Awesome / Freezing

  • The moment in Chapter 21 where Satellizer and Lana turn around the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Arnette and Creo have been giving them. Satellizer does it via her crazy Determinator status allowing her to push herself to the edge of Novalizing (and to curbstomp Arnette while unconscious), and Lana does it by deciding to stop holding back. Particularly cool is the bit where Lana leans in close to a clearly shocked Creo.
    Lana: "You look uneasy. Do you know what's going on de arimasuka? You are losing de arimasuka!"
  • Chapter 36: Satellizer versus Nova-corrupted Cathy. Cathy has beaten the tar out of Satellizer over the last few chapters, and even when she almost regained control of her actions, the Nova control proved much too strong, and Satellizer's life was only saved by Ganessa Taking the Bullet for her. As Arthur tries his best to believe that Ganessa isn't really dead, Cathy tries to kill him, only for her attack to be intercepted midair by Satellizer, who has now grown spikes on her shoulders and Nova-like plating on her skin. Words cannot do it justice, but suffice it to say that Satellizer freaking snaps, and the ensuing "fight" is brutal yet awesome.
    • Once Satellizer goes on the offensive in the anime, the fight lasts a piffling 30 seconds, and culminates in her ripping the Nova Gem out of Cathy's chest bare-handed.
  • Chapter 49: Louis has just committed one of his standard acts of jerkassery (by his standards, it was actually pretty mild). When his Pandora, Holly, asked him to tell her he loved her, even if it was a lie, just so she could feel better, Louis yelled at her and told her she was never anything more than a replacement for Satellizer. Watching Louis shove Holly over the Despair Event Horizon is heartbreaking, but then she runs him through with a sword and knocks him off a cliff, and it is so damn satisfying. Granted, many would have liked to see Louis die from that injury, but even so, it was still nice to see somebody finally straight up attack him for being such a dick.
  • Freezing First Chronicle, Chapter 3: This page marks the beginning of Chiffon Fairchild's utter annihilation of 36 pandoras in the 2nd Carnival. Note: Next few pages after the example are NSFW.
  • Everyone keeps saying that Aoi Kazuha was the most badass Pandora user ever. She proves it BIG TIME.
  • In chapter 85 Kazuya risks his own life and sanity to save Rana and Satellizer after they have been corrupted into humanoid Novas, and succeeds. Some of the awesome is lost since he nearly succumbs to his own trauma and needs Rana's help, but the thought still counts. The guy was willing to risk Mind Rape to save his comrades. Another more experienced Limiter admits that Kazuya's abilities as a Limiter dwarf his own.