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An important distinction.

Nanowar Of Steel (formerly known as Nanowar or NanowaRnote  but later changed their name for copyright issues) is an Italian "parody-fun-gay-metal" band—in fact, they are the truest metal band in existence, standing head-and-shoulders above all the posers (or at least, that's what they claim). As the genre implies, their songs are mainly humorous Affectionate Parodies of various tropes and genres of metal in general.

Debuting in 2003 with the demo "Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel", their first full-length album was 2005's "Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay!". They followed with "Made In Naples" in 2007, and "Into Gay Pride Ride" in 2010. In the meanwhile, they went on a couple of tours around Europe.

Their official website details their history, and their albums can be found on Jamendo. Warning: often very NSFW lyrics.

True tropes of steel found in their work include:

Alternative Title(s): Nanowar