Fridge / Creepshow

  • How did an Arctic expedition team manage to capture the ape monster and secure it in the crate?

Fridge Horror
  • Bedelia Grantham's relationship with her father is implied to be rather... disturbing.
    • He arranged to have Bedelia's fiance murdered, out of jealousy.
    • Not to mention this puts a very, very uncomfortable context to Nathan asking for his "cake."
  • Nathan Grantham talks with a zombie's decaying rasp, until he announces he got his "cake" to Cassie and Richard. Then he speaks with the voice he did in life... perhaps to illustrate that the revenge being served was from before his death.
  • Jordy Verrill's fate becomes a lot more horrifying when you realize that plants have roots and that the alien plants are likely also growing inside him.
  • After Jordy offs himself there is a weather report stating that rain will fall. Now this weed that has been eating Jordy and everything around him, feeds off any water.
  • After Harry dies, Richard takes the VHS out of the camera filming his death and puts it in a collection of similar VHS. How many people do you think Richard killed and videotaped?
  • As Richard Vickers is buried in the sand, awaiting the incoming tide, we see two set of footprints heading into the ocean. Harry and Becky have completed their mission of revenge and have returned to their watery graves.
  • Were the roaches somehow sent by Norman Castonmeyer's vengeful spirit?