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Funny: Catscratch
  • When Mr. Blik and Gordon were trapped in rising lava, Waffle manages to save them with his new lobster friends. How? By having them form a ladder.
    Mr. Blik: There's something you don't see everyday.
    • Gordon, thankful of the lobsters' help, renounces from ever eating them again... but not before the awkward moment of where he describes how delicious they are cooked, and they all took a few steps away from the cats.
  • Mr. Blik and Waffle begrudgingly agree to disguise themselves as a unicorn to impress the Human Kimberly. Waffle 'calls frontsies" but Mr. Blik wouldn't have any of that.
    • And then when they're wandering around in the costume.
    Mr. Blik: What are you doing?
    Waffle: Leaving a trail so we can find our way back. I'm laying eggs!
    Waffle: How do you know that?
    Mr. Blik: Because I'm the head. That's where the brains are!
  • The Kracken being voiced by Maurice Lamarche doing his Orson Welles voice. It works remarkably well.
    • Especially when it shows up at the cats' house, seemingly for revenge... until it breaks down and cries.
  • Waffle's laser show involves REAL lasers. They were helpful in stopping a zombie outbreak (also Waffle's fault) but the first time used they pretty much scared and harmed a good number of people, prompting Mr. Blik and Gordon to warn him not to use them ever again.
    Gordon: Laddie, I said blue cookbook, green room. Green cookbook, blue room is... The Scottish Book of the Dead!
    Waffle: Oh. That explains the long and mysterious incantation with sour cream.
  • Concerning the issue of their robot selves.
    Mr. Blik: How do we usually get out of situations before?
    Mr. Blik: That's it! (they proceed to make even MORE deadly robots)
  • The following exchange:
    Gordon: That's our brother you're talking to!
    Snooty Rich Guy: That's not MY fault.
    Waffle: Yes it is, FATHER!
    (crowd gasps in horror)
    Gordon: Um...he's not our father, Waffle.
    Waffle: Oh. False alarm!
    (crowd sighs in relief)
  • The entirety of "Core-Upton", where the entire world turns into a Tastes Like Diabetes wonderland. Especially funny are Gordon, Waffle and Mr. Blik's transformations into a Pikachu expy, potted plant and pull-string doll respectively.
    Mr. Blik: Waffle, touch that string and you're mulch.
  • In the episode where the cats went to the moon, there was a part where Mr. Blik and Waffle were walking together, when Mr. Blik saw something:
    Mr. Blik: Waffle, look! *points*
    Waffle: Oooh...a finger!
    • In the same episode, the whole sequence where Waffle plays zero-gravity basketball. Eventually, Mr. Blik stands on the hoop and tells Waffle to give him the ball, and there's a brief scuffle that ends with Mr. Blik and the basketball falling through the hoop and Waffle happily sitting on top.
      Waffle: Two!
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