Heartwarming: Catscratch

  • Blik letting Waffle wear "the important hat" at the end of Bringing Down The Mouse. Even though Waffle opted to wear the propeller beanie instead, it was still a surprisingly-kind gesture on Blik's part, considering how Blik normally is.
  • One episode involved Gordon searching for the Kraken, since defeating a kraken in this universe grants whoever defeated it one wish. In this case, what Gordon wanted was a longer tail, since Human Kimberly's friends had teased him about his tail being short. In the battle with the Kraken, Mr. Blik's tail gets lopped off. Once they defeat the Kraken, he agrees to grant a wish for Gordon, and what does Gordon wish for?
    Gordon: I wish for a new tail for my brother, Mr. Blik.
  • In the episode "Life Savers" Mr. Blik saves Gordon's life so he does everything for Mr. Blik, resulting with Mr. Blik getting extremely annoyed. He sets up a scenario where Gordon would save his life so they would be even but when they both end up in trouble, Gordon holds Mr. Blik out of the way of danger so that he would live a little longer. Mr. Blik confesses what he's done and Gordon says that it's okay because they're brothers and he admires his honesty. Waffle ends up saving them with the new friends (lobsters)that he's made.
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