Funny / Cats Don't Dance
  • Max's face when he has Danny cornered near the end of the movie.
  • Also when he begins dancing during the Animal Jam. And gets caught by Darla.
  • Darla pretends to get an idea. Max leans in with a lightbulb and holds it over her head. "Ping."
  • Every time Darla can just barely keep up her fake smile, especially during the tea scene with Danny. She gets right up in Danny's face in an attempt to get him to take her offer of "help", and she starts to slightly twitch psychotically and her eyes briefly turn red before Danny says anything.
    • Also, her utterly amazing Villainous Breakdown when Danny upstages her at the premiere, complete with eye bulging and panicked laughter as she desperately tries to defuse the situation.
  • Max during the first rendition of "Big and Loud". "Get hot, Ms. Dimple."
  • After Sawyer's beautiful jazz song, Tilly swoons in admiration...and knocks the diner behind her off its foundation. (From inside, a collective, startled "Whoa!") Then she yanks the building back into place. (Another, briefer "Whoa!")
  • This exchange where Danny suggests getting everyone an audition with LB Mammoth:
    Danny: I'm sure he'd love to see some real talent!
    (Darla, who is spying on them, growls with rage and ends up baking, then shattering her mud mask)
  • Cranston, while watching a particularly diabetes-inducing scene in "'Lil Ark Angel":
    Cranston: Shoot me.
  • Max's Offscreen Teleportation after the first rendition of "Big and Loud". Danny's reaction to it is priceless. It can be seen here at 7:17.
  • The studio flood interrupting the shooting of Samson and Delilah.
    Director: "Aaaand we're pushing, we're pushing..."
    [Water comes flooding towards them]
    Director: "...we're running, we're RUNNING!!!"
  • The absurdly long note at the end of "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now." It starts inside the theater, then we cut to outside, where the split-second of silence is broken by the roof literally getting blown off.
  • Max's Evil Laugh as he closes in to finish off Danny, only to find the Darla balloon below him ready to pop; made doubly funny as up until this point he had been The Stoic; his epic Oh, Crap! reaction when Danny sends him rocketing away is simply priceless.
    Max: "M-M-M-M-Meow? Huh?"
    Danny: "Very good!" [pops balloon, sending Max rocketing into space]