Funny: The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • "Three Little Piglets" is simply the funniest episode of the series, or any Winnie-the-Pooh series, for that matter. Pooh tries to read the story of the Three Little Pigs, but he and Tigger goof around with it in every way imaginable: Pooh continually attempts to insert honey into the story, the wolf becomes an annoyed Rabbit wearing a Big Bad Wolf costume, he mistakenly mixes in elements from other fairy tales ("the Big Bad Bunny was going to see his grandmother..."), the house of sticks becomes a house of cards, Tigger tries to save the pigs as the Masked Offender, and finally, Rabbit ends up getting drenched by a honey eruption.
  • Tigger's failed attempt to protect Rabbit from broken-mirror caused seven years of bad luck in "Luck Amuck" results in Rabbit getting buried under a mountain of watermelons (long story) - leaving Tigger to dig him out. Pooh comes across this crazy scene with his usual oblivious friendliness - which makes the following sequence ludicrously funny due to how totally unfazed and immediately accepting he is of the absurdity even while Rabbit is freaking out in front of him.
    Pooh: "Tigger what are you doing?"
    Tigger: "I'm digging for rabbit, Pooh-boy." <Tigger unearths Rabbit's head>
    Pooh: "Well, you're in luck!" (cheerful chuckle) "There's one now!"
    Rabbit (in the middle of an epic Freak Out): <insane sobbing/laughter> S-seven more years! <insane sobbing/laughter>
    Pooh (as if Rabbit isn't acting strangely at all): "Hello Rabbit! I have just come from your house, where I was looking for you, when I happened to find this!" (pulls out the broken mirror) "But should I see me in it? Or perhaps I have forgotten how to use it since I lent it to you..."
    • In scene where Tigger decides to run away so he wouldn't harm anyone with his bad luck, he puts ludicrous items in a trunk to move away with, including a sewing machine, Rabbits's bed and the kitchen sink. The funny part was that Tigger was packing RABBIT'S stuff.
    Rabbit: MY BED!!!
  • The whole show had a good number of crowning moments of funny really; one that stands out is when Christopher Robin sees a "slusher movie" and Tigger reads the title, which is basically a summary of every slasher film/series plot...
    Tigger: "The Slusher Who Slushed Everyone - And Then Came Back To Slush 'Em Again!"
    • Heck, the entirety of the Slusher episode was a huge Funny Moment. Especially when Tigger gets on Christopher Robin's nerves.
  • "Un-Valentine's Day" needs mentioning here, if not the entire episode then at least...
  • The western episodes. For example, this exchange from The Good, The Bad and the Tigger:
    Tigger: I am the Tigger with no name.
    Pooh: I am the Pooh with a name! If only I could remember it. Oh bother.
    • A reminder to those who don't get it: Pooh's name is Edward Bear, except odds are almost no one who watched this knew that...
    • Near the beginning when Tiger is trying to get on the train and finally get's on after a considerable amount of effort. He is wondering how Pooh managed to get their so fast. Follow Pooh lampshading the event. (Which is repeated later.)
  • The scene in the Christmas Special when Pooh, dressed up as Santa Claus, is stuck in Tigger's chimney. Tigger thinks it's really Santa and starts bouncing gleefully around: "SANTY'S COMIN' DOWN THE CHIM-EN-Y!" It really has to be seen to be appreciated.
    • Not to mention Tigger "helping" Santa-Pooh get back up the chimney.
    Tigger (getting a broom and fulcrum): "Hey, anything for ol'-Saint Nick! A one... a two... A FIRE!"
    Catapults Pooh back up the chimney and flying far, far away.
  • The gang's feeble efforts to hide the fact they deflated the balloon Christopher Robin lent Pooh include Rabbit painting a boulder red (which evidently feels much heavier than the average balloon), Piglet dressing as a balloon (with his head and limbs still visible), and Tigger making a bubble gum bubble (which doesn't last very long).
  • In "Donkey for a Day," Rabbit's attempt to cheer Eeyore up.
  • From "Rabbit Marks the Spot":
    Piglet: "Where'd it go?"
    Tigger: "In the basement."
    Piglet: "But I don't have a basement!"
    Tigger: "You do now!"
  • From "The Wise Have It", when Piglet is trying to remember what he needs to do:
    Piglet: Water the rhododendron? No... Shine the woodwork? No... Wax the floor? (slides across the floor) NoooooooOOOOOOOOO...!
  • "Piglet's Poohetry" is absoluty hilarious, but this line takes the cake.
    Tigger: I love to smell the pritty flowers, when I take a morning stroll. But I'm so busy sniffing, I fall into a hole.
    Piglet (in story): YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...
  • Gopher's fall in "The Monster Frankenpooh" has to be his longest fall in Winnie the Pooh history, lasting well over twenty seconds.
    Gopher: Muh, muh, muh, muh, mons-*gets crushed and falls back into hole* -TEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR...
  • The entirety of "Sham Pooh". Long story short, Pooh isn't hungry for honey for once, leading everyone to believe that Owl is Pooh, Gopher is Owl, Piglet is Gopher, and Rabbit is Piglet. Hilarity Ensues.
  • "Lights Out" Rabbit borrows Gopher's helmet then loses it afterwards. Whenever Gopher hears someone say the word "dark" he freaks out!
    Gopher: DARK?! AAAH!!!!
    • the part where Gopher Runs face to face with Eeyore, then faints.
  • In "Where Oh Where Has My Piglet Gone", Pooh tries to catch a hammer using nails. He instead catches a saw.
  • In "Boo to You Too" (the Halloween episode), Gopher first dresses up as Eeyore and runs into him, leading to this little reaction:
  • In "No Rabbit is an Island" at some point Rabbit while in his fortress is blown up with dynamite and the cast believe he has been blasted to pieces by accident. But turns out he is okay, Rabbit's just stuck dangling from a high branch in a tree! After everyone realizes he's alive, and debate how to get Rabbit down, Pooh offers this very simple solution:
    Pooh: Hellooo Rabbit! *waves up cheerfully at him*.
    Rabbit: Hm? Oh, hi Pooh Bear. *lets go of tree branch, using his arm to tiredly wave back at him not thinking about it. Beat.* -YAAAAAAAAAAA
    Pooh: *turns around calm and cheerful* You see? I thought it'd get him out. *Rabbit's still screaming in mid-fall and crashes offscreen directly ontop of him. Cut to a cartoony smoking hole cutout shape in the ground of both Rabbit and Pooh's bodys going SPLAT together.*
    Tigger: Hooray! Not only didja get Rabbit out of the tree- YOU CAUGHT HIM TOO!