Tear Jerker: Metalocalypse

Metalocalypse can be brutally funny, just plain brutal, and sometimes, brutally sad.

Season One

  • Watching Nathan get mistreated by Rebecca Nightrod in "Girlfriendklok" can be rather painful to watch, especially for those who have gone through abusive relationships.

Season Two

  • The whole premise of "Dethdoubles", if one looks at it that way. In that episode, Dethklok hires a group of similar-looking decoys to protect them from dying, but they grow so attached to them that they refuse to let them go. They even offer to burn themselves after their decoys are injured by a volcanic eruption because they are afraid of losing the only friends they had. What makes this episode more heartbreaking is the fact that Dethklok is completely unaware that their decoys are Tribunal agents, which makes for potential Fridge Horror when you think about how lonely these guys must feel due to their celebrity status.

Season Three

  • In "Rehabklok", Pickles faces being replaced unless he sobers up. The way his voice goes from anger to desperation is heartbreaking.
    Replace me? Don't replace me! Please don't replace me!
    • In the same episode, it's revealed that why Pickles is The Alcoholic of the band is that his older brother Seth wrongfully framed him for burning down their father's garage, and it's implied that Pickles has also been subjected to emotional abuse by his entire family. You'll never see him drinking the same way again.
  • "Doublebookedklok". Offdensen is so occupied with his work that he completely ignores Dethklok in the process. The band starts to believe he hates them and after they are yelled at, they run away in despair on the day of an important concert. The lengths Dethklok goes to get Offdensen's attention borders very much on this, especially for people who experienced Parental Neglect.
    • Especially heartbreaking are the genuinely sad expressions on Dethklok's faces when Offdensen turns down the band's offer to spend the weekend off with them. When you see someone like Nathan Explosion look like a child being told that their parents are too busy to play with them, you can't help but cry along with them.
  • For Skwisgaar fans, "Fatherklok" can be rather heartbreaking. After spending his entire life without any father figure, Skwisgaar is told by his mother Serveta to come meet his father; he assumes she is referring to his birth father whom he has never known, only to find that she was referring to his new stepfather Týr, whom Serveta has just recently married. Skwisgaar and Týr eventually warm up to each other as father and son, but then the two of them walk home together after a heartfelt conversation and find Serveta in the exact same siutation that made Skwisgaar runaway when he was young (a threesome with two men). Týr cannot accept her infidelity and leaves her, which ruins the father son relationship Skwisgaar finally almost got to have. To further drive in the nail, it is possible to see Skwisgaar's accepting the possibility of divine heritage as a way of coping with the Parental Abandonment he feels towards his birth father, as gods do not stay on Earth and raise their children.

Season Four

  • The end of "Bookklok". Even though Skwisgaar has consistently treated Toki like crap, the lengths he goes to save him during a panic attack as well as the desperation in Skwisgaar's voice makes the scene tearjerker-worthy.
  • "Diversityklok". In previous episodes, Murderface's And Zoidberg status within Dethklok has always been Played for Laughs. To be left out of something just because someone doesn't like the way you look is painfully Truth in Television. Thanks a lot, Toki!
  • Nathan apologizes to Pickles. in "Church of the Black Klok".

Doomstar Requiem — A Klok Opera

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