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"In the end, when I'm the victor...I will kill every single human being on this planet. I'll come methodically after every last one of you, and I'll watch your faces twist with fear."

"Nothing can stop me now!!! I can enjoy the death and suffering of all living things to my heart's content!!!"

The Dragon Ball franchise is the Trope Codifier for modern shounen action series, including its villains. Most of them are Card Carrying Villains who do things out of the heck of it, but not too evil. And there are some who were created evil and do some questionable things. Then there are the few who are so twisted that they are memorable for being so ungodly demented and cruel and lacking the morals/mercy of their fellow villains, who are either horrified and can't do anything about it or actually admire the person due to their overwhelming power.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Super
  • Resurrection F Arc: Frieza is even MORE of a monster in this retelling of Resurrection 'F'. After Tagoma suggests that Frieza forget about the Saiyans, Frieza critically injures him and forcefully makes him his "sparring partner" for his training, torturing Tagoma to the brink of death every day for the next four months. After reaching Earth, Frieza tells his men that whoever kills Krillin will get their own planet, knowing how much Krillin means to Goku. Frieza tortures Gohan by shooting him with energy beams, and is highly amused when Piccolo gets in the way of the blasts to save Gohan. When Frieza hears that Gohan has a family, he promises to kill them too, and orders Ginyu to kill Goten and Trunks. When Goku arrives, Frieza states that after he destroys Earth, he will destroy New Namek as well so there is no way to undo his evil acts. Before fighting Goku, Frieza kills all his minions just to demonstrate his power. Frieza fires blasts at Goku's friends just to distract him. Just like in the movie, he tries to destroy Earth when he finds himself cornered, and actually succeeds before Whis rewinds time like in the film.

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