Headscratchers: Freeman's Mind

  • Why did Ross change the sound-effects on the guns? Did he do it based on his conversation with Nojah and Sarahon about editing minecraft sound-effects? I mean I know he explained it and that Daniel was the one to do it, but why would he decide now would be the best time to change it after almost 50 episodes?
    • He's gone back to using the normal sound effects.
    • He didn't. His assistant that edits the sounds did it at his own initiative. Ross was suitably impressed and made a poll on his website asking if he should keep it for future episodes, use the normal sounds, or the third option was to show Ross cat picture. While the new sounds got majority vote, it was a very close poll, so he opted to use the original sound effects.
  • In one of the earlier Shephard's Mind episodes, Shephard is knocked unconscious and starts mumbling about Freeman, but at that point he didn't know that Freeman existed.
    • He could just know someone else with the same last name.
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