Fridge: Cats Don't Dance

Fridge Brilliance

Fridge Horror
  • Where exactly are Darla's parents?
    • Darla could probably be an orphan.
      • Or, as the above mentioned, she could really be older than what she looked and isn't living with her parents
      • Alternatively, Max could be her guardian hired by her parents, or (a la Sunset Boulevard) he's actually her father.
    • She fired them.
  • As pointed out on the YMMV page, the flood Darla caused could have injured or killed several people, not to mention the damage costs to the studio.
    • Maybe that's how she lost her money as well as her career. Perhaps she was forced to pay for the damage?
  • Before the ivory trade was banned, piano keys were made from elephant ivory. When Wooly plays the piano, he's pressing keys made from dead elephant tusks.

Fridge Logic