Heartwarming / Metalocalypse

  • The season 2 finale "Black Fire Upon Us" has a big one: Nathan saving Offdensen from the Masked Assassin and saying "That's my bread and butter you're fucking with."
    • The entire last 5-10 minutes of the episode.
    • Nathan also saves Toki, who has passed out drunk, from the fire at Mordhaus, with Toki returning the favor in saving Nathan from Lavona Succuboso. While escaping, Nathan tries to convince Toki to stop binge drinking. Toki tearfully asks if Nathan is telling him this because he cares about him, which Nathan neither confirms nor denies.
  • In the premier of season 3, Toki and Pickles mourning Offdensen. Toki keeps a picture of him at all times, and Pickles wears a locket around his neck with a photo in it.
  • In "Deathealth," Pickles is told by the doctor that he's dying. He is understandably distraught by this, and the rest of the band tries to cheer him up by telling him how brutal and awesome his coffin is going to be. It doesn't make him feel better, but it's the thought that counts, right?
  • In the season 3 finale "Doublebookedklok", Dethklok becomes despondent and generally messed up when Offdensen starts putting off time with them in order to organize an upcoming concert in Israel; in particular, Toki is constantly punching the other guys. Eventually the band runs away right in the middle of a tense international situation between Israel and Syria (that they caused), feeling that their manager "finally hates them" and doesn't care about them anymore. Offdensen takes it upon himself to find them. When he finally catches up with them:
    Charles: "I'm sorry I've been so busy, and I see what that's done to all of you. I want you to know you're all very important...to me. And Toki. You don't need to hit people to get their attention. Everybody likes you, thinks you're really cool. ...I think you're really cool."
    • Toki then jumps up and hugs Charles, who awkwardly comforts him as he breaks down in tears.
    • The ending, in which Dethklok unites the Middle East. No, seriously.
      • It starts with tensions extremely high, with war very likely to break out at any moment. One soldier sees something move out of the corner of his eye and turns and takes aim. It's a little girl from the other side... wearing a Dethklok shirt. The soldier lowers his weapon and you can see he also has on a Dethklok shirt, under his fatigues.
      • It gets even better. If you watch the end credits, one of the clips they show on the news is the soldier with his arm around the little girl.
      • It's an extremely effective way to show how much Dethklok really does affect the world that they are in.
  • Pretty much all of Toki's songs are ridiculously adorable, but the one he sings for his cat, along with the lengths he goes to for its funeral, is very sweet.
  • At the end of "Dethdad", Toki carries his dying father up a steep hill to lay him to rest at the house he was born in (which was his last request) and tells him that he forgives him for all the abuse he put him through.
  • Toki becoming attached to his guitar tutor in "Dethlessons" and developing a father-and-son bond with him. Right before the elderly man dies in his arms at the end of the episode, he tells Toki "I love ya, boy. I..love..ye..." His grave is then shown, which has a large guitar-shaped tombstone.
  • Doctor Rockso snapping Toki out of his funk in "Dethzazz". What makes it even more sweet is how it's portrayed - Toki is stuck in a catatonic state where he sees himself as a child again and is being forced to stay in "the punishment hole", a well-like pit that his parents had built. The only thing he had to comfort himself with was a straw doll shaped suspiciously like Doctor Rockso. He imagines a giant spider with his father's face coming towards him...when the doll gets up and banishes the spider with magic powers.
    Rockso doll: It's me, your old pal, Doctor Rockso! I could never leave you alone. We're best friends; we're best friends forever...
    • And though that part may have been a dream sequence, what was real was Rockso coming to get Toki because he refused to have his comeback show without him. For as much of a dick as Rockso can be at times, it's clear he does have some genuine feelings of friendship towards Toki.
  • The band members may get on each others' nerves, but the moment they find out that bitter ex-member Magnus Hammersmith is a counselor at the rock 'n' roll fantasy camp Toki is attending, they hop into their car and high-tail it over there in case Toki's in trouble.
    • The real crowner of this episode, and also a pretty awesome moment, is when they arrive at the camp to see that the bullies have smashed the snowglobe that Nathan gave Toki as a gift. Nathan picks it up and immediately goes chasing after the main bully.
    Nathan: Oh shit, little kid...you just fucked up real bad.
    • Also, the fact that Magnus effectively saves Toki's life by giving him a shot of insulin after the bully force-feeds him cake.
  • On the way to the final concert in Breakupklok, Roy Cornickelson thanks Dethklok for "Making his life better, with their music." It makes his death all that sadder.
  • In the season four finale "Church of the Black Klok," Nathan's apology to Pickles for taking Abigail and destroying the record.
    Nathan: This is the most emotionally brutal thing I have ever experienced.
    • The final exchange of the season:
    Nathan: ...And I'm gonna take care of these motherfuckers, once and for all.
  • Consider that in previous seasons, the guys have denied having any sort of connection with each other, outside of making music. Compare that to the events of season four, particularly the finale, where Murderface — freaking Murderface — says that after Roy Cornickelson's death, even despite the fact that the band was still technically broken up, the five of them should still stick together.
  • In Season 2 Episode 11, Skwisgaar sticks up for Toki against an aggressive teacher, despite the fact Skwisgaar is just as terrified as Toki is.
  • During the episode that featured Dethklok member specific coffee cups, the guys have to recuperate in the hospital for a scene. Everyone has their own faces on their mugs except for Toki, who has a Skwisgaar cup.

  • From the Klok Opera...
    • Abigail singing Toki a lullaby to keep his spirits up and it helps him go to his happy place.
    • "I Believe." The happiest moment in Toki's life was joining Dethklok, because even though his parents never cared about him, he gained a new family in his bandmates.
    I believe this is my dream come true
    And I never thought I'd have a family
    But that family, it is you
    Now I can see
    I think this is for me
    It's true!
    • Edgar Jomfru singing about his brother and how much he wishes he was still alive. We also see that his brother had previously saved his life after the car accident that left Edgar wheelchair-bound.
    • From near the end, during "Givin' It Back To You": "The only way to get on through you is givin' it back. Givin' to you. We won't beat you, but we can help you. It took some time to realize that we are just like you", and toward the end, "It feels so good!"
      • Admittedly, it did seem like our heroes were under some amount of duress to be kind, but they did seem to legitimately ENJOY helping their fellow musicians...
      • ...Enough that they use their wealth to convert one of the bars they started out playing at into a support home for wayward musicians.
    • Nathan telling Murderface "if that were you inside, I'd use every breath and risk my life for you", after Murderface claims that none of the others would come to his rescue if he were in Toki's place.
      • Murderface's expression is what clinches it. You can tell that he never expected anyone in the band to actually give a damn about him. For the first time ever, he's filled with true resolve.
    • The ending of the Klok Opera as well, when the band rescues Toki and finally admit that he's both their bandmate and brother.
    Metal Masked Assassin: You took my brother from me.
    Nathan: Well we'd rather burn in hell than let you take ours.