Awesome: Stuart Ashen

  • An Exciting Supernatural Opportunity! in which Ashens basically analyzes and tears apart a spiritual con artists' junk mail. It helps that the man is a Doctor of Psychology, so he knows the tricks being used and how susceptible certain people would be. This Precision F-Strike sums it up:
    You astonishingly vile fuck.
  • Occasionally he'll find something that impresses him, and these moments are awesome not for Ashens but for the product he's using. Examples include Chef Tony's Smart Lids which worked so well that Stuart actually began to use them on a regular basisnote , and the CybikoExtreme's racing game with easy-to-handle controls and smooth 3D graphics on an LCD screen on a texting device made in the year 2000.
  • In PopStation watch 9, Stuart complains about how the music for one game (Submarine Invasion) has been remixed rather poorly. He then starts the game, and the "level start" fanfare plays. After that...
    Stuart: My goodness, that music was quite exciting and actually fit what was going on!
  • The destruction of a cheap dinosaur skeleton toy.
  • His completely random blowtorching of a wrestling action figure at the end of the Kinder Surprise Poundland Special.
  • Game King Showcase. How was he able to read all those "Blind Idiot" Translation plots, in that epic voice, without bursting into laughter?
    • More than likely a large number of takes.
  • Stuart destroys a Star Wars Storm Trooper figurine in a press while rattling off everything bad to come out of Star Wars and its prequels.
  • The Shelf of Battle
  • While reviewing a Tomy Racing Turbo toy, it gets broken at one point. In the following video, he dismantles it and actually manages to fix it in the process.
  • Horrible Histories Mystery Bag.
    Ashens: Execute that, you fucker.
  • The various ways scores of poorly produced official My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Equestria Girls figurines are destroyed in the My Little Pony Mystery Bags video, which, in unusual fashion to Ashen videos, is as long as the 6 minute review. Rather than merely condemning them to his signature handheld blowtorch, Stuart has Andy, a chemicals expert, employ various creative methods of destruction (all backed with classical music). It's a cathartic moment of sorts for those who had to deal with Friendship Is Magic Fan Dumb on Youtube video comments over the years; even fans of the show were pleased with this as they are fed up with with how shoddy a lot of official products from Hasbro are.
  • YMMV, but whenever Ashens eats the food he reviews, regardless of where they came from or their reputation. The most notable examples are the stuff from Poundland note  (the Instant Cupcake and the Delicious Mallows), the Bean Boozled Jellybeans or the Whole Chicken in a Can, which the latter is considered to be the most vile thing he reviewed thus far. That man is brave.
  • Watching Ashens violenty mangle a dancing Jar Jar Binks is extremely gratifying for anyone who was less than pleased with the way the prequels went down. Not much of a surprise, since Ashens himself is a long-time fan of the original trilogy, judging by another video where he used a flat hand press to destroy a rubber Stormtrooper.