Awesome / Metalocalypse

  • In "Dethfam," the band is visited by their families, which causes them no end of embarrassment. What would their parents know about being brutal? At the end of the episode, the parents darkly explain the horrors of their own lives, and that is when they let loose their inner beasts. That's OLD SCHOOL brutal.
    Murderface's grandmother: Let me tell you billionaire lowlives something. There is nothing...NOTHING in this world more brutal and grotesque than raising children!
    Nathan's mom: You ruined my vagina!
    Skwisgaar's mom: I could never lose the weight after you were born. And look at the veins in my bosom. They're like a road map of Stockholm!
    Nathan's dad: I used to be happy...until you. I had to start spendin' time with her! And I had to spend all my beer money on little kid's clothes! THAT'S brutal!
  • In the season one finale, when Toki and Skwisgaar are about to be killed by a Psycho for Hire, Offdensen comes by and saves them, telling the killer that "that's my bread and butter you're fucking with" and proceeds to throw his gun away, snap the guy's arm, stab him with his own knife and kick him into the sea. While in a business suit. This scene proves why he's the manager of the most brutal band to ever exist.
    • Also in that episode, when the US Army are closing in on the rest of Dethklok, the Klokateers come in and counter-attack. With medieval weapons vs. the army's assault rifles. While the US Army won since Crozier and Ravenwood were about to finish off Nathan, Pickles and Murderface, they did only have like five guys left. The fact the Klokateers did that much damage alone is metal.
    • Prior to that, taking two obsessive fans who were trying to blackmail the band and having them killed. "I suggest you serpentine." Very briefly, he grins when he gives the order to fire.
    • More recently, at the end of the second season episode "The Revengencers" Charles has his rematch with the assassin, who surprises him, knocks him around, and throws him out the highest story window of a hospital, only for Charles to make a perfect three-point landing on the ground below, with only a slightly bloody mouth to show for it.
    • Also, when the band tires to hire a new, mellower manager to take over Offdensen's position, Offdensen approves of Melmord's hanging around with the band— "I like it when they're happy"— but refuses to hand over his job. "I've grown quite accustomed to working with Dethklok, and, ah, you'd probably have to kill me to get them away from me." The two later fight to the death. Offdensen wins.
  • Because of complications with the studio equipment, Skwisgaar once had to record a guitar solo by more...unconventional means. In this case, by jumping out of an airplane and playing before he opened the chute.
    • Twice. Toki accidentally deleted the first recording, which Knubbler had forgotten to back up.
  • The band totally out-negotiating the devil himself in "Bluesklok."
    • In a meta-example, Mashed Potato Johnson is such a badass that he can guest on a Dethklok album with the band's utmost respect, pulling off an absolutely sweet blues guitar solo in "Murdertrain A-Coming."
  • When at a concert for the revived and sobered-up Snakes-N-Barrels (Pickles' old band, now with a new front man), Toki is increasingly annoyed by a fan behind him screaming and whooping into his ear. Murderface, on the other hand, found out that Toki registered the domain name "Planet Piss" (Murderface's side project) under his own name and filled it with photoshopped pictures of Murderface in bestiality acts) just for laughs. By the time all hell breaks out at the end of the concert, Toki is in an uncontrollable rage and has beaten the fan within an inch of his life to death, while Nathan and Skwisgaar look on in utter shock. Poor Murderface picked the wrong time to confront Toki; Toki looks up from the carnage and screams at Murderface, who looks like he's about to void himself.
    Toki: (While covered in blood, curb stomping a guy into the ground) WHAT THE F*guitar*S DO YOU WANTS MOTHERF*guitar*ER?!
    Murderface: ...What's up, bro?
  • Dr. Rockzo the Rock N Roll Clown. Everything he does. No, really. Especially Cocaine.
    • Special recognition for his music video.
    • As well as his long-awaited return to the wagon. "The name's Doctor Rockzo, the rock n' roll clown. And I DO cocaine!
    • When Toki works overtime to try and make a reunion tour with Zazz Blammymatazz a reality, Rockzo keeps it together long enough to put on a performance that even Nathan has to admit is unbelievably kickass.
