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Headscratchers: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds
  • What was the point of the flashback in episode 2? Other then to show off the rifts between Yusei's and Jack's relationship, it didn't have a point to why it was conducted in the first place.
    • I think you already answered your own question. Plus, it demonstrated the type of person Jack was before he left Satellite, with his line about strength coming from the heart, as well as the lasting impact he had on Yusei, as Yusei repeated his lines at the end of the episode.
      • considering the following spoiler tag: the final episode of 5Ds is confirmed to be a Jack Vs. Yusei 1 hour special, I'm going to assume they're going to follow up on that...
  • Why did the Dark Signers come back even though it was explicitly stated in canon that they couldn't? Furthermore, why bring them back without any memories when that leaves a lot of unresolved tension in place. Then they Put on a Bus all of them. Bad writing most likely.
    • I believe that the Crimson Dragon had the power to restore them to life. Carly apparently lacks her memories, while Kiryu retains his, which is key to the current arc. With Rudger and Rex dead, that means that only Demak, Bommer, and Misty were all Put on a Bus.
    • Kiryu retaining his memories really bugged me. The line used to establish him as Put on a Bus is that he was on a trip with Bommer. Seeing how his memories had turned him suicidal for the Crash Town arc, I don't see how anyone in their right mind would have seen Kiryu, seen him as suicidal, and then let him go off to South America. A preferred theory of mine, which sadly, there is no evidence for, is that Kiryu suddenly regained his memories. He had been fine at the end of the Dark Signers arc, but sometime between then and this new arc, he regained his memories. This also means the other bus'd Dark Signers have the potential to spontaneously remember their time as Dark Signers, as the plot demands it, of course.
    • It wasn't established in canon that they couldn't come back; Rex just stated that they couldn't come back, so obviously, he was wrong. As to the memory retention, the spontaneous return of memory over time has always sounded possible to me. Or Kiryu (along with all the others except Carly) could have remembered instantly but a) hidden his intentions from everyone at first, or b) been too shocked to form any plan, let alone one involving suicide, at first, until he began going through the other stages of grief. We still don't know canonically if Kiryu or Carly is the exception, memory-wise. Her memories returning would have a lot of potential plot-wise, though, so I'm hoping...
  • D-Wheels having an 'Imposed Activation' effect for security to force people into duels. Okay, that's fine. But every time we've SEEN an 'Imposed Activation,' its been on someone with a custom-built-from-scratch D-Wheel. Why would they bother to include that feature? And even if it was tied into an essential part of the D-Wheel set-up, it seems to require there be a deck in place - couldn't they just evade 'Imposed Activation' by, I don't know, REMOVING THEIR DECK?
    • Perhaps it would count as an Automatic Loss?
      • And seeing as losing in a Speed Duel means the D-Wheel breaks down immediately, it's not a good idea.
    • Imposed Activation could be done through some sort of hacking the D-wheels.
    • The dub implied the chip that Rally found/stole had something in it that allowed imposed activation. This could apply to all such chips, which means you'd need an electronics plant to avoid having it. As for the presence of a deck, the rules state if you have no cards in your deck at the start of your turn you lose. All security has to do in that case is use Imposed Activation and let the target have the first turn.
  • Why in the world are the descendants of the Incan Civilization all Japanese?
    • ...What are you talking about? The only 'descendant' was Bommer, who was established to be from a village in that area. The current signers (with one exception I will not be going into) are 'reincarnations' of their Incan predecessors, and reincarnation notably does not care about petty issues like geography, ethnicity, or even gender. Everyone else is just a citizen of Neo Domino City, which seems to be home to all manner of ethnicity, not just Japanese and Incan.
  • Do any sort of weapons exist out side of cards and motorcycles? (Like I don't know, guns?) Or any part of people's lifestyles for that matter?
