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Heartwarming: Freezing
  • The end of the Bali arc (Chapter 50) sees Kazuya and Satellizer at the airport, preparing to head back to Genetics, when Kazuya is approached by Louis. Louis hands him a storage drive, which has Satellizer's "past" (which he had earlier used as blackmail against her) in it. He figures that since he now knows he can never have his...relationship with his half-sister back, he doesn't need it, so he'll hand it over to Kazuya. Kazuya takes the storage drive...and snaps it in half, because Satellizer's past should never be able to hurt her again.
  • Elizabeth sitting with the E-Pandoras in the cafeteria in Chapter 56. During the "War on Satellizer" arc Elizabeth was the closest thing the manga had to a Big Bad, so it's very sweet to see her treating the E-Pandoras as equals and fellow warriors.
    "What do you think you're saying to the people who are going to cover your backs on the battlefield?"
  • After Andre pushed his freezing past SEVERAL limits and blinded himself to help Elizabeth defeat Charles, she cradles him and tells him that she will save him, asking him to believe in her.

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