Funny / The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • "Three Little Piglets" is simply the funniest episode of the series, or any Winnie-the-Pooh series, for that matter. Pooh tries to read the story of the Three Little Pigs, but he and Tigger begin taking liberties with the source material in every way imaginable: Pooh continually attempts to insert honey into the story, the wolf becomes an annoyed Rabbit wearing a Big Bad Wolf costume, he mistakenly mixes in elements from other fairy tales ("the Big Bad Bunny was going to see his grandmother..."), the house of sticks becomes a house of cards, Tigger tries to save the pigs as the Masked Offender, and finally, Rabbit ends up getting drenched by a honey eruption.
  • Tigger's failed attempts to protect Rabbit from broken-mirror-caused seven years of bad luck in "Luck Amuck."
    • When Rabbit is trying to relax in a bath, Tigger pops out of the water and, fearing that Rabbit might drown, pulls the plug to drain the tub. Only Rabbit also falls down the drain, complete with a Big "NO!".
    Tigger: (in a sinister tone) This isn't the answer, bunny-boy! Ya gotta come out and face your troubles! (takes out a plunger and pulls Rabbit out of the drain)
    • One later plan results in Rabbit getting buried under a mountain of watermelons (long story) - leaving Tigger to dig him out. Pooh arrives at this crazy scene with his usual oblivious friendliness - which makes the following sequence ludicrously funny due to how totally unfazed and immediately accepting he is of the absurdity even while Rabbit is freaking out in front of him.
    Pooh: Tigger, what are you doing?
    Tigger: I'm digging for Rabbit, Pooh-boy. (Tigger unearths Rabbit's head)
    Pooh: Well, you're in luck! (cheerful chuckle) "There's one now!"
    Rabbit (in the middle of an epic Freak Out!): (insane sobbing/laughter) S-seven more years! (more insane sobbing/laughter)
    Pooh: (as if Rabbit isn't acting strangely at all) Hello, Rabbit! I have just come from your house, where I was looking for you, when I happened to find this. (pulls out the broken mirror) But should I see me in it? Or perhaps I have forgotten how to use it since I loaned it to you...
    • Tigger conceals Piglet in a "safety" shelter for 7 years so his bad luck won't hurt him or anyone else. As he and the others leave...
    Tigger: I put a bonafide lightning rod up there. Now even lightning will be afraid to come around! (laughs) Let's see bad luck try to get in there! (BOOM!!!! Lightning strikes the shelter almost immediately and destroys the entire shelter, leaving only Piglet whimpering with an utterly terrified, but absolutely priceless expression on his face)
    (cut to the gang carrying Piglet's bed with them.)
    Tigger: Well, that didn't work.
    • Piglet remains whimpering with that terrified-but-hilarious expression in the very next scene.
    • In scene where Tigger decides to run away so he wouldn't harm anyone with his bad luck, he puts ludicrous items in a trunk to move away with, including a sewing machine, a bed and the kitchen sink. The funny part was that Tigger was packing RABBIT'S stuff.
    Rabbit: MY BED!!!
    • As they watch Tigger leave sadly out the door.
    Pooh: We can't let him move away! Not for seven years! He'll miss my birthday.
    (Rabbit faints)
    • When Piglet finally snaps out of his trauma at the end of the episode, he has no idea what's going on!

  • The whole show had a good number of crowning moments of funny really; one that stands out is when Christopher Robin sees a "slusher movie" and Tigger reads the title, which is basically a summary of every slasher film/series plot...
    Tigger: "The Slusher Who Slushed Everyone - And Then Came Back To Slush 'Em Again!"
    • Heck, the entirety of the Slusher episode was a huge Funny Moment. Especially when Tigger gets on Christopher Robin's nerves.
    • "The names of the animals were changed to protect the innocent."
    • "I charge you all with first-degree noise-making. And I'm throwing the book at you!"
    • About the slusher in the movie
    Tigger: Aww, he's just carrying a butter knife.
    Piglet: Oh, d-d-dear! The poor butter!
  • "Un-Valentine's Day" needs mentioning here, if not the entire episode then at least...
    • Also, Rabbit has crammed the hundreds of valentines from last year into his wardrobe. When he receives a valentine carrot this year, he panics and throws it, which results in it hitting said wardrobe and releasing all of the valentines. His reaction is priceless.
    Rabbit: No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (His entire house is buried in valentines) POOH BEAR!
    Rabbit: Ladies and Gentlemen! Rabbit presents a Rabbit production of... Rabbit's valentine to Christopher Robin!