    • There's actually a legitimate answer for that. Sorta. In Japan, it's country-wide law that only police officers and the like are allowed to carry a firearm. That doesn't explain why Ushio doesn't have one, but it's still a decent explanation for the 'No other weapons' part. As for Dueling and Motorcycles... it's the Yu-Gi-Oh universe. A certain CEO literally became richer than God just marketing the stuff along with the Duel Disk technology. (Though I imagine the 5Ds equivalent of Kaibacorp is probably the primary manufacturer of standard D-Wheels as well.)
      • Considering the social problems of Domino in the series it wouldn't be that odd for firearms to be a bit more widespread. Also Yakuza in Japan do illegally possess firearms, it's just that there's far less violent crime in Japan than there is in the U.S.
    • The Crashtown arc presents us with baddies that use stun guns, if that counts.
      • Scratch ALL of that, there is an episode where Yusei and Jacks parents are gunned down with clearly visable firearms, not stun guns/revolver duel disks, real guns (that shoot lasers. One blew a guys arm clean off).
    • Based on Ushio's explanation of "duelist etiquette" after he first met Yusei and the flashbacks after Team Satisfaction took over Satellite, it looks like the cops started using duel disks because the kids they were always chasing used them, and duelists live by some strict Honor Before Reason Warrior Code.
      • This also means that law enforcement is literally left up to chance.
    • To be fair, there are guns seen and used when Rex walks into the Dark Signer hideout with his Security cronies.
  • Why, oh why, oh why did the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's dub have Go(o)dwin admit to being the fifth Signer? Even the Japanese version doesn't know who the fifth Signer, and signs are pointing to Rua/Leo, not Go(o)dwin, so why did 4Kids jump the gun like that?
    • Reo/Lua being the fifth Signer means there would have to be six Signers, since the fifth Signers hand is some kind of capsule thing - this troper considers it a safe bet to mean either Go(o)dwin or some introduced guy is the fifth signer, which could probably be worked around with.
    • Actually, there were huge hints that it would be Crow from Episode 31 onward. This troper's mum picked him out as the fifth based on two minutes of Episode 31 and a thirty-second "so, it's the future, everything is done by duels and there are these five people called Signers, but we don't know who the fifth one is yet" explanation (given before we even had spoilers for Episode 58, much less 64). Everything except wishful thinking pointed against it being Rua.
    • Well, it appears that the fifth Signer was actually Rudger before he died. So it is something that 4Kids can work around if they out some effort into it. Insert joke here. Or they could just luck out and Godwin will graft his own brother's disembodied arm onto himself to replace the one he lost and become a psuedo-Signer or something.
      • Good call: That's exactly what Godwin does, though he also became a Dark Signer at the time, and he planned on using both powers to become the ultimate god or something, so yeah...
  • Um, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's? What the hell were you thinking having Misty's earthbound god just eat Divine? Yes, it was mildly cathartic, but that just introduces a giant plot hole in the form of why Misty and the other Dark Signers didn't just ambush their respective targets and have their Earthbound Gods eat them before they knew what was what? It's already hard enough to justify using a card game as the means to conflict resolution, so why do something so blatently asinine to screw that up? It...well, it just bugs me.
    • Well, he's not a Signer, and isn't really connected to any of the magic goings-on, so therefore presumably doesn't have to be dealt with in the usual ways of this franchise (Magic card duels that are decreed by fate). More simply, it's supposed to be satisfying, after all that he did.
      • The first time he died was satisfying enough; bringing him back by way of giant plot hole only to kill him again in the very next episode is another huge display of plot hole, which makes it poor plotting at best.
      • It's already been said, but to elaborate, Dueling was the only way to claim the Momentum Reactors.
  • Was Yusei's total non-reaction to Godwin and Jack telling the story of his father, Momentum, and his birth in Neo Domino just Yusei being Yusei, or did he already know? If he didn't, how did Jack know?
    • I'm fairly certain that Jack was informed of Yusei's origins and Zero Reverse from Rex, since Mikage knew about it too.
    • Yusei claims during his duel with Rudger that he's been shouldering guilt his whole life for his father's experiment ruining his friends' lives. How in the world did he know?
