Funny / Freezing

  • Chiffon Fairchild ordering Satellizer to break off her No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Miyabi...while bravely hiding behind Ticy.
    • When Satellizer gives her a Death Glare Chiffon even says "If you don't mind"
  • The reaction faces of everyone when Satellizer refuses to perform the Baptism Ritual with Kazuya. Note Satellizer shivering.
  • Episode 8: Attia pranks Satellizer by getting her to wear a Stripperiffic outfit that turns transparent in bright light. As Attia gloats over Satellizer's humiliation, Attia's friends wonder why she even had one of those things in the first place and conclude that she has issues.
  • In the first season, when, during the 10th Nova Clash, it's announced that the Nova are targeting the Ravensborne Nucleotide, Lana mishears the Japanese-accented "Ravensborne Nucleotide" as "lesbian nude tits". This gets a Call-Back in Freezing Vibration, when Kazuya, Satellizer, and Lana run into Cathy in Alaska, and Lana reminds her of when they previously the "lesbian nude tits".
  • The first season finale has Satellizer's inability to choose an outfit to wear while performing Kazuya's baptism get interrupted by Lana and Kazuya showing up, startling her to the point that she topples backward in her underwear. Lana concludes that this was her plan to seduce Kazuya away from her, so obligingly strips down to be more shameless. Naturally, Satellizer refuses to lose, and so strips down further!
  • Lana getting really drunk in chapter 38, especially as it was after only one drink, though it was a 90% (180 proof) cocktail.
  • Kazuya helps a drunk Satellizer to bed, and at her request, helps undress her. He thinks she's seducing him, and at first freaks out, but then...
    Kazuya: As a man, I shouldn't run away, should I? Wouldn't Sempai feel ashamed from something like that? If that's really the case... [eyes flashing] Yes! I have to be a man and satisfy Sempai!
    [Kazuya whips around and—]
    Satellizer: Zzzzz
  • Violet meeting Kazuya for the first time.
    "Stella's first SPECIAL PERSON, Mr. Kazuya Aoi! Specialpersonspecialperson!"
  • The OVAs especially the fifth one. The ending has the Volt Texture Overload and while the Pandoras are doing random gymnast poses and at the end the Volt Texture fails while they're doing THIS POSE and Principal Margaret also ends up naked too much to Yumi and Elize's shock.
    • The height of OVA absurdity (dub?) was when Satellizer, displaying as much gravitas as she always does, inwardly refers to her breasts as "sweater melons".
  • Chapter 52: The Pandoras playing soccer. Hilarity Ensues ...and Fanservice
    • Case in point, Lana has to get past Elizabeth, but Elizabeth is far too fast to just dart around, and Lana doesn't want to body check her (that would be a foul). Clearly, there is only one option: pull her pants down.
    • Just to show how out of hand things get, there's page of several girls suffering Clothing Damage including Ganessa (minus a large part of her shorts) yelling "Kyaa! I'm on your team!"
  • Chapter 53: Roxanne gropes Satellizer after mentioning that she is known as "The Untouchable Queen" and basically accuses her of having implants and West Genetics' reaction especially Chiffon and Elizabeth. Fortunately, Sattelizer has gotten over the hate of being touched by then, and instead of bending Roxanne into a bloody-pretzel, this is what happened.
    Chiffon: (Terrified out of her wits) I'm sorry, Ms El-Bridget, please don't mind Roxanne! She can't help it because she's an idiot!!
    Roxanne: Oy!! Who yer callin' an idiot?
    Satellizer: (Timidly) I know...
    Chiffon: (Surprised) Huh?
  • Chapter 63: While Chiffon and Elizabeth are having a very serious discussion Elizabeth says Chiffon is the strongest Pandora prompting Chiffon to break into a huge grin and gushes about how honoured she is that Elizabeth would say so.
  • Freezing Zero: Turns out, Kazuha knows how to be The Gadfly.
  • In the Freezing Vibration anime, Julia turning into a blushing schoolgirl and hitting on Cathy in the middle of their battle.
  • Chapter 85: Thanks to Kazuya entering their minds Lana and Satellizer get snapped out of their Nova resonance, and Lana just realizes that her arms are missing (Chiffon pulled them off when Lana was berserk).
  • Chapter 101: Calculation, complete!
  • Just the entire between Gengo and Kazuya on the latter's choice with Satellizer in 108. He thinks that his grandson wants to get together with Satellizer due to her big breasts (which embarrassed her) or because of power and prestige. Kazuya doesn't take the suggestions very well.
  • Chapter 142: Cassandra's giving Kazuya a Marshmallow Hell that he's basically suffocating from and refuses to let go. Both Rana and Satellizer end up having to pull him free and then start arguing with each other while Charles, Roxanne, and the others look on wondering what the actual hell is going on.
  • Lucy breaking into a grin during a confrontation between Satellizer and Ouka is pretty funny and scary in Chapter 151.
  • Elizabeth asks Kazuya to dance as a front to get him to talk to Satellizer...and Kazuya sees right through it. Elizabeth's stunned expression is priceless considering how stoic she usually is.
    • After that, Kazuya and Satellizer are adorably awkward toward each other...
  • The only thing that doesn't end up tragic in regards to Cassandra's time with Ryuuichi and Orie is Cassandra breathing fire like a dragon after being eating one of Orie's meals.
  • Strangely enough, Gengo provides a decent amount of comedy, mostly by screwing with other characters. It makes the rare moments where he himself gets trolled all the more hilarious.