  • In the season 2 finale, every member of the band gets one of these.
    • Toki, having spent the entire episode drunk, knocks out Nathan Explosion's would-be assassin with a vodka bottle.
    • Murderface puts his newly found fire-marshal mojo to work, leading a woman out of the Mordhaus inferno: "Hey mama, come with me if you want to live."
      • Even more awesome as this may have been the same girl who ragged on bassists during "Klokbloked".
    • Skwisgaar kills two assailants with his guitar. He doesn't even break a string.
      • "And the neck's still straight!"
    • Pickles, staring down the barrel of a shotgun, tearfully confesses to Skwisgaar that he, of all the band members, successfully perfected the art of self-fellatio. "I can die now."
    • Nathan Explosion saves Offdensen from the Masked Assassin by bashing him over the head with a burning 2x4. "That's my bread and butter you're fucking with," paralleling Offdensen's line above. Also a Heartwarming Moment, something you don't really expect on Metalocalypse.
      • Not to mention spending most of the episode carrying an incapacitated Toki out of the burning rubble while quietly lecturing him on his substance abuse problems.
    • Offdensen performing a backflip from one flying bike to another while under fire after aiming his bike to take out the sonic weapon, plus any scene of him in the War Room. "Release the Deth Spiders."
  • Season Three starts off pretty grim for Dethklok. With Offdensen apparently dead from the end of season two, the band is left at the mercy of a tyrannical record exec who is trying to renegotiate their contract in retribution of Nathan punching him when they first met. At one point, Nathan is about to cave in to the label's demands when suddenly a bright light shines out from behind the band. It's Offdensen, clad in a leather jacket and sporting a badass scar. The exec moves to strike him but is stopped by Nathan's fist in his face (again!). Offdensen turns to the band telling them to play their show while he "has a little chat" with the record head. My dorm room erupted in cheers. Just goes to show that NO ONE messes with Dethklok.
    • The fan response to Offdensen's return was so strong, it was later jokingly stated to have caused a coast-to-coast earthquake in the US that morning.
  • Offdensen is averaging at least one per season so far.
    • Just one?
    • Season three premiere. Offdensen comes back. That is all.
      • Not just coming back, but coming back in time to prevent Dethklok from signing a new contract with a corrupt record executive. Fans everywhere rejoiced.
    • Both of his encounters with Dr Rockzo.
      • "Put the boots to him. Medium Style."
      • Keep in mind the resulting ass-kicking was only Medium Style.
      • "Give him one more."
  • Say Nathan, what kind of music do you play?
    • "DEATH METAL!!!" *(Falcon Punch!)*
      • The best part about this is that Nathan doesn't even wait for a reaction or anything. He throws that punch the second he finishes speaking.
  • Pickles spends an entire episode reminiscing about parental issues with his father, whose last words to him were "You belong in a garbage can". When another character, who'd been ignoring him the whole episode, repeats that line, Pickles beats the crap out of him. Toki helps. That character was Murderface.
  • Dr. Rockso gets a handjob from Skwisgaar's mom and brags about it, while Murderface (who'd been trying to get one all season) and Skwisgaar watch...even if he did a powerslide over the Moral Event Horizon in the process.
  • Pickles gets a pretty awesome Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of "Rehabklok." He finishes the final step of his rehabilitation just in time to find that the drum machine that replaced him has kidnapped the rest of the band and threatens to kill them with its self-destruct mechanism. The machine locks Pickles inside, preventing his escape...and also trapping him with an entire table's worth of alcohol. After an internal argument with himself, Pickles decides to get drunk AND save the band. Which he pulls off fantastically with the hover drums that landed him in rehab in the first place.
    • The band later talks about how he played the entire show completely wasted and didn't miss a single note. Drumming or drinking, nobody does it better than Pickles.
  • "Doublebookedklok": Dethklok brings peace to the Middle East. Made even better by the fact that it's done using giant space holograms made explicitly so that the band can perform for all of Syria AND Israel simultaneously. When a soldier almost shoots an innocent girl across the border and the music begins, they look up, and we see that both are wearing Dethklok shirts. Awesome.
    • Let's take a closer look at that. At just about every performance they've done up to this point, nine times out of ten, it results in a lot of people in the audience being killed by the special effects; and in this case, the Middle East teetered on the edge of an all-out war regardless. But this time? Dethklok, unofficial harbingers of mayhem and destruction (As Finland can attest), averted all that carnage and destruction. They saved millions of lives, and ended centuries of bloody conflict. In one of THE most unstable regions of the world.
    • Granted, the laser satellites' malfunctioning melted a lot of the ice caps and caused a lot of chaos across other parts of the world...but still. The target audience didn't suffer any casualties; and for Dethklok, that's an achievement.
    • Also, Nathan pronounced "As-Salam Alaykum" perfectly, while also providing the most metal intonation of that greeting, ever.
      • No love for the fact that after saying that, he says "Shalom!" and cue the epicness that is "The Galaxy" as all of the Middle East is united. Kick. Ass.
  • Real Life Example: A Dethklok fan was playing their music loud at his job. His boss' daughter told him "to turn down that vile music." He refused, and he locked his computer on a continuous loop of Dethklok. His boss didn't even care.
    • YMMV on that one, though. That could also be interpreted as simply an obnoxious person being obnoxious. Of course, it's also pretty obnoxious to think you can boss someone around just because they work for your father.
  • Murderface's bass solo.
  • Toki, the bands perennial Butt-Monkey, getting some sweet revenge on the others by tricking them into dressing like Klan members, at a racial harmony event, even if it was unintentional.
  • Pickles' telling his mom to go fuck herself at the end of the season four episode "Motherklok".
    Pickles: Hey mom? GO FUCK YOURSELF!
    • On that same note, Pickles beating the shit out of his asshole brother Seth at the guys wedding when Pickles finally gets sick of Seth's selfishness and greed.
  • The harem uprising at the end of "Writersklok."
  • Nathan chasing down the Jerkass who assaulted Toki, and shattered his Mordhaus snowglobe in "Dethcamp"
    • Also, the bully breaking the snowglobe...just in time for Dethklok to arrive and see it.
    Nathan: Oh, s[riff] kid. You just f[riff]ed up real bad.
    • There's a "blink-and-miss-it" moment, but when the screen focuses on the Jerkass after he was caught by Dethklok breaking Toki's snowglobe, you can see the crowd standing behind with their faces basically saying "Oh shit, you smashed that Dethklok guy's snowglobe and now you're fucked because you got his brothers and father-figure going after you like a hell hound! Guess you'd better make yourself scarce before they beat the shit out of you!" Proof that Dethklok is a supreme force to be reckoned with in both the musical industry and protecting those they (internally) care about.
  • Roy Cornickelson standing between Dethklok and Salacia.
  • Offdensen's fight with the Metal Masked Assassin during "Church of the Black Klok".
    Offdensen: Come to daddy.
  • Nathan apologizing to Pickles in "Church of the Black Klok".
  • Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem.
    • The sheer fact that Brendon Small lends a singing voice to 13 separate characters.
    • Toki's audition for Dethklok. He's not only able to keep up with Skwisgaar, but Skwisgaar actually admits that no one ever made him play as well as Toki did.
    • Dr. Rockso's Big Damn Heroes moment when the band gets surrounded by aspiring junkie musicians:
    Pickles: I don't have none.
    Skwisgaar: Whats we gonna do?
    Murderface: Oh shit, we're fucked.
    Dr. Rockzo: CACACACACACACACACACACACACACA-COCAINE! Ca-Ca I'll fend 'em off! Ca-ca you save yourselves!
    • Nathan managed to beat his way through several Revengencers. These are the same feral cannibalistic berserkers who tore through the Klokateers!
    • The Deth Lights. After four seasons, the Metal Masked Assassin is finally dead.
    • Magnus' realization of how much he underestimated Dethklok and accepting his role as the villain, as well as his death.
  • Real Life Example: The fact that Brendon Small (the show's creator) has played an encore with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai (among other virtuosos) at the same time proving his badass guitar skills.