole world, for one. Even if you could order Exodia online, it'd be one of those "super rare first edition 100 dollars minimum" type sets. Also it's 1996 in-show.
    • Pegasus.
    • Yugi couldn't order a new set, mainly because the cards Haga threw overboard were the five Exodia cards. There's a bit of the background mythos involved here, since in universe, not only is the Exodia set unique, the only reason Grandpa managed to complete it is because Exodia was originally his astral projection in a past life. There's no way you can get something like that on eBay.
      • ...Even though Malik/Marik's goons explicitly stated (and showed) they they had THREE sets of Exodia in at least one of their decks, and Gozeburo later on had a set in his deck (albeit virtual, though he would have had the resources to get real ones.) There's no reason why Yugi couldn't simply get his three missing cards again.
      • Remember that the Ghouls were specifically reputed to make counterfeit cards near identical to the originals. Those multiple copies? Fake cards made using the same machines that I2 uses in-universe.
      • Not to mention that in GX Yubel somehow acquired a set of Exodia, along with support cards. Amon later shows up with an Exodia deck (including another Exodia-based monster, Exodius), which he acquired either from Yubel and/or by finding Exodia in the Duel Monsters spirit world.
  • In the manga Akhenaden called himself Zork, the other soul sealed inside the Millenium Puzzle, the one who made a deal with the powers of darkness(he gave no name to them) and a god which indicates that the spirit in the Millenium Ring isn't the Thief King but Akhenaden himself possessing it as an insult to the person who's family he destroyed years ago. The possession of Bakura(the Thief King's reincarnation) is a further attempt to torment the Thief King. Also consider that Akhenaden created the Millenium Items which might explain exactly when he made a deal with the darkness in the real past rather than the past of the World of Memory(it was when he got the Millenium Eye).
  • Word of God states that the Millenium Eye's spirit influenced Pegasus to create Duel Monsters. Consider the fact that in the manga Akhenaden's Spirit outright calls himself Zork. It's obvious that like with the Millenium Ring(once used by the Thief King who once sought revenge against Akhenaden and would thus be tied to him) he sealed a piece of his soul into the Millenium Eye becoming it's spirit.
  • In the manga, Yami gives Kaiba one of the least harsh Penalty Games in the manga after Kaiba nearly got Yugi and all his friends killed through Death-T. Makes sense as part of the reason Death-T even existed was to get revenge on Yami for the harsher first Penalty Game.
  • Why is blue-eyes white dragon,who is supposed to be as strong as Egyptian gods, has only 3000atk, much weaker than obelisk? Remember,Pegasus made the card basing on ancient texts.Who made the ancient text about blue-eyes? Priest Seto.Due to his respect to the pharaoh Atem,who made a heroic sacrifice to save the world, Seto made a description considering blue-eyes(his power) as weaker than three gods(pharaoh's power). That brings another fridge brilliance: Pegasus estimated the number of all cards'atk and def points according to the ancient text,but those texts are just opinions of who wrote them.So,the card's values are actually opinions(ancient writer's) plus opinions(Pegasus's). That explains the power difference between the card game's monsters and pharaoh's memory arc monsters.
  • The manga has a bit of a Reread Bonus going on. In the final arc, it is established that everything that has happened so far is the result of the Ancient Egyptians sealing the ka of criminals into stone slabs, turning them into monsters. Well, since this is part of the cosmology of the series, this means that the darkness in human hearts is still turning into monsters, even in the present day. This explains a lot of previously unexplained things in the series, such as Kaiba's behavior in Death-T (and why the Mind Crush was able to cure his Ax Craziness), the very existence of Dark Marik, and even the over-the-top behavior of some of the Bullies of the Week from the very beginning of the series. note  All this time, the darkness in their hearts has been turning their ka into monsters.
  • During Duelist Kingdom each opponent with decks with 1 or more Dark cards gave off impressive strategies that failed due to overspecializing in a specific way. If Yugi had fought someone who combined the strategies of every deck with a Dark card in Duelist Kingdom(Black Skull Dragon, Dark Sage, Castle of Dark Illusions, Reaper of the Cards, Call of the Haunted, Labyrinth Wall/Wall Shadow combo and Crush Card/Sagi the Dark Clown combo) he would lose badly!
  • Before Duelist Kingdom, Yugi gave Joey his Time Wizard card. Why did Yugi have Time Wizard in the first place? So he could upgrade his Dark Magician into Dark Sage.

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