Tear Jerker: Freezing

  • The concluding scene to the nova clash at East Genetics. Bonus points since it's carried out by two random Red Shirt limiters.
  • Chapter 35: Ganessa stands in front of an energy beam aimed at Satellizer, suffering nightmarish wounds as a result (about one third of her torso is gone, along with both arms). Arthur grabs her and tries to carry her to the recovery center, all the while begging her not to be dead. Thinking back to previous chapters, he's always been so proud to be her Limiter, and hasn't exactly made a secret of the fact that he loves her, so watching him sliding toward the Despair Event Horizon is soul crushing.
    "I just have to take her to the recovery center... She's just...lost consciousness for a little bit..."
    • The anime version is even more tearjerking with its inclusion of somber music playing in the background.
  • Satellizer's background. With special mention to her confrontation with her mother after being repeatedly sexually molested by Louis. It's absolutely horrifying that her mother's response is basically a self-centered emotional breakdown and "just put up with it for my sake."
  • The end of Chapter 65, when Elizabeth, by now revealed to be a genuinely nice person, is released back to her friends after being "punished" for going against the Chevalier (by "punished" read: three straight days of Electric Torture). Not only does she look completely broken, but when her Limiter, Andre, gets close to her, she's been so badly traumatized that she recoils in fear. She needs a hug badly, and she's too scared to accept one.
  • Then in Chapter 66, Andre breaks down and cries over Elizabeth's condition and the fact that nobody would step up to help her in her plight when she was only trying to do the right thing.
  • Every freaking bit of the E-Pandora/Alaskan facility arc. With special mention to Chapter 81 where Amelia finds out that the entire E-Pandora project was a hoax to buy time for Crazy Scientist Scarlet Oohara's Type Maria clone research. It gets worse when the focus skips to the outside, where you see Genki Girl Rattle buried under about 20 of her friends' corpses.
  • Chiffon's death. That is all.
  • Roxanne's Heroic Sacrifice as she self-destructs in a brief moment of clarity after being Nova-fied. Charles is DEVASTATED. Luckily she gets better.
  • Satellizer goes into a MAJOR depression when Kazuya tells her to "stay away from (him)...at least for a little while". She's still not over it by the end of the following chapter.
  • Amelia meeting up again with Elizabeth and the other Pandoras after their first meeting in Alaska. They were overjoyed to see Amelia alive and well.
    • Amelia is able to pass along final messages from Chiffon to the other girls. The most gutwrenching is her message to Ticy: "Sorry I couldn't stay by your side." Ticy breaks down in tears on the spot.
  • Chapter 155: Satellizer(still heartbroken over Kazuya's absence) confides in Rana that her revealing attire and even her glasses are simply part of projecting a more confident image(she read it in a book). Doubles as heartwarming that she's opening up to her "rival" in this way and Rana even apologizes for being mean to her. Really shows just how emotionally messed up she is...she badly needs a hug and Kazuya isn't around to do it.