Heartwarming: CatDog

  • CatDog: The Great Parent Mystery is full of these, but this one reveals Cat's true character beyond the shadow of a doubt. After their long journey and Dog begins expressing doubt over ever finding their parents, Cat reassures him by telling him that they will always have each other. "We are brothers."
    • The ending's reprise of the theme song
    CatDog, CatDog alone no more is the little CatDog.
    • The giant blue monster's benevolent Wham Line:
    Giant Monster: HI HO DIGGETY!
  • Really, any time Cat sticks up for his brother is this, showing that he still cares for Dog despite all the stuff he does to him. For example, in "CatDog 3001," Cat and Dog have been separated from each other because the people of the future think Dog was a hero and want him to save them from a giant descendant of Winslow. Winslow's descendant defeats Dog, but Cat sees what happened to his brother and - in what is also an Awesome Moment - puts him and Dog back together and beats the bad guy by using Dog as a vacuum to suck him into their body.
  • Winslow falling in love with a Con Artist rat girl in "Winslow Falls in Love". Quickly turns into a Tear Jerker when she steals his stuff and leaves him.
  • Near the end of "Talking Turkey", Walt successfully travels to Turkeyburg, where he finds his mother and happily reunites with her, since he originally thought that she never made it to Turkeyburg.
  • A minor one at the end of "Flea or Die"; the fleas end up so out of control that even the fleabelt can't stop them. This leads Cat to realize that their only chance is the flea bath Rancid had offered them earlier. When they get to the hospital Rancid is visibly horrified at how out of control the fleas have gotten and gives them the flea bath with no (apparent) ulterior motive. Hey, coming from Rancid, that kind of thing is huge.