Heartwarming / A Cat in Paris

  • Dino and Zoe's relationship as a whole.
    • When Zoe gets mad at her mother ignoring her and sobs in a corner, Dino squeezes himself between her folded arms so that she's hugging him.
    • Dino giving the dead lizards he killed to Zoe. This is particularly sweet because cats only give others what they killed to show friendship.
    • Dino protecting Zoe when Costa or his goons try to hurt her.
  • Nico and Jeanne's Held Gaze with each other as Zoe recounts her story.
  • Zoe starting to talk again after the climax.
  • Nico helping out Zoe even though he's just met her and could've just fled without a care. For the rest of the movie he keeps protecting her.
    • This goes the same with his partner, Dino.