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Nightmare Fuel: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
  • Kaito Tenjo obtains numbers by stealing their owners' souls. Although Kaito doesn't know it, all of his victims are completely innocent. Anyone who loses their soul ages rapidly and falls into a comatose state. But the worst part is, we never see these people get returned to normal, leading to some incomfortable Fridge Horror: were these people returned to normal, or did they stay like that forever?
  • In the Japanese version, Yuma asks where the souls go. Kaito replies that he does't know because it's "beyond his power." Exactly what power such souls would be subject to...
  • Stray Cat's face, oh god!
  • The way Black Mist forces his way into Astral's body when possessing him in Episode 20.
  • The effect of Giant Killer... Or it would be if the animation was graphic and not incredibly stylized. It would have been much worse if its only on-screen victims were not machine monsters.
  • The Giant Killer eats Hope. Sweet dreams kids.
  • The duel between Yuma and Trey....the sheer amount of Mind Rape that Yuma goes through is akin to what Jaden did just before he became the Supreme King.
  • In Episode 63, Tron takes off his mask to reveal a very creepy AR rendition of Haruto's face. The distinct Sickly Green Glow is just the start, since Haruto's face just... doesn't fit right on Tron's head. It only gets more nightmarish as Tron and Haruto's voices begin to speak in unison.
  • Then in Episode 64 the Tron in Haruto's mental world. Behind his mask he doesn't even seem to have a face, just darkness. Then he turns into a dragon, which Hope kills. But then he starts stalking towards Yuma with the most nightmarish expression possible. Fortunately he collapses into sludge before it can get worse, but that was easily the most nightmarish segment of the episode.
  • Everything about Vector, from his facial expression, to the way he talks, to his voice. You name it.
    • Just before revealing himself as Vector in Episode 96, Rei has a truly horrific looking Nightmare Face. And once he reveals himself, Vector's eyes have some incredibly creepy movements.
  • Astral turning evil in episode 97 is quite disconcerting, especially when he starts to manically chant "ZEXAL, ZEXAL, ZEXAL!" while making a Nightmare Face and forcefully grabbing onto Yuma's shoulder. The next episode preview gives us this gem too.
    • Dark Zexal is also quite creepy, mostly due to being utterly insane and self-destructive.
  • Episode 101 was like something out of a horror show. The scream-filled flashbacks to the prince who executed large amounts of people before killing himself (heavily implied to be Vector's past life), along with the wall paintings of executions were bad enough, but the ruins in this episode are also home to an extremely large execution chamber, with the walls covered in bloody weaponry. This is in-universe nightmare fuel for Vector, of all characters, who shivers and hugs himself after entering.
  • Black Mist's new form, and its Eldritch Abomination true nature, as shown on the field.
    • Episode 110 sees Black Mist going mad with the power of Chaos, and trying to lay waste to all three worlds. To put this in perspective, even Vector was not liking the looks of this at all. He then steals Heart Earth Dragon and Coat of Arms and turns them into even more terrifying Chaos Number versions of themselves.
  • The Four Duelists brought together by Vector all have horrible true forms, and powers that lend to Paranoia Fuel, including Semimaru, who can take people's memories away, used to its most nightmarish extent against the hero and his friends.
  • Although Narm for some, we get to see a naked Mr. Heartland in episode 112, who was transformed from a fly back into a human form. The fact that it looked like a magical girl transformation did not help.
    • From Bad to Worse: He has a Barian Form. It is utterly disgusting looking, mirroring his new Ace monster, Baal Zebul.
    • Possibly even worse is him burning to death. The dark power from the fake Numbers coalesces inside Heartland and he is seemingly obliterated in a dark blaze which forms into the shape of Don Thousand for good measure.
    • Furthermore, anyone who held a Fake Number was converted into energy and used as a sacrifice for the Barians. Including one of the hero's friends, though one who had been a Jerk Ass.
  • The plight of Shark and Rio brings pretty scary Paranoia Fuel. Just imagine it, you're a normal person with memories of your life and friends and you're fighting aliens from another dimension with those friends. Then, suddenly, you find out that in fact, your life is a lie, your memories may well be false, and that you're actually the leaders of the aliens you've been fighting.
    • Further, what they enabled once in the Barian World, changing drastically from who they used to be, outright leading a fullscale invasion, and that they choose this. Woah.
  • Don Thousand's powers are just, disturbing. The human form he took on during his quest to create the Seven Barian Emperors is just, horrifying. And that's not mentioning his other powers, aka Combat Tentacles that just, ew.
  • The Really Dead Montages are a combination of this and Tear Jerker. A massive amount of the supporting cast has died, and likely, an obscene amount of civilians and random duelists, are probably dead due to the Barian Invasion and The Fake Numbers. Even the protagonist's best friend died, his rival died, the Heel Face Turned Tron Family is dead, and all of the Quirky Miniboss Squad is dead except Nasch. Sure, the story nonetheless has a happy ending with most of those deaths undone, but even then, those montages hurt to watch.
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