Nightmare Fuel: Deus Ex

  • Icarus. Everything about Icarus. From his insanely scary voice to him just about stalking you all through Paris, it's one gallon of nightmare fuel after another.
    • He first appears when you're down in a sewer. MJ12 soldiers and their robots are right above you, and they're looking for your head. You pass on, and suddenly, your infolink rings, revealing a demonic voice and a creepy looking eyeball. "I now have access to your systems."
    • Answer a ringing phone in an empty office building, and the voice on the other end (Icarus) will tell you that he is right behind you, and will soon be "a part of everything in your world." Check it out here.
    • Take the time to look at a Paris public terminal and you'll find an entry titled "READ ME." Take a look at it and you'll find the phrases "ICARUS FOUND YOU!!!" and "RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!" repeated over and over, in a > shape.
    • While going through the DuClaire mansion, he informs you that she's been executed and dissected.
  • Also, freaking greasels. They're weird little chupacabra-looking creatures that spit acid. They're tiny compared to you, so you never know if you'll run into one in a cramped ventilation shaft. Also, they make this really creepy noise whenever you're near them. To top it all off, they're very hard to kill.
  • The real nightmare fuel in this game comes from an unexpected source: cats. They don't look very scary, wandering around streets and houses. But if you accidentally step on one, they let out a horrendous hissing screech that will cause you to jump out of your chair. If you step on them again, you kill them.
  • The spider bots. No, not the normal ones, they're just annoying; I mean the large model that is taller than JC. Mercifully there are only two or three of them in the game.
  • The conclusion to a log found in Chow's secret lair:
    YK: And you... you... are a bad actress.
    MC: And you have one less finger...
  • The notoriously well-hidden secret area in the Hong Kong Canals - a broken tunnel under the VersaLife building. In it, you find Karkians, a Universal Constructor, the body of a dead man, and his last written words. Doubles as a Tear Jerker:
    ...God's got a funny sense of humor sometimes... I'm writing this on the back of an issue of "Tomorrow's Scientist."
    Hundley sent me to pick up a batch of karkian eggs fresh off the plane; couldn't trust anyone else, Dr. Feng — that's what he said. Big job. On the way back through the tunnel everything just fell apart, flash of light and noise and suddenly I'm lying here. My legs are broken. It was probably a Triad attack... they've been fighting lately...
    I thought emergency services would arrive, but no one's come. There's no internal bleeding that I can tell. I started to hear noises a while ago. I think the suspension crate in the car broke open and the eggs are hatching. I can't reach anyone on my phone. It's been eight hours. I slept a little. I can hear the baby karkians — cries of hunger, precursor to infant food seeking behavior. The irony is this is a perfect environment for them.
    I saw a shadow of one a little ago. My rough guess is they're developing almost 20% more quickly than expected. Some nasty noises earlier, several of the karkians picking out the weakest of the litter and tearing it to pieces.