    Rabbit: (unrolling a huge roll of paper) Directed by Rabbit. Written by Rabbit. From an original idea by Rabbit. Based on a notion by Rabbit. Starring... (dully) the others.
    Roo and Gopher: (wave at him to give them (the orchestra) credit as well.)
  • The western episodes. For example, this exchange from The Good, The Bad and the Tigger:
    Tigger: I am the Tigger with no name.
    Pooh: I am the Pooh with a name! If only I could remember it. Oh bother.
    • A reminder to those who don't get it: Pooh's name is Edward Bear, except odds are almost no one who watched this knew that...
    • Near the beginning when Tiger is trying to get on the train and finally get's on after a considerable amount of effort. He is wondering how Pooh managed to get their so fast. Follow Pooh lampshading the event. (Which is repeated later.)
    • This gem at the beginning of the episode where the gang is observing Christopher Robin's new train:
    Tigger: Hey, where's the propeller on this thing?
    Rabbit: Tigger, trains don't have propellers! Although it does seem to be missing its rudder.
  • The scene in the Christmas Special when Pooh, dressed up as Santa Claus, is stuck in Tigger's chimney. Tigger thinks it's really Santa and starts bouncing gleefully around: "SANTY'S COMIN' DOWN THE CHIM-EN-Y!" It really has to be seen to be appreciated.
    • Not to mention Tigger "helping" Santa-Pooh get back up the chimney.
    Tigger: (getting a broom and fulcrum) "Hey, anything for ol' Saint Nick! A one... a two... A FIRE!"
    (Catapults Pooh back up the chimney and flying far, far away)
    Tigger: Come back any time!
    • Rabbit and Tigger enlisting Gopher to chop down a Christmas tree for them. Being small, Gopher is on the last splinter of chopping the Christmas tree, before it crushes him and he barely lifts it up and yells, "TELL ME WHERE YOU WANT IT! TELL ME WHERE YOU WANT IT!"
  • The gang's feeble efforts to hide the fact they deflated the balloon Christopher Robin lent Pooh include Rabbit painting a boulder red (which evidently feels much heavier than the average balloon), Piglet dressing as a balloon (with his head and limbs still visible), and Tigger making a bubble gum bubble (which doesn't last very long).
  • "Donkey for a Day,"
    • Rabbit's attempt to cheer Eeyore up. The completely unexpected Evil Laugh is gold.
    • When it's Piglet's turn to cheer up Eeyore, Eeyore, after having basically been unintentionally tortured all day, responds by putting a football helmet on his head.
    Eeyore: Go ahead, I'm ready. (Covers his eyes) Cheer me up.
  • From "Rabbit Marks the Spot":
    Piglet: "Where'd it go?"
    Tigger: "In the basement."
    Piglet: "But I don't have a basement!"
    Tigger: "You do now!"
    • Also, Rabbit's reaction to the pirate ship about to mow him down.
    • The way the episode opens. The camera zooms out of Tigger's mouth as he's singing the opening song. It's so unexpected and hilarious.
  • From "The Wise Have It", when Piglet is trying to remember what he needs to do:
    Piglet: Water the rhododendron? No... Shine the woodwork? No... Wax the floor? (slides across the floor) NoooooooOOOOOOOOO...!
  • "Piglet's Poohetry" is absoluty hilarious, but this line takes the cake.
    Tigger: I love to smell the pritty flowers, when I take a morning stroll. But I'm so busy sniffing, I fall into a hole.
    Piglet: (in story) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...
    • Later, when Tigger's narration leads to Piglet being chased by a swarm of bees, the latter runs headlong into a wall that appears out of thin air while bees are still in pursuit, leading to this exchange.
    Tigger: Did I mention the brick wall?
    Piglet: No.
    Tigger: Sorry...
  • "The Monster Frankenpooh"
    • Gopher's fall in this episode has to be his longest fall in Winnie the Pooh history, lasting well over twenty seconds.
    Gopher: Muh, muh, muh, muh, mons-*gets crushed and falls back into hole* -TEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR...
    Tigger: I got better things to do than listen to this. Think I'll trim my toenails. Better yet, I'll go trim Pooh's toenails.
    Rabbit: Tigger, where are your manners?
    Tigger: I dunno. But I bet they're havin' more fun than I am.
    • After Piglet tries to take control of the story again, Piglet says that the monster shouldn't be the size Tigger's described him.
    Tigger: You're right, Piglet! He oughta be, maybe, quadrupally as big!
    Franken Pooh: (after growing) Mmph! Tigger...I seem to have reached the top of the picture.
  • The entirety of "Sham Pooh". Long story short, Pooh isn't hungry for honey for once, leading everyone to believe that Owl is Pooh, Gopher is Owl, Piglet is Gopher, and Rabbit is Piglet. Hilarity Ensues.