      • Since Martha brought him up, and she looks old enough to actually be alive during the time of Zero Reverse, It's a possibility that she knew about Professor Fudo and MIDS (Momentum Research sounded groundbreaking, and of course anything groundbreaking had to be televised). She could've told Yusei about his father when he was old enough to understand it. And Yusei not reacting about Godwin's retelling could be that she didn't tell him the full details and he was silently BSOD'ing at the truth.
      • Wasn't Zero Reverse covered up to look like a natural disaster though? So how would Martha know the truth unless she knew one of the survivors of MIDS?
  • Speed Spells + Merchandise-Driven = ? Sure, the other 2 series had cards that don't exist in Real Life, but this series has an entire class of cards that don't exist but that by the nature of the show's premise must be used frequently. Doesn't this make absolutely no sense in a Merchandise-Driven series?
    • Speed Spells require both players to have Speed World in place before the duel even begins & excludes all other spell cards (by placing an absurdly high price on their use) including other Field Spell cards breaking a lot of decks, so it doesn�t translate well into competitive play unless they added a new format which would be costly & wouldn�t add anything particularly new to the game other than a lot of dead decks. They don�t have the same prominence that Synchro monsters & Tuners have which are what they really want to sell you. Also keep in mind that we don�t have holographic projecting duel disks, D-Wheels or a society built around a card game & at least the first one would be quite popular if they could be made & sold at a reasonable price within the lifetime of the game & be compatible with all of the existing cards with the monsters responding to our voice commands.
      • They could just have it be a special, casual format you can play if you want to. Magic supports it's casual formats all of the time. Just sell a box with a copy of Speed World and three copies each of a wide variety of Speed Spells, and you are good to go.
    • Speed Duels are available in the recent games for the Nintendo DS. It could be that they are trying to get more attention to those games, by making them exclusive to them.
  • When GX premiered, it was no secret that it took place 10 years after the first series. Am I missing it, or is there no such official declaration of the length of the Time Skip between GX and 5Ds? I've seen fan estimates as low as 25 years.
    • GX was not ten years later. Jyuudai's school record indicates he started Duel Academia in 2004 with his graduation being in 2006/2007 (third year is heavily time-skewed because of all the dimension-jumping shenanigans), and the original series ends (depending on whether you're following the timeline begun in the manga, Toei anime, or NAS anime) in 1998/2000/2001 (estimated). There is, however, no official timeline between it and 5Ds that this troper has seen; however, rumours on Janime state that this is explained in the 10th anniversary movie, so we only have another 6-8 months to wait and find out.
      • If you want a date that's at least somewhat plausible, I created a timeline for a fanfiction awhile back that placed the series in 2035 (accounting for Ushio still being young enough to be on the police force) and Zero Reverse in 2017 (to account for the shift from KaibaCorp being a privately-owned duel disk-making company to a government-funded energy corporation, give time for research and for KC to be rebuilt after Jyuudai blew it up, etc.). It's by no means Word of God, but if you need a date for fanfiction, RP, etc. it is a timeline that makes more sense than 22XX or 2021 (seeing as that would put Zero Reverse in 2004 and Domino seemed to still be all in one piece when Jyuudai had his field trip there).
    • It seems that there's a little bit of Timey-Wimey nonsense going on at the moment, as it seems that 5Ds takes place around 2020. However, given what we already know of the timeline (And the fact that DM, GX, and 5Ds are all confirmed to be one timeline through both Japanese books on it and the the movie, it would mean that Yuusei was roughly born during Season 4 of GX(Assuming he's around 16-18, given that he's apparently allowed to ride a D-Wheel and all) - and that Zero Reverse happened soon after the end of GX. So it's still up in the air. But no, no Word of God as to how far in the future it is.
    • The whole 2020 thing is just an assumption spawning from one of the signs in Neo Domino City. If 5D's meant to take place in 2021, it would mean Zero Reverse took place in 2004, which is clearly impossible because of GX taking place between 2004 and 2007. It should be noted that even in the flashback of episode 57, the city is already modern and developed. However, according to the 10th Anniversary Animation Book, the Ushio in 5D's is the same Ushio from DM, however we do not know of his age in either series. The 5D's manga gives us 20XX, but that's it.
