Tear Jerker / Cats Don't Dance

  • Sawyer's backstory. She came to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a famous singer and dancer, and even though she was clearly talented, she never got any roles (since she's not human) and had to become a secretary for a talent agency.
    • Also, once you know her backstory, a lot of her dialogue is quite depressing to listen to, especially this exchange:
    Danny: What happened in there? Did I hit a sour note? 'Cause if I hit a sour note, I can go back in there! I can fix it! I can- I-
    Sawyer: Danny! They don't care! Don't you get it? What is it with you? Why are you so determined to make a fool of yourself?
    Danny: ...What do you mean? All I want to do is the thing I love. Doesn't everyone?
    Sawyer: I- *sigh* ...It's not that simple.
    Danny: It is in Kokomo.
    Sawyer: Then maybe that's where you should have stayed.
  • Sawyer tearing up when she found Danny's list. From the beginning of the film, she thought he was a selfish know-nothing jerk, but the list proved her wrong. He wanted to be famous just as much as she did.
  • Woolly giving up all hope after Danny inadvertently helps Darla frame them for the studio's destruction. His dreams, along with that of all the others crushed, he tells a guilt-ridden Danny that he should go home.
  • The Bus Driver's Wham Line as Danny is on the bus heading back to Kokomo. But it's seeing Pudge that really seals it.
    Bus Driver: Look at them out there, poor fools, they ain't got no future. Hehe. What am I telling you for? You're not trying to be something you ain't. You're leaving this mess all this behind.