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Ms Fanservice: Literature

  • Brett Ashley from Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. Aside from being based on an actual lover of the writer's, she is described as having "curves like a racing yacht." Yow. Sail, ho!
  • Cersei Lannister and, to a lesser extent, Daenerys Targareyan from A Song of Ice and Fire. Seriously, George, were all those sex scenes really necessary to the plot?
  • Both Amelia and Vanity from John C. Wright's Chronicles of Chaos, Amelia reluctantly, Vanity enthusiastically
  • Any female character Heinlein ever wrote is the embodiment of this trope. In I Will Fear No Evil he even creates a future fashion trend that involves high heels, translucent skirts, body paint, and nothing else.
  • Eko from David Klass's The Caretaker Trilogy, most notably Firestorm.
  • Several Aielwomen have filled this role on occasion in the Wheel of Time, from Aviendha messing with Rand by undressing in front of him at every opportunity to Sevanna habitually wearing her blouse undone enough that it would qualify her for Absolute Cleavage if she wore fewer necklaces.
  • The Dresden Files has a few, usually of the "supernaturally beautiful" kind, such as Lara Raith, and Queen Mab. There's also his eventual apprentice Molly Carpenter, who grows into someone 'built like a brickhouse' or like a Valkyrie, curves and all.
  • Amy Sedaris' book I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence; admit it, you bought it for the pictures.
  • Time Scout: Margo loves tight clothes and has large breasts.
  • Dejah Thoris, and any red-skinned Barsoomian woman in Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series. They wear jewelry and not much else, and it usually doesn't conceal anything.
    • In general, the Barsoomians of most races, male or female, wear the bare minimum of clothing necessary to hang weapons, tools, or ornaments from, and not a stitch more. The exceptions are the Therns (who at least sometimes wear ceremonial robes) and the Okar (who bundle up with heavy furs when traveling in their arctic domain, though they tend to strip down like everyone else when inside their climate-controlled cities). Basically, it's a whole planet of fanservice.
  • Trapped on Draconica: Zarracka's first outfit is a low-cut dress. Her second is a Chainmail Bikini. This lampshaded by many people:
    • Herself in the Eastern Alliance Arc where she notes that Taurok is the only man who doesn't want her to take her dress off due to the desert heat.
    • Gothon in the final arc, who says that his empire is 'not a cat house'.
    • Ben in the bonus art with a picture of Zarracka in said low-cut dress.

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