      • His age in DM is 16-18. He's a high-school bully.
    • GX is 10 years after DM, 5D's is 20 years after GX.
      • Umm, its never been stated exactly how long GX takes place after DM or how long 5D's takes place after GX. All we know is that the time gap between GX and 5D's is longer then the one between DM and GX.
    • ok this is a little odd but according to Godwin the nazca lines were created 5000 earlier from the time of the story scientific reserch places the nazca lines creation between 200 BC and 700 AD so between about 1300 to 2200 years ago from today so if my math is correct that would place the show taking place between 2800 and 3700 AD conservitivly estimated
      • Actually, that's more 4Kids Idiot Ball, seeing as the original Japanese of DM is historically correct when it says that the Pyramids were still young 3000 years ago, given that the Great Pyramid of Giza was finished in around 2560 BC. 4Kids then Retconned this to say that the pyramids were young 5000 years ago... when in fact the first would not be built for around 400 years. I assume they mean the Great Pyramids of Giza, because that is what EVERYONE thinks when they hear "The Pyramids..."
  • Is it fanon or canon that Kiryu is the only ex-Dark Signer to remember what happened when he was a Dark Signer? It's established that Carly doesn't remember, but if Misty doesn't remember, she wouldn't know how her brother really died or that he'd been avenged, so why would she be enjoying herself on some exotic vacation and sending a postcard to a girl who she either doesn't know exists or blames for her brother's death?
    • It was Fanon prior to Crashtown as the Dark Signer arc that none of the Dark Signers seemed to remember what happened. Kiryu shows he remembers, but there's been no official Canon or Word of God that says they all remember, so so far, it's less the fact that Kiryu is the only one who remembered so much as he's the only one who's confirmed to have had remembered his time as a Dark Signer. If that makes any sense.
      • It has been revealed, though, that Bommer remembers as well... So yeah...
  • Is Divine, really dead this time? I'm hoping so, but he has all the markings of a last season Yu-Gi-Oh! villain like Bakura & Darkness.
  • This is been bothering me forever, are they ever going to show the original fifth dragon!?! Black Feather Dragon technically replaces it now, but what was the original one? What is the point of keep showing it at the current opening and ending if they aren't going to show the real thing since now Black Feather Dragon replaces it?
    • As of episodes 142/143, the original fifth dragon has FINALLY been shown. And it belongs to Rua/Leo. May you be bothered no longer.
  • For those of you who think that only Kiryu is the only dark singer to retain his memories, than you are wrong. Aperently, Bommer as well also krpt his and its starting to bug me. Why does it look like ALL of the other Dark Singers except Carly remembers those times?
    • Uh...because she made amends with her DS crimes while still a DS? Just guessing...
Rudger: Dead Carly: Forgot Demak: No one cares about Demak, so yeah... Misty: Likely forgot Kiryu: Remembers Boomer: Remembers Rex: Dead
  • Misty actually most likely remembers; if she didn't, there'd be no reason for her to be friends with Aki, which she is, as seen at the very end of Season 1.
  • I just put a theory about this in the Fridge Brilliance Forum thread, and I'm going to say the same thing here. Carly not remembering is two fold: (1) unlike the others, it's benefits her in the long run not to remember, since she didn't have some trauma that was seemingly connected to the Signers (as Kiryu, Misty and to a lesser extent Bommer all did). It was vital to their character development to remember the truth of what really caused their tragedies ( and how wrong they were to blame who they were blaming). Carly had no beef against Jack (she loved him, and had already (tried to) kill the douche she really had beef with. Combine that with all the people hurt due to the summoning of the Earthbound Gods, and she would have had a mental breakdown. It's in her best interest to not remember. And (2), if she remembered what happened, she could write a story about it, and her Running Gag is that despite being involved in very crazy circumstances, she never gets to write the story due to something preventing her (no camera, no laptop, dying, etc). And that's my two cents.
  • Word of God is that Demak (AKA the guy no one cares about) hated the signers for some reason. If we are to assume that his hate for the signers existed while he was actually alive, then chances are he remembers.