  • "Goodbye Mr. Pooh" is another mass confusion plot, where everyone misinterprets Pooh as planning to move away. Eventually Pooh hears the rumour and is convinced himself, not wanting to ruin expectations.
  • "Lights Out" begins with Rabbit storming into Pooh's house after he allowed the bear to borrow his shovel, but Pooh forgot to return it. Pooh states he left the shovel in his closet and Rabbit, dismissing Pooh's warnings, opens the door and gets trampled in junk. The last item to fall is the shovel, which Pooh gleefully hands to a nearly buried and grumbling Rabbit.
    Rabbit: (banging on Pooh's door) POOH! POOH BEAR! OPEN THIS DOOR THIS VERY— (Pooh opens the door, and Rabbit flops to the ground) ...minute.
    Pooh: Why, hello, Rabbit.
    Rabbit: Spare me the small talk, Pooh. (gets to his feet and jabs Pooh's tummy with his finger) I want my shovel back right now! And I'm going to get it!
    Pooh: Your shovel?
    Rabbit: You promised you'd return it last week, you silly bear! If I don't begin planting my carrots at the stroke of 12, how will they grow up to be midnight snacks?!
    Pooh: I don't know, Rabbit. Uh... how?
    Rabbit: (pulling his ears in frustration) AAARGH!!! Pooh, no more borrowing! Shovel! Now!
    Pooh: Actually, I think I left it in the closet.
    Rabbit: Aha! (sprints towards the closet)
    Pooh: But, Rabbit...
    Rabbit: No "buts" about it! (opens closet door, only to be trampled by Pooh's knick knacks; the last item to fall is the shovel)
    Pooh: Here you go, Rabbit. Your shovel.
    Rabbit: [groans]
    • That night, Rabbit is shoveling to plant his carrots, while still grumbling.
    Rabbit: Pooh Bear borrows this... and Pooh Bear borrows that. Who does he think I am? (stuffs his shovel into the soil and marches off) Aaah! (trips on his wheelbarrow and falls face-first into the dirt) Of course, there is one problem with planting carrots in the dark. (lifts up his head, the dirt giving him a Santa-like beard) You can't see what you're doing.
    • Rabbit borrows Gopher's helmet to help him garden at night, only to lose it the following morning. Whenever Gopher hears someone say the word "dark", he freaks out!
    Gopher: DARK?! AAAH!!!!
    • the part where panicking Gopher runs face to face with Eeyore and screams, then faints.
  • In "Where Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone", Pooh tries to catch a hammer using nails. He instead catches a saw.
  • In "Boo to You Too" (the Halloween episode), Gopher first dresses up as Eeyore and runs into him, leading to this little reaction:
  • In "No Rabbit's a Fortress"
    • Rabbit is hammering a keep out sign in his garden just as Pooh and Piglet arrive carrying a whole bunch of honey pots, and Rabbit chews them out for entering his garden, when they've barely even entered through the gate.
    Pooh: Good morning, Rabbit. I've come to return the honey jars I borrowed for breakfast.
    Rabbit: How could you?! You're in my garden!
    Piglet: We are?
    Rabbit: The signs say, "keep out", among other things! Can't you read them?!
    Pooh: Oh, I can read them, Rabbit. I just can't see them.
    Piglet: WHOA! (loses his balance from carrying the heavy load of honey pots and falls face-first into the dirt)
    Rabbit: Piglet! Look what you've done! (Rabbit moves filthy Piglet aside, revealing a squished carrot) A young, vibrant carrot mushed before its prime! And all because you and Pooh have no regard for my garden!

    • Tigger then smashes a few of Rabbit's crops soon followed by Gopher blowing up Rabbit's garden, resulting in Rabbit finally snapping.
    Rabbit: Tigger, no, no, NO! (Rabbit lunges at Tigger, pinning him to the ground) MY GARDEN'S RUINED!
    Tigger: Nah, I just gave it that "bounced-in" look.
    (Gopher begins tunneling beneath the garden, sending many of Rabbit's vegetables popping out of the earth)
    Rabbit: What now?! (grabs a hammer) I'll teach you to dig up my vegetables! (swings the hammer, hitting a watering can, sending it flying through the air, and it lands on his head) Oh, my! Who turned out the lights?! Where's my garden?! (Gopher pops out of the earth)
    Gopher: So, that explains all those roots in my way. Well, it's gonna have to go. (pulls out a detonator plunger and hands it to Rabbit, with the watering can still on his head) You don't mind if I clear away some of the deadwood, do ya, Rabbit?
