Awesome / Catscratch

  • Gordon defeating the Kraken in "Tale of a Tail"
    • The Kraken himself gets one for destroying a good portion of the cat's ship.
  • Waffle defeating the zombies with his lazer light show in "Zombie Party A Go-Go!".
    • The other cats and Hovis also get one for (temporarily) fighting off the zombies with medival weapons.
  • Mr. Blik presses Waffles Berserk Button hard when he cheats to win the title "King of All Root Beer" when it should have been Waffle. In a rage, Waffle attacks Mr. Blik during the parade and the two engage in a giant battle which Waffle is shown winning most of.
  • Katilda gets one along with Gordon and Waffle for saving Mr. Blik from the truck monster.
  • Waffle beating the Chumpy Chump Brothers with crazy driving in "Go Gomez Go!".
  • The cats defeating their robot counterparts with an even bigger robot.
  • Mr. Blik spinning the dango and surviving it's defenses in "Spindango Fundulation".