Heartwarming / Cats Don't Dance

"Get the girl"? ...Check.
  • When Danny runs over to Pudge and whispers something to him. It's cute seeing the change in his attitude.
    • The friendship between Danny and Pudge is sweet and heartwarming. Ever since the day they met after Danny helped him, Pudge became undyingly loyal to Danny and always looked up to him as his role model and a big brother figure. Danny, in turn, happily appreciates this friendship and is always eager to have Pudge help him.
  • Very briefly, after Danny makes a scene with his musical meowing and Darla loses her temper, there's a shot of Sawyer pulling Danny out of the spotlight with a concerned expression.
  • After Darla tells Danny to get off the stage in that sugary way of hers, Danny starts visibly panicking - until Sawyer places her hand in his from behind the curtain.
    Sawyer: We're all behind you, Danny. 100%.
    Danny: Because you can't forget the feeling, can you? The feeling you have when... (gestures to Cranston and Frances) ...when you two danced together, (gestures to Woolie) when you play, (gestures to Sawyer, who smiles) and when you sing. They cursed you, humiliated you, even slam the door on your face, but they still haven't made you forget, have they?
    T.W. Turtle: (reading one of his fortune cookie straps) They can smash your cookie, but... but you'll always have your fortune.
    Danny: Come on! Let's go show them what we can do.
  • The ending of "Tell Me Lies".
    Sawyer: This time, I've got to believe in his dream...
  • The entire ending scene after Darla is defeated—Tilly hugging Woolie, Frances kisses Cranston, Danny and Sawyer Almost Kiss, and the animals finally get the recognition they've been striving for.
    • Also, Sawyer reveals she found Danny's list, and after checking off two remaining items, adds one more particular item herself.
    Sawyer: "Get the girl"? ...Check.