Trivia: Cold Case

  • Actor Allusion: George Marks — The army surplus store owner he got most of his stuff from was wearing a USS Enterprise cap.
  • The Danza: John Finn plays Lt. John Stillman.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: You will recognize a lot of the victims or people involved in cases, usually before they became famous—or in some cases, even afterwards. Such as Kim Coates, Maggie Grace, Summer Glau, Seamus Dever, Aldis Hodge, Kirk Acevedo, Brea Grant, Kate Mara, Apollo, Wilson Bethel, Jennifer Lawrence, Mae Whitman, Amber Benson and Christina Hendricks. A Hey, It's That Voice! variant is in the episode Thrill Kill, where the killer is played by Raphael Sbarge, known to gamers as BioWare's Mr. Fanservice. Another variant is in the form of the victim in "Forever Blue" voicing Megumi Kitaniji
    • And if they're playing the Victim Of The Week, depending on their level of fame, this can even result in a few minor examples of Dead Star Walking.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: In the Japanese-dubbed version: Well, let's say that both Claudette and Motoko Kusanagi are trying to solve the murders of Claudette's both sisters and many other members from the cast of Queen's Blade along with Motoko's Batou's death and the other members from Section 9.
  • Old Shame: The time Det. Miller fell for a gang member while undercover, resulting in Veronica's conception.
  • Recycled Script: S3's "Beautiful Little Fool" was remade in practice as S4's "Torn". Both begin with a young woman bringing the case of a long deceased relative, a young woman that was murdered. Both are the team's new record for oldest case reopened, the only case in the series from that decade, and take place in the last year of said decade ("BLF"'s victim is a 1929 flapper, "Torn"'s is a 1919 socialite). In both cases, the clue that solves the crime is provided by an old woman, who was a little girl when the murder was committed, and is the only witness still alive, with every other testimony being provided by books, records, diaries, historians of the era or descendants of the people involved. The perp is long deceased in both (as it could only be realistically) but left a recorded confession. The murder was committed during the arrival of a big historical event that destroyed the fortune of a man related to the victim (a member of the Vanderbilt family that lost his fortune in the Crash of 1929 in "BLF", a beer magnate that went out of business with Prohibition in "Torn").