Nightmare Fuel: Creepshow

  • The end of They're Creeping Up on You! is absolutely horrifying with cockroaches pouring out of an old man's mouth. Also an example of Nausea Fuel and Paranoia Fuel.
    • The DAMN COCKROACHES. The worst part? No special effects. They're all REAL!
    • Tom Savini (who has a massive bug phobia) mentioned in a book on effects that when one of the cockroaches touched him, he teleported across the room. Not really a joke - he has no memory of physically crossing the room.
  • Also, Richard's revenge. Being immobilized in sand while the tide gets closer and closer to you and ultimately covers you.
    • Harry threatening Richard is more scary in that sense too. Especially when he manages go through with it after his death.
  • That thing in the crate. Some reptilian ape that's immortal and has a mouth full of fangs.
  • The Hey, It's That Guy! moment concerning Leslie Nielsen turned sour after it became clear how convincingly freaky Nielsen is in this movie.