  • How exactly was Kiryu and Yuusei able to take a several story fall at least and walk away unscathed? Especially since West and Nico's father presumably died from falling the same or similar height?
    • Key word is 'presumably'. This IS Yu-Gi-Oh! we're talking about.
  • Can I ask about the pool play system of the WRGP? What exactly were the rules about moving on to the finals? Did you have to beat everyone in your pool? Only lose once? How could Team 5Ds have been in a pool of five teams and only duel two of them, and still move on to the finals? The creators went to all that trouble of making up all sorts of teams, but so few of them have been featured. And if they cut them all for time constraints, why did they spend so much time with filler episodes, or made nearly all the team duels 4+ episodes? Consolidating the duels and having characters play their damn cards would have given the writers much more time to EXPLAIN THEIR PLOT.
    • It's a Round Robin tournament set-up. Each team duels all the other teams in their pool and presumably they are evaluated somehow, although the way Team 5D's bracket worked out, it made evaluation sort of moot.
  • Somthing bugs me abou team Ragnorock claiming that they can beat Yliaster. lets think about it, the polar Gods are amittedly powerful but i thnk they left out that they ARE SYNCRO MONSTERS. would the seniro"oK i SUMMON POLAR GOD THOR" and than"Ok I absorb Polar God thor and Bam we all die.What maskes them think they can take on the Ifinity Emperors with Syncro monsters?
    • I'm guessing they had their own Strategies for avoiding being absorbed, that they didn't use against Team 5d's. After all, there were numerous times where Yusei was able to take back Stardust (And Rua got Ancient Fairy Dragon back for Ruka) after it had already been absorbed. We simply never got to see them because they were not relevant to that battle.
      • Why avoid it? Take advantage of it! There's a trap card called 'Really Eternal Rest' that destroys all monsters equipped with Equip spells and any Synchro monster absorbed by the Machine Emperors is treated as an equip spell, meaning it'll destroy them. A Nd the Polar Gods are all able to revive upon summoning, whereas the Machine Emperors... stay in the graveyard. Leaving a whole lot of parts for the Polar Gods to take out. No word on if this would work for Cubic Infinity, AKA Abomination of Math, though, given his incredible resiliance towards destruction.
  • So, where exactly did the Machine Emperors come from anyway? I mean, someone must have built them, but I don't recall Aporia saying anything about what caused their appearance, or if he did, we can't be sure if what he believes is really the truth, due to his....issues and all. So what? Did somebody get so sick of Syncro monsters that they just said Kill 'em All and let Z-one sort them out?
    • According to recent episodes, they were the failsafe that kept Momentum from going haywire, but they too went apeshit for some reason.
  • What the hell is going with the unnamed yellow Signer dragon from Ruka's dream? It's only mention once or twice outside of the dream to make Power Tool Dragon a Red Herring and is completely forgotten about after the fact. I would accept the fact that it may be the God of the Underworld since the original first Signer made a Face-Heel Turn and became a Dark Signer if it didn't get referenced again in the 4th opening and closing credits. And again despite the possible Foreshadowing it never shows up in the arc those openings are for. Then in the episode where Jack acquires his burning soul powers its Black Feather Dragon who shows up in the place of the yellow dragon in the flashback against fighting the Crimson Devil. Just what the hell guys?
    • The yellow Signer Dragon has recently been identified. See here and here. Although I honestly wonder WHY it took them THIS long to at least name the frickin' dragon or why it's being associated with Leo...
      • Sixth Signer?
      • He's now the sixth signer and its his dragon. Still this brings up another JBM of that signer marking looking silly.
      • I think it suppose to look like a human heart, because his marking is suppose to be the heart. Or at least that is what it looks like to me.
      • It's actually meant to be the heart of the Crimson Dragon, giving Rua a slight upgrade from Tagalong Kid Sixth Ranger, to The Heart.
      • Guys I know why Life Stream Dragon wasn't in the fight against Red Nova! He was injured and had to get/wear in order to survive. Eventually it became dependent. Leo's duel spirit increased Life Stream's power until it didn't need the armor and could fight naturally!
