Funny / Creepshow

  • Several with Stephen King's Jordy Verrill:
    Jordy: Meteor Shit! (wipes hand on his overalls)
    • During his fantasy sequence about seeking medical attention for his fingers, the doctor flips open a steam-sterilizer and pulls out a cleaver:
      Doctor: This is going to be extremely painful, Mr. Verrill!
    • During his "bummer" fantasy sequence about the broken meteor, the scene is framed with an overlay of a raincloud.
      • And at the end of the sequence, Jordy, utterly shamed, uses his hat to cover the worthless meteor.
    • Also the fact that the scene is set in the "Department of Meteors" at the university.
    • When he's about to bathe and strips down to see how much of the plant is on him, he screams in terror when he implies that the plant is growing over his crotch.
      Jordy: Oh no NOT THERE!!!
  • Richard Grantham accidentally (on purpose) saying "hick" and not "husband" to describe Hank.
  • Henry's Indulgent Fantasy Segue where he fantasizes about shooting his bitchy wife right between the eyes, and everyone else applauds his aim.
    Onlooker: Good shot!
  • "I've got my cake!"
  • The garbage men who find the discarded comic at the end are rather amusing, particularly the note of disappointment in their voices that they can't send away for the "authentic voodoo doll".
  • Upson Pratt's conversation with Mrs. "Cat-sun-jammer", while showing that he's unbelievably heartless, is Black Comedy at its finest.
    Pratt: Would you mind telling me who gave you my private number? I'd like to fire him.
    Mrs. Castonmayer: (in tears) IT WAS IN MY HUSBAND'S ADDRESS BOOK YOU SON OF A BITCH!!
    Pratt: ...well, I can't fire him, now, can I?