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Literature: Team Human

"Friends don't let friends date vampires."

A Young Adult novel about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire who goes to her school. Sound familiar?

Well, don't worry. Team Human is a parody of teen vampire romance novels by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan. The protagonist is Mel Duan, a Chinese-American girl who lives in the town of New Whitby, which has a large vampire population. Mel strongly dislikes vampires as she thinks that their age, beauty, and immortality make them useless and unproductive. Meanwhile, her best friend Cathy has fallen madly in love with Francis, the school vampire. In a world where becoming a vampire has a chance of zombification or death, Mel sets out to stop Cathy from making a terrible mistake. On the way, she meets Kit, a human raised by vampires, who challenges her preconceived notions about vampires.

A significant subplot concerns Mel's other friend Anna, whose mother has been acting strangely after her father, a therapist, ran off with a vampire patient. It turns out that a vampiress fell in love with him and tried to transform him against his will, which resulted in him becoming a zombie. Anna's mother hid him and made up the story about her husband running away with a patient to protect Anna from the truth.

Not related to the Cast Herd of the same name in Teen Wolf.

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