  • What the fudge 4Kids, it's all right for a woman to threaten TWO innocent children with a whip, but you airbrush out the one STUN gun aimed at her, the same stun gun that's being pointed to our male heroes? Not cool. The weirdest part was that they knew he wasn't going to shoot her anyway as Jack was going to push her(which they edited as well so that it looks like he gives her a force push instead.)
    • This is that western arc with Kallen I'm talking about if it wasn't already apparent.
  • Minor grip but, why does US version of Tag Force 5 paint the gun duel disks red while the televised dub leaves them unedited?
  • So, so many things in Season 2.
    • If Yliaster controls the world, why couldn't they just prevent Momentum from being built?
      • They've been trying to, apparently, but no matter what they did it always found a way to come into existence, as if it's a primal force that will inevitably be harnessed like fire.
    • If that's somehow beyond their monolithic control of the world, why couldn't they simply prevent the Machine Emperors, which are implied in Bruno/Antimony's flashback to be man-made, from being built?
      • The Machine Emperors aren't manmade, but actually spawned from Momentum as a sort of Gaias Revenge.
    • If their goal is to make mankind abandon Momentum, why are they making it overload with a giant sky citadel? The show clearly says there will be survivors, and that sort of destroys their plan of 'convince everyone it's too dangerous so they abandon it'
      • The Ark Cradle is their attempt to create a bigger, badder Zero Reverse in an attempt to scare people off of using Momentum. Imagine how anti-nuclear power activists cite Chernobyl and Three Mile Island as examples of why nuclear power is too risky to use, only times a hundred-fold with outright annihilation rather than contamination.
  • Minor gripe, but how are Accel Synchro Monsters supposed to be used on foot?
    • Run around the area in a big circle.
    • Notice how Yusei never got a ground duel after he got Shooting Star Dragon? The writers probably didn't know either.
    • Clear Mind works by controlling your emotions so you can increase the speed of the momentum reactor in the D-Wheel. Most 5D's duel disks have a small momentum device in them, which generates the holograms. You presumably use Clear Mind on that.
    • Simple answer: It doesn't.
    • It seems to me like it can only exist by entering the World of Speed, so it's a Riding Duel only power. Great for involving the D-Wheel aspect to begin with.
  • How could Jack been born in Satellite when he's 19 at the beginning (or at least older than Yusei) and Zero Reverse happened 17 years ago (when Yusei, who's always referred to as being born in the city, had already been born)?
    • Perhaps the Crimson Dragon protected him from the Zero Reverse?
    • Jack was probably born in the older, more run-down, areas of the city, that would become Satellite after Zero Reverse. After all, where would you put your experimental energy generator? Where the people funding it live, or where some poor people you don't really care about do? By the time of the series, they know it works and is safe - the first time they couldn't be absolutely certain it wouldn't blow up the first time they switched it on.
  • Why did the last member of Team Unicorn attack Yusei when there was no way he could have wiped out Yusei's lifepoints in one turn anyway?
    • Welcome to the world of plot induced stupidity.
      • Having just gotten that far in the plot, the reasons he stated were basically a combination of Honor above Reason and not trusting that Yusei didn't have a plan for not getting decked out at the last minute which would have left the guy wide open for an attack, which is somewhat reasonable since there is atleast one trap that exists that would have saved Yusei.
  • So, in 5ds, contrast to the previous 2 seasons where people could have just written them off as lucky, the Signers have an explicitly recognized and acknowledged force (the Crimson Dragon) that gives them the ability to win their duels. So why do people even bother to duel them?
    • Because they are stupid.
  • Bommer vs Yusei. Fortune Cup. Yusei has 300 life points. Bommer has Dark Strike Fighter on the field. Bommer ends his turn. If he had sacrificed DSF with its own ability he could have beaten Yusei. So like, why didn't he?
    • In the anime, it couldn't use its effect the turn it attacked, and since he's already tried that it meant he couldn't use the effect. Why do you think be bothered playing Ultimate Mine?
