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Manga: Sora No Manimani
From Top to Bottom, L to R: Roma, Edogawa, Fumie, Sayo, Saku, Mihoshi and Hime
Saku Ooyagi is a quiet bookworm who's moved from place to place over the years, never getting a chance to stay very long or make friends. Though long ago, he remembers how he was dragged around by Mihoshi Akeno, a girl who he ended up saving after she fell from a tall tree. He returns to his old hometown and, now a first year in high school, is about to be in for the greatest upheaval in his life.

Mihoshi, one year ahead of him, is as passionate about astronomy as she was years ago, and is starting up an Astronomy Club at their high school. When she sees Saku, she sets off running after him and gets him to join, not by choice. The Astronomy Club is brand new, and thus regularly faces opposition from the student council.

This romantic comedy manga received an anime adaptation in the summer of 2009.

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alternative title(s): Sora No Manimani; Sora No Manimani
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