    Rabbit: Do what you want, Gopher! Just stay out of my garden!
    Gopher: Comin' though, everybody! Stand clear!
    Tigger: Stand clear of what, Gopher?
    Gopher: The big kerpowie, that's what.
    Piglet: Kerpowie? Oh, d-d-d-dear, I don't think I like the sound of that.
    Pooh: Maybe you'd better hold your ears, Piglet. Like this. (covers his eyes)
    Gopher: Here we go. Push this doohickey down and...
    Piglet: Uh-oh!
    (Gopher pushes the plunger down, the entire garden explodes and all the vegetables fall and bury Rabbit. Rabbit pops out of the pile)
    Rabbit: Did somebody say something? (the keep out sign he was hammering earlier lands in his hands) "Keep out."
    Gopher: Well, that takes care of that. Back to my diggin'.
    Rabbit: (sees an enormous crater where his garden used to be) MY GARDEN! IT'S GONE! GONE!
    Tigger: Hahaha! Oh, cheer up, floppy-ears. It's not gone, it's just been... tossed. Hey, got any Tarzan island dressing?
    Rabbit: THIS IS YOUR FAULT! ALL OF YOURS! First Pooh and Piglet, then Tigger, now this! WHY DO YOU ALWAYS RUIN MY GARDEN?! It never did anything to any of you! Well, from now on, I'm a rabbit onto MYSELF! (storms off)
    Pooh: Is it just me, or does something seem to be bothering friend Rabbit?

    • Rabbit builds a fortress around his garden to keep Pooh, Piglet and Tigger out of his garden for good, only to soon realize that he has trapped himself inside the fortress.
      Rabbit: Now for a little peace and quiet... and gardening. Hmm... Where did I leave my shovel? Oh, yes, it's right outside THE DOOR?! (screams and panics) THE DOOR! I FORGOT TO MAKE A DOOR! I can't get out! I'M TRAPPED! DOOMED!

    • The several failures to destroy the fortress:

      • First, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Gopher try to use battering ram to break the fortress down... only for it simply thud against the fortress, to no effect.
    Rabbit: (hopping up and down on his feet in a manner similar to a jackhammer) OH-HO-HO-HO! MY-Y-Y!
    Tigger: Hey! How come we do all the work, and Bunny-boy gets to do all the bouncing?!
    • Next, Pooh, Tigger and Gopher try pulling a large plank with Piglet on top.
    Rabbit: Go on! Pull! Pull! Pull!
    Pooh: (out of breath) I'm afraid there may not be any pull left in me.
    Tigger: Maybe if we got a better grip.
    (They let go of the plank, launching Piglet into the air, sending him flying far, far away)
    Piglet: YAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
    Gopher: Sure hope he's got a round trip ticket. (starts to walk away... only for Piglet to crash right into him)
    • Then they try to vacuum Rabbit out of the fortress—Rabbit is quick to point out that it's completely flawed.
    Rabbit: Tigger, there's no possible way you can get me through that little hole! I'm just to big!
    Tigger: (places a vacuum nozzle through the tiny hole) Oh, Rabbit, it's just a small matter of Tigger-nometry. We'll have ya vacuumed free before you can say, "hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!"
    (Piglet strains to crank up the pump to power the vacuum.)
    Piglet: Oh, dear.
    (A big lump goes through the tiny hole and through the vacuum tube)
    Pooh: We did it!
    Gopher: Sure was simple.
    Piglet: I hope Rabbit's alright.
    Tigger: Genius. Pure genius.
    (Pooh and Tigger look through the hole in the fortress to see Rabbit still inside)
    Pooh: Rabbit, what are you doing in there when you should be in there?
    Rabbit: I told you I was too big to fit through the hole!
    Tigger: Yeah, maybe. But what happened to your garden?
    (Piglet loses control of the vaccuum as it begins to overload, then explodes, sending Piglet and several vegetables flying through the air. Piglet lands on the ground, and is buried by all the vegetables.)
    • After all those failures, Rabbit has completely given up. The following exchange crosses between funny and TearJerker (mostly funny).
    Rabbit: Oh, I might as well face it. I'll probably spend the rest of my life in here.
    Tigger: Yeah, but look at the bright side, Bunny-boy. Maybe you won't live that long.
    Piglet: Isn't there anything we can do, Rabbit?
    Rabbit: No. Except maybe try not to forget me.
    Pooh: Of course not, um... uh... Rabbit?
    • Just when they are about to give up, Gopher says he has tunnels that need blasting, which gives the other three a Eureka Moment.
    Piglet: Hmm, that's an idea. Blast him out.
