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Fridge: Cats Don't Dance
Fridge Brilliance
  • Although I've always liked Cats Don't Dance as an entertaining film, it wasn't until I'd done a bit of research that I came upon the idea that really, many of the trials the animal main characters go through are just the sorts of things that minorities went through in the early days of Hollywood. So in a way, the animals are stand-ins for groups of people who traditionally had a hard time in show business. There's also the fact that all the human characters (as far as I can tell, anyway) appear to be white; but the animals are colors no human is, and so could be any race! -2writeis2life
  • At the end it shows Darla working as a janitor, still as a child. Lax child labor laws, or is Darla Really 700 Years Old?
  • In the last song, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," Darla inadvertently makes their performance big AND loud—exactly what she was preaching to Danny a few scenes ago.

Fridge Horror
  • Where exactly are Darla's parents?
    • Darla could probably be an orphan.
      • Or, as the above mentioned, she could really be older than what she looked and isn't living with her parents
  • As pointed out on the YMMV page, the flood Darla caused could have injured or killed several people, not to mention the damage costs to the studio.
    • Maybe that' show she lost her money as well as her career. Perhaps she was forced to pay for the damage?
  • Before the ivory trade was banned, piano keys were made from elephant ivory. When Wooly plays the piano, he's pressing keys made from dead elephant tusks.

Fridge Logic

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