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Nightmare Fuel: Freeman's Mind
  • The tentacle monster gives Gordon some, and we get to hear about it:
    Gordon: Yeah, that's right, moan! MOAN! That noise is exactly what I'll be thinking about when I try to get to sleep tonight! And I'll be dreaming about you sucking out my eyes with your tentacled face while I'm nestled up against a stack of rotting corpses; then my intestines will burst with insects crawling out of them; then the screaming — jeez, that's a long drop.
  • A lot of Gordon's inner monologues qualify, given his Cloud Cuckoolander mindset. Here's a few examples:
    • "Hey, that's a ladder! That means this is legit; this might actually go somewhere! I mean, it probably leads to a room filled with poison gas and a bunch of dead people that look just like me, but I don't know that, so there's room for hope, I guess."
    • "If any of these worms get in my hair, I swear to God I'm just gonna freak out. Yeah, worms get in my hair; the power fails and the lights go out; then some old guy with a raspy voice starts laughing and poking me with a stick. That would complete the experience."
    • "I was expecting to look down there and see this giant eyeball looking up at me, angry at me because I blew off its eyelashes or something, then the whole building starts shaking and I guess I'd just ball up and cry, because what do you do when something that big wants to kill you?"
  • At one point he theorizes about killing a security guard and using his intestines as rope. He only decides against it because it would be too slippery.
  • "What the hell was that?" (takes out his shotgun) "I saw something in the water. And these annoying, fucking, chittering noises isn't inspiring much confidence either."
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