Awesome: The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • In the episode "Gone with the Wind", Piglet flies by himself on pinwheel power to save Pooh from falling to his imminent doom. Say what you will, but that's pretty awesome to behold.
  • In the episode "The Piglet Who Would Be King", during a volcano eruption, Piglet of all people gives an inspiring pep talk to a village of Piglies, proving that he had the chops to be their king.
    Piglet: "I may be little, but the Piglies look up to me."
  • In the episode where Kessie returns and grows up after the events of "Find Her, Keep Her", Kessie out-smarts Stan and Heff after she and her friends are kidnapped by them (long story). Also a Funny Moment.
  • Christopher Robin managed to get one in "Cleanliness is Next to Impossible." He uses a vaccuum cleaner to suck up Crud and Smudge. Now bear in mind that this vaccuum was going to be used by Crud to expel grime all over the world, Christopher Robin just simply reversed it to suck him in.