  • So... am I the only one who thinks the writers forgot about Yliaster altogether partway through the WRGP? If the Three Emperors have all the connections they claimed to, they could have just had the Signers assassinated, or jailed, or something that has been proven to not work.
    • I'm only watching the dub, but so far as I can tell, Yliaster doesn't want the Signers dead, just the opposite in fact, they're the most powerful duelists in the world so they provide energy to power the Ark reactor more than any other right? Only Placido/Primo wants Yusei dead for some reason that I don't remember.
    • No, they didn't want them dead for any reason. All they wanted to do was to use them to gather enough duel energy or something to power to circuit and bring the Ark Cradle into the present. However what bothers me is that their real goal is to stop momentum from overloading and releasing the Machine Emperors to cause a apocalypse and yet they are shown to be able to correct history without doing anything (such as placing themselves in the WRGP and getting rid of the Momentum Express entirely). If they could "fix" history like erasing companies and entire people, couldn't they have wiped momentum from existing or would that be too drastic?
  • Does Aporia's defeat signal the end of the dub? I know 4Kids lost their rights to Yu-Gi-Oh! but I at least thought they would finish 5D's.
    • Dub's over, yeah.
    • They haven't lost the rights to YGO, given that they are still airing new Zexal episodes and DM to this day btw.
  • Okay, so episode 35. Yusei's just been impaled in the stomach by a shard of metal, and Crow comes to pick him up and take him to Martha's on his D-Wheel. That's all fine. But why the flying f*** did they put him on the D-Wheel on his front!? Y'know, that front that has the enormous metal shard sticking out of it? My assumption would be that it fell out (somehow) before they put him on, since you later see him bleeding all over the seat with the shard nowhere in sight, but I don't recall seeing the shard fall out, or having them draw any attention to it. It's probably just an oversight, but it's incredibly jarring in such a serious scene.
    • Even worse, they could have just airlifted him to a real hospital using the helicopter Jack, Mikage and Carly were on.
      • To add to that, I seem to recall that Jack wanted to land and help Yusei, but someone (Mikage, maybe?) told him that since he didn't have his D-Wheel, he wouldn't be any help. I suppose Crow might've just been panicking and didn't really think it through. That doesn't explain why no one in the helicopter thought, 'Hey, maybe we should take him to a hospital', though.
      • OP again; yeah, it was Mikage that said Jack couldn't do much without his D-Wheel. However, if I recall correctly, that scene was set just after Crow left with Yusei, which justifies it a little; among the largely dull brown and grey streets of the Satellite, it would be difficult to follow the mostly dark coloured Blackbird from a helicopter (unless you somehow managed to keep track of the orange highlights), and if they dropped off Jack in the junkyard, he wouldn't be fast enough to catch up with Crow on foot (though you'd think he'd realize that Crow was going to Martha's place).
  • Grannel Infinity killed his parents, his lover, and ruined his life; why does Aporia even use it in any of his duels?
    • Perhaps he saw it fitting to use the machines that ruined his life to ensure that the lives of the people in the past would play out without that catastrophe taking place.
  • How does Lua expect to actual win any turbo duels? His chief playstyle is extremely focused on Equip Spells, which cannot be used in Riding Duels.
    • There are trap cards that can become equip cards for that purpose. Kunai with Chain is an example of one such card
  • Why in the name of hell did people throw away all the cards that ended up in Satelite. Sure, some of them are in fact suckish....but who threw away Blackwings, the Synchron Warriors and other awesome cards?
    • The Blackwings were given to Crow by a deceased friend in one flashback episode. As for Yusei's Synchros, most of them are just average cards in real life, except for Stardust Dragon, which Goodwin threw into the wind because destiny makes it find its Signer or something, and Junk Destroyer, which Yusei only used after he fixed Satellite.
  • In the Aporia vs. Z-one fight, why didn't Aporia summon something to block an attack? We know he has cards that can act as a usable shield for one turn.
    • The effect of Razion would have gone off anyway, at no cost to Z-one. Besides, Aporia had already used almost all of the monsters that he could summon.

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