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Nightmare Fuel: Stuart Ashen
  • The non-Bart Simpson that adorns the box of Huge Screen v2.
  • Stuart wasn't kidding when he said that this video would get more disturbing as time went on Who would have thought cheap animation could be so horrifying? The Breakfast Mess commercial featuring a very disturbing harlequin and a dissonant theme tune isn't much better.
  • The dissonant sounding "God Save the Queen" at the end of the Royal Wedding Tat review. At least before it's apparent that the music is breaking.
  • Any occurrence of Noseybonk, a little-known source of Nightmare Fuel from the old British 80s Game Show Jigsaw. Yeah, an already unnerving entity gets made even more terrifying. Even better, Ashen's Noseybonk mask is scarier than the original!
  • Hidden page, hidden page. You've found the hidden page. Made so much worse if you have the DVD and find that page totally by accident.
  • In the 2011 Halloween special, when Stuart points out a "big twig"... look in the background... There's a creepy, eyeless face right behind him.
  • In his review of Girl's Toys, he brought up a doll dressed up in wedding garb. This wouldn't be so bad if not for the positioning of the doll's eyes inducing this trope with a very big bang.
  • The Creme Egg knockoffs in the Easter Tat Special were disgusting and rancid, but not initially horrifying. And then Ashen finds a maggot in the middle of a candy piece. Though admittedly a fake one, planted as part of a behind the scenes prank.
  • The review of an interactive ET toy is already made of creepy thanks in large part to the toy itself, but as the review progresses, Stuart snaps outright, ranting about how he will make everything better for E.T. After a horror-film style montage of shots (complete with score), we see the device, its rubber casing removed, sounding like a cross between a broken Speak n' Spell and a crying baby.
    • The device itself already looks disturbing, there is a reason things like that aren't meant to be seen.
    • There. Much better.
    • What he actually did is known as Circuit-Bending. Basically he cut off the outer coating (skinned it alive) then fiddled with the internal circuits. The result made it sound like E.T was being brutally murdered while his screams were muffled. This combined with Ashen's speech about how he is going to make it better causes it to be nightmare fuel. Now, imagine E.T was sentient...
    • It gets worse. After the traditional ASHENS.COM at the end of the video we see E.T.'s rubber face pinned to a corkboard.
  • The Stock Clearance Special, when Fridge Horror hit Ashens on how the "Cutants" are, in Polly Pocket's world, alive and sentient. He gets upset by the idea, and he decides to make a horror short to illustrate just how scary things would be if Polly Pocket and her group of mad scientists decide to move on to humans and were to come after your girlfriend...warning 
  • Near the end of one of his Poundland Food Specials, Ashens comments that his cousin Steven went to Japan a couple of months ago and visited Amigara Fault. This also doubles as a Shout-Out.
  • The Uncanny Valley coin bank from his Meze 88 headphones review.
  • From his "Bag Of Crap" review, the Bruce Forsyth mask... both times.
  • The Vinnie the Vole game from Ashen's Tech Dump. Sleep tight.
  • The Tatco pirate figure, thanks to its Thousand-Yard Stare. Goes From Bad to Worse when it stares right into your eyes along with the other Lego ripoff figures...
  • The beginning of his review of Fortress Guardian on the Neo Double Games.
  • You wouldn't expect a semi-Christmas related advent calender to have anything terrifying in it, right? You'd be wrong. Hell, the grass masks in general. From assimilating both deer to hanging Santa from the tree by his sleigh.
  • One of his earliest videos in the PO Pstation Saga is a review of one of the games that frequently comes preinstalled on the rotten little pieces of trash, Submarine Invasion. The review itself is significantly shorter than the run time of the video, but Stuart managed to fill the leftover time... by using somewhat grainy grayscale video footage of someone in a white lab coat and what appears to be a welder's face mask fiddling with a machine that rattles off lists of numbers. That's all the extra footage consists of, and it's deeply unsettling.
  • His Big "Shut Up!" to the iPhone 5G was rather convincing, to the point that it does paint an ugly picture about what he could be like when set off.
  • The Gangnam Style toy, right down to the light-up eyes and the fact that it plays a creepily-deep sample from the song...or at least unil Stuart slaps it, at which point it plays normally.
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