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Animal Ya (あにまる屋), alternatively called "Animal House" and currently known as "Eurka Animal", is a Japanese studio established in 1982 by former Shin-Ei Doga animators Hiroshi Fukutomi and Toshiyuki Honda.

Since 2003, one of their production arms, Studio Comet (スタジオコメット; a studio founded in 1986 by Ex-Tsuchida Production staff members after the studio went out of business, after which, Comet was funded by Animal Ya), split from them. For sake of simplicity, both companies have been combined into this article.

Compare TMS Entertainment, Toei Animation, and Madhouse, other anime companies that have had a presence in Western Animation (TMS in particular), as well as Studio Jack and Studio Twinkle, Comet's longtime partners. Do not confuse for Animal House (see Name's the Same).

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