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Music: Suede
Suede (also known as The London Suede) are a British Alternative Rock band (Started 1989; went on breakup/hiatus between 2003-2010) known for being one of the bands to start Britpop, with a distinct glam rock style influenced by The Smiths and David Bowie. They gained press hype even before releasing their debut album, described by Melody Maker as "The Best New Band in Britain" as early as 1992. The following year, their debut album Suede, went to the top of the charts becoming the fastest-selling debut album in almost a decade. Their next album, however, Dog Man Star, suffered in popularity due to a troubled production and Creative Differences between the band's lead singer, Brett Anderson, and guitarist Bernard Butler. This resulted in the departure of Butler and his replacement by Richard Oakes, a young fan of the band who got in thanks to a tape he recorded sent them of him playing some Suede songs (Drummer Simon Gilbert mistakenly believed it to be an early demo tape with Butler when he heard Anderson playing it back, going through audition tapes sent to them). Their next album Coming Up became their largest success mainstream success, mainly in the UK, as in the US it was released a nearly year later and had only a short American tour. It was backed by hit singles "Trash", "Saturday Night" and "Beautiful Ones".

  • Suede (1993)
  • Dog Man Star (1994)
  • Coming Up (1996)
  • Head Music (1999)
  • A New Morning (2002)
  • Bloodsports (2013)

Examples of tropes that apply to this band:

  • Bishōnen: Brett Anderson adopted an androgynous, Ambiguously Gay style that went well together with his good looks and feminine long hair [1].
  • Darker and Edgier: Suede already had a lot of dark slow songs, but Dog Man Star focused on even darker sounds, influenced by art-rock and with elements of the lyrics influenced by drug use. Proving relatively commercially unsuccessful, it was followed by the Lighter and Softer Coming Up.
  • Epic Rocking: "The Asphat World", "Stay Together" and "The Chemistry Between Us" are all over 7 minutes in length.
  • Last Note Nightmare: Could "The Next Life" count in a very odd way? The album closer to 1993's Suede, "The Next Life" is a beautiful piano ballad that ends at about 2:57. But the song's silence continues until 3:39. You sit there and continue waiting for something to happen, and while nothing scary ever happens, it can really freak someone who is either Genre Savvy or has just sat through The Cure's "Subway Song" out.
  • Market-Based Title: A lounge singer also named Suede sued the band over the use of their name in America, and won, and as a result their albums were released under the name "The London Suede".
  • Precision F-Strike: "She's Not Dead".
  • Promoted Fanboy: Richard Oakes, The band's second guitarist that replaced Bernard Butler in 1996, was just a 17 year old fan of the band at the time.
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