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Heartwarming: The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  • Several episodes have dramatic and really moving endings that make them the most memorable of the series. "Stripes" has Tigger undergo an identity crisis after his stripes are washed off in a bubble bath, and nobody, not even Rabbit, can figure out who or what he is. This culminates in him singing a short, sad song alone in the woods at night. Eeyore, of all people, then arrives and explains that he'll always be Tigger no matter what. As the sun rises, Tigger bounces in joy, and in the process, regains his stripes.
  • "How Much is That Rabbit in the Window" is one the series' best episodes. Rabbit feels unappreciated after everybody forgets about his birthday (when in fact his calendar simply is a week early) and goes to town, only to end up trapped in a toy shop. Christopher Robin tries to buy him back (using money he saved to get Rabbit a birthday present) but it isn't enough. Pooh offers honey, Piglet his cauldron, and Tigger a toy he made, but the seller says it's still not enough. Following Pooh's advice, Christopher Robin says he also gives a lot of love. The seller says it's enough, and Rabbit jumps in Christopher Robin's arms.
    • After that, Rabbit gets his birthday, for no one forgot him. A crow (who often steals from Rabbit's garden) flies in. Rabbit wants to throw him out, but the crow offers him a piece of cake.
    Rabbit: For me? Why, thank you. Thank you everyone. (Shedding happy tears) I feel so... special.
  • Eeyore's reasons for always returning to a cliff to stare off into space.
    Eeyore: But I don't come up here because I'm sad. I come up here 'cause I'm happy. Let me show ya' somethin'...
    Piglet: (as all their other friends come up to a beautiful cloudburst) Cloud Painting. Eeyore invented it.
  • In "Find Her, Keep Her", the scene where Kessie flies away and Rabbit thinks he's been left behind without being able to say goodbye. Then, just when it seems that she's gone for good, we hear Kessie's voice: "Rabbie!". At the end, Pooh and Piglet sit up on a cliff at sunset, remembering their friend.
    Piglet: It's the most peculiar thing. All this time I thought Rabbit didn't like her.
    Pooh: You know, Piglet, sometimes people care too much. I think it's called love.
    Piglet: Ohh. Do you think we should tell Rabbit?
    Pooh: Don't worry. I believe he already knows.
    • Then the camera pans down to see Rabbit sitting nearby, gazing off into the sunset waiting for Kessie to come home. He still has the carrot she left him.
  • Also, Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too is just a half-hour of CMOHs.
    • When there isn't enough wind for the letter to get to Santa:
      Pooh: Someone must take it there himself.
      Tigger: Um, which one of us "himselves" did you have in mind?
      Pooh: Me.
      Piglet: You? But, the North Pole is so very far. What if you can't get back in time for Christmas?
      Pooh: It will be worth having no Christmas, Piglet, if I can bring Christmas to all of you.
  • Tigger's birthday episode—especially at the end, where he gets the two things he really wanted for his birthday. A banana split and a pogo stick.
  • Piglet giving his fallen sheriff badge to Nasty Jack in "Paw and Order". He's genuinely touched because no one offered him to be sheriff before, and was mad because of that fact.
  • "Friend, in Deed", Rabbit tries to convince Pooh to stop bothering him for borrowing his Honey all the time by tricking him into think that he's moving away. Pooh takes it too seriously and goes out of his way to get him more honey so he wouldn't move away. Once Rabbit realizes how much trouble Pooh went through just to keep him from leaving, what follows after is one of the sweetest endings of an episode.
    Rabbit: Honey? Pooh, brought honey... for me?
  • The theme song.
  • From "A Very, Very, Large Animal", while Piglet was depressed about being small, he saves an ant that was trapped in a spider's web. The ant thanks him with it and its fellow ants giving him a cupcake, cheering Piglet up.
  • The final showdown of "The Great Honey Pot Robbery" sees Pooh introducing the gigantic and terrifying Wooster Woozle to the concept of friendship. Despite Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump saying that Woozles have always stolen honey, Pooh points out: "But friends ask. Friends share. Being friends is even better than honey. I know". Clearly touched and intrigued by this, Wooster asks "You be Wooster's...friend?" From the tone of his voice, it sounds as though he has never had real friends before and sees this as an end to a life of loneliness. What makes this even more heartwarming is that, when Stan and Heff tries to snatch the honey from Pooh, he becomes fierce again, but for heartwarming reasons: "NO! WE...ASK!"
    • Then, at the very end of the episode, as the gang and Wooster all tuck into bread and honey, Piglet is worried about Stan and Heff's threatened return:
    Pooh: "Don't worry, Piglet! We'll have Wooster here to help us!"
    (Wooster pushes a jar of honey towards Pooh as an offering)
    Pooh: "Thank you, Wooster!"
    Wooster: "Hey! (chuckles) What friends for?"
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