    Tigger: Hmm, that's an idea. Blast him out.
    Pooh: Hmm, that's an idea. I wonder how much longer till lunch.
    • As Gopher has the fortress wired to his detonator and just as he's about to blow up the fortress, he explains that just one keg will be sufficient to destroy the fortress without harming Rabbit, which leads to this exchange.
    Pooh: (nervously) Only one keg?
    Piglet: Oh, dear...
    Tigger: Uh-oh!
    Gopher: STAND CLEAR! (The entire fortress blows up in a massive explosion leaving an enormous crater in its wake) You too, Rabbit!
    Pooh: Do you think perhaps we should have told Gopher that we each used one keg, too?
    • However Rabbit's nowhere to be found and the cast believe he has been blasted to pieces by accident. But turns out he is okay, Rabbit's just stuck dangling from a high branch in a tree! After everyone realizes he's alive, and debate how to get Rabbit down, Pooh offers this very simple solution:
    Pooh: Hellooo, Rabbit! (waves up cheerfully at him).
    Pooh: (turns around calm and cheerful) You see? I thought it'd get him out. (Rabbit's still screaming in mid-fall and crashes off-screen directly on top of him. Cut to a cartoony smoking hole cutout shape in the ground of both Rabbit and Pooh's bodies going SPLAT together!)
    Tigger: Hooray! Not only didja get Rabbit out of the tree—YOU CAUGHT HIM TOO!
  • "Party Poohper"
    Pooh: Now was that one dash of salt, or one dish?
    Pooh: One cup
    • To keep the bunnies out of Rabbit's hair for awhile, he has Piglet read them a story.
    Piglet: "Then the mean giant gobbled up the whole village! And lived happily ever after. The end."
    Rabbit: Where does the schedule say "Bunnies cry?!" Where?! Show me where!
    • Tigger comments that when he throws a party, he just invites the guests in and wings everything else, and following a schedule isn't any fun.
    Rabbit: "Fun?" Did you say "fun?" This is a party! Who said anything about fun?
    • Gopher first attempt to get hunny involves using two long sticks with large gloves on the end. After squeezing the hive and getting hunny all over himself, the bees chase after Gopher. Unlike usual bee attacks in the show, the bees don't try to sting him; they use his gloves on sticks.
    • After the failed attempt mentioned above, Gopher decides to resort to explosives to get hunny. After tossing maybe 50 barrels of explosives, he says he's going to get some more, saying he wants to do it right the first time.
  • In "Pooh Day Afternoon", Pooh, Tigger, and Christopher Robin are trying to find Skippy, the dog they lost, knowing he always comes to the sound of a horn. The problem is, Skippy has the horn with him, so Tigger improvises.
    Pooh: Hmm, for a minute, I thought you sounded just like the horn.
    Tigger: Really? I can also do a bottle of pop. Gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp.
    Christopher Robin: Now if only there were some way to make it louder.
    Christopher Robin: (annoyed) I meant the horn sound!
    Christopher Robin: Excuse me sir, but my baby needs some baby food.
    Pooh: (dressed in a bonnet) Waah! (giggles)
    • This gets even funnier by the fact that the manager doesn't seem to notice this is strange at all. Neither Christopher Robin (a child) saying he has a baby nor a talking stuffed animal pretending to be a baby fazes him.
    • Also, when Gopher tells off Tigger for using his vacuum without asking first.
    Gopher: You didn't even ask to borrow it!
    Tigger: (beat) Can I borrow the...
    Gopher: No!
  • The way Tigger carries the stack of firewood in "No Camp like Home". Skip to 6:09.
    • Also in that episode, Papa Heffalump is allergic to everything, even deep, dark, pits.
    • Papa Heffalump's bizarre overreaction to seeing his house being used as firewood.
  • A running gag in several early episodes was that Pooh would say something that, even for him, was incredibly stupid or ridiculous, followed by a Beat in which Rabbit just stares at him blankly as he takes it in.
  • "All's Well that Ends Wishing Well"
    • When making birthday wishes, Tigger accidentally wishes for lima beans. Twice. His reactions to each time are funny too.
    Tigger: ...banana splits and pogo sticks, and submarines, and lima beans, and... Lima Beans!? Eeeeyuck! How'd they get into my birthday?
    Tigger: ...some cookies and cream, and aquamarines, and a matching pair of lima beans, and... Lima Beans!? Eeeeyuck! How'd they get in here again?
    • Tigger's obsession with banana splits and pogo sticks. His reaction to getting them at the end is priceless. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • "The Piglet Who Would Be King" begins with Pooh stuck inside his toy chest.