Tear Jerker / Cats Don't Dance

  • Sawyer's backstory. She came to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a famous singer and dancer, and even though she was clearly talented, she never got any roles (since she's not human) and had to become a secretary for a talent agency.
    • Also, once you know her backstory, a lot of her dialogue is quite depressing to listen to, especially this exchange:
    Danny: What happened in there? Did I hit a sour note? 'Cause if I hit a sour note, I can go back in there! I can fix it! I can- I-
    Sawyer: Danny! They don't care! Don't you get it? What is it with you? Why are you so determined to make a fool of yourself?
    Danny: ...What do you mean? All I want to do is the thing I love. Doesn't everyone?
    Sawyer: I- *sigh* ...It's not that simple.
    Danny: It is in Kokomo.
    Sawyer: Then maybe that's where you should have stayed.
    • Her last line might have been harsh, but considering how her dreams were broken by Hollywood's standards and that she probably saw too much of her past in Danny, it's pretty understandable why she's harsh towards him.
  • Sawyer tearing up when she found Danny's list. From the beginning of the film, she thought he was a selfish know-nothing jerk, but the list proved her wrong. He wanted to be famous just as much as she did.
  • Woolly giving up all hope after Danny inadvertently helps Darla frame them for the studio's destruction. His dreams, along with that of all the others crushed, he tells a guilt-ridden Danny that he should go home.
  • The Bus Driver's Wham Line as Danny is on the bus heading back to Kokomo. But it's seeing Pudge that really seals it.
    Bus Driver: Look at them out there, poor fools, they ain't got no future. Hehe. What am I telling you for? You're not trying to be something you ain't. You're leaving this mess all this behind.