Ho Yay / Metalocalypse

That's Metalocalypse's bread and butter you're implying things about!


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  • Ho Yay abounds — from Toki's vibrating strap-on dildo ("Screw you all off! My codpiece is the coolest!") to Charles the manager getting drunk and grabby with Nathan to the hot dog innuendos to (attempted, they couldn't quite manage the autofellatio part except Pickles) group masturbation to the therapy episode where Toki and Skwisgaar held hands... they've got it all.
  • Let's not forget how incredibly protective Charles is of his boys! That's his bread and butter you're f*guitar riff*king with.
    • Which in turn goes double for Nathan. A comedian does a roast for the band and insults each of the members of Dethklok in turn, and Charles politely smiles and tolerates it — until the comedian makes the mistake of calling Nathan "Tonto" in front of their manager. Charles says some quick words to a Klokateer, and the comedian is dead of a poison dart in the neck seconds later.
  • Charles is protective of Nathan, yes, but Nathan in turn is extremely protective of Toki. He went on a murderous rampage after a bully who broke Toki's snowglobe, he went running through a burning building to carry him to safety; plus some of the most real displays of emotion Nathan shows are him just smiling fondly at Toki's frequent displays of naivete ("You actually want to DATE girls? Aw, that's sweet, Toki, that's adorable"...)
  • Murderface tends to get himself into Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? situations quite a lot. In particular the aforementioned hot dog scenario in Dethfashion wherein despite his insistence that eating phallus-shaped food is disgusting, he's later seen in a closet suggestively licking a hot dog. Not to mention his gay crisis in Dethhealth even though the doctor was the gay one.
     Season 1 
     Season 2 
  • The scene in Dethlessons where Skwisgaar bursts in on Toki with his new guitar tutor is oddly reminiscent of a spouse catching their significant other cheating on them. Let's face it, Skwisgaar and Toki have a fair amount of this.
  • In the beginning of Klokblocked, while a news station is showing images of the band members with their various girlfriends, Toki is shown with a woman who looks exactly like a female version of Skwisgaar.
    • All of Nathan's dates bear a striking resemblance to Skwisgaar, Pickles, Toki, and Charles.
    • Offdensen tries to comfort Nathan during his trouble with women only to chicken out at the last minute as though he'd been looking for some rebound action and didn't quite work up the nerve.
  • Dethrecord, wherein Toki screws up Skwisgaar's guitar track and, when confronted with his shoddy attempt to cover it up, begs Skwisgaar not to kick him out of the band and offers to sucks his d*guitar riff*k.
  • In Snakes 'n' Barrels II, Pickles "jokes" about receiving fellatio from a contemporary in an alleyway. When Nathan seems a bit grossed out, he offers a somewhat delayed "just kidding!". Whether he really was joking or not is up for speculation...
     Season 3 
  • The third season continues to lay on the Ho Yay. Pickles has a locket with a picture of Charles, Charles appeals to Nathan's exotic food tastes, Toki secretly dresses up as Skwisgaar...
  • After seeing a female tribute band in Tributeklok, Toki finds "that lady Pickle pretty cute". While Nathan says it's creepy at first, he admits that it isn't and "she does have pretty eyes".
  • Also of note in Dethhealth, Murderface starts having a gay panic in the waiting room, complete with hallucinations. Along with half naked men and a few other images that raise serious eyebrows about Murderface's sexual psyche, he sees Dethklok's producer Dick Knubbler, and Doctor Rockso. The latter of which, to be fair, has previously put their hand in Murderface's pants.
     Season 4 
  • Going Downklok has PLENTY.
    • The most prominent example would be a gag throughout the episode of Murderface drooling over the half naked Toki and commenting on how good he looks. Then, near the end of the episode, right when Murderface actually plunges into Toki, it cuts directly to the next scene.
    • Nevermind Going Downklok, more like all of season four.
  • Much like Dethlessons, the recent episode Bookklok involves Skwisgaar and Toki fighting over their positions in the band. However, some things Toki says while promoting his tell-all book come off like an under-appreciated, emotionally abused girlfriend ("He used to says my hands ams skinnies, but now he says they ams putting on weights!"). He rejects Skwisgaar's attempts to come "waltzing back into [his] life." And when Skwisgaar arrives to save Toki from his panic attack at the end, he yells at Toki to "comes backs to him" while defibrillating him. Toki's tell all book revealing Skwisgaar's abusive behavior has a cover based on Tina Turner's book, referencing her real life domestic abuse in her marriage to Ike Turner, who are both musicians as well. They are basically married this episode.
  • When Nathan publicly apologizes to Pickles in the Season Four finale, his speech includes a noticeable pause: "I'm sorry that I took the girl! But I don't want her if it means that I can't have you...be my drummer."
  • Nathan walking in on a naked Pickles in his bed with a sleeping Murderface and Skwisgaar clutching him look suggestive to say the least.
  • Then there's that time they were stranded in snow and Murderface started whispering into Pickles's ear about needing to share body heat. In a sensual tone, to boot (or what passes sensual for Murderface anyway).
  • One of the DVD easter eggs has Murderface daydreaming about how, once his new, handsome face heals up, the fangirls will write slash fiction about him.
  • Then there's the infamous Easter Egg where Dethklok gets Charles drunk. Seems the CFO is an affectionate drunk, stroking Nathan's hair like that. And despite Nathan telling him to get off, there seems to be no hard feelings as he's grinning goofily at Charles the next scene.
  • Note that, along with some groupies, Bullets is passed out on the bed near Pickles during the S'n'B documentary.