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Heartwarming: Cats Don't Dance
  • When Danny runs over to Pudge and whispers something to him. It's cute seeing the change in his attitude.
  • Very briefly, after Danny makes a scene with his musical meowing and Darla loses her temper, there's a shot of Sawyer pulling Danny out of the spotlight with a concerned expression.
  • After Darla tells Danny to get off the stage in that sugary way of hers, Danny starts visibly panicking - until Sawyer places her hand in his from behind the curtain.
  • The ending of "Tell Me Lies".
    Sawyer: This time, I've got to believe in his dream...
  • The entire ending scene after Darla is defeated—Tilly hugging Woolie, Frances kisses Cranston, Danny and Sawyer Almost Kiss, and the animals finally get the recognition they've been striving for.
    • Also, Sawyer reveals she found Danny's list, including one particular item.
      Sawyer: "Get the girl"...check.
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