Awesome / Cats Don't Dance
Nothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now!
  • In some ways, Danny's relentless determination and optimism throughout the movie. Despite the one time he gives up after being fooled by Darla, he never gives up on his dream despite the odds set against him (i.e. Hollywood looking for only talented people), and never stops until he accomplishes his dream.
  • While Danny has Max at his mercy, we get one of the best Call Backs ever.
    Danny: How does the kitty cat go?
    Max: (in the meekest voice possible) Meow?
    Danny: Very good. (pulls the rope and pops the balloon anyway)
  • Danny and the gang finally getting their shot at fame with"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now".
    • Major props to Danny and his Batman Gambit. At this point, Danny finally understood how egotistical and cheating Darla really is. So he sets this whole audition up by first pretending to honor Darla Dimple, then tricking her into saying that she arranged a special live show with animals for the audience, and then whatever cheating Darla comes up with when the show starts, he coaches the other animals to go along with it. This results in the most spectacular audition in cinema history, AND Darla outing herself as the one who flooded Mammoth Studios and THEN getting fired. Considering how Darla tricked Danny in doing the audition before he got fired, talk about Laser-Guided Karma!
  • Pudge giving Darla Dimple what she deserves: A stage drop.