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Heartwarming: Cold Case
  • The end of The Road, where the serial killer's most recent victim is found alive and reunited with her fiance, both of them having clearly never given up hope that they would see each other again.
  • The ending montage for Discretions.
  • The ending to A Perfect Day. That is all.
  • The ending to Fireflies, in which the victim turns out to be still alive and she is reunited with her family and best friend.
  • Every scene with Vera and the abandoned baby in Frank's Best, and the end where Vera is filling out the adoption application.
  • Will and Scottie showing up at Vera's hotel room at the end of Superstar, pizza and beer in hand, after Nick's wife has kicked him out of the house.
  • The entire relationship between Booker and Kara in 'Who's Your Daddy?'. Adorable.
  • The victim Jeff in "It's Raining Men" comes to see his boyfriend Artie (who he had previously had an open relationship with) in the hospital when he gets sick with HIV. Despite Artie's telling him to stay back so he doesn't get it, Jeff takes off his mask, curls up next to him and says "I can't believe I only want to be with you." Meanwhile "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper is playing in the background. Of course, the fact that we know Jeff will soon be killed puts this into Tearjerker territory as well.
    • Parts of the ending montage fall into this as well: not only will Artie and Russ' wedding bring happy tears to your eyes, but also Carlo watching a gay couple and their baby look at the puppies in his store... something that would have been impossible in 1983. It also has Artie seeing Jeff's ghost at his wedding. In this case, it seems like Jeff is not only appearing because his murder has been solved. He's also letting Artie know that he's okay with him getting married.
  • Time to Crime has a boy who had the family maid fired because she caught him with a gun. At the end, we see him visiting her and asking for her forgiveness.
  • At the end of The Plan, instead of seeing the usual apparition of the victim (who was a pedophile who preyed on his swim class students), we instead see a blurry reflection of him in the pool water, which is then erased by the splashing of a new class of boys who will never have to suffer from his predation. It's like a final sign that the academy is finally free of him.
  • Another one from the apparitions: at the end of "Greed" we see the Smug Snake victim Charles Danville, wearing perhaps the first genuinely-friendly expression we'd seen from him all episode, offering Lilly a toast for solving his murder. Like a posthumous Pet the Dog, if such a thing is possible.
  • The end of "Libertyville" with the victim's spirit happily looking on as his wife and his black sister finally meet.
  • Stillman saluting the victim (a fellow Vietnam War veteran) at the end of Honor
  • Vera's nod of acknowledgement to the ghost of one of Serial Killer couple's many victims at the end of "Lonely Hearts"
  • In the episode, "Rampage", the girl was desperately telling the security guard that got shot to survive. She tries to motivate him with a picture of his family that she assumed he had, but then he told her he was all alone. Then she told him that he still needs to stay alive so that he can get another chance to have a family. At the end of the episode, we see the security guard, while unable to walk due to his wounds, has a wife and baby, and he seems very happy.
  • The end of "It Takes a Village" when the killer's last attempted victim is freed and his older sister runs to hug him.
  • "One Night" implies that Justin, the killer's attempted victim, is alone and that his recent acquaintance Valentino is his closest friend. At the end, Justin is rescued and Valentino comes to see him and hugs him.
  • At the end of 'Lonely Hearts', the homeless possible hooker who helped out the team is